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SKYE’S LINKS 07/13/23

road-rager Let’s start with a fun, informative, and infuriating compendium on recent judicial decisions at the Institute for Justice:

Volatile Behavior, Boorish Flirtation, Insufficient Collegiality


Formula for fake news; remember the pandemic propaganda? By the physician author of The War on Ivermectin:

How To Create A Fake News Cycle

Important!  If you have a Google account, here is how you can reduce the amount of information that they are collecting on you:

Tech Explainer: How to Disable 3 of Google’s Main Ways of Tracking Your Every Move

Lot’s more! Come on in!



zombie-nightmareIn every horror movie, there’s a crescendo of terror as the monsters (zombies, giant spiders, birds, aliens, or anything else) are suddenly everywhere. No matter where you turn, they are coming for you.

A father’s rant about a pediatrician who sought to inculcate his nine- and seven-year-old sons with gender madness has gone viral for that reason. It shows that the gender monsters are everywhere.

However, in every horror movie, this crescendo is also the point at which the brave people still standing turn and fight…and in a good movie, they win. Let’s hope that, as parents start to realize that there’s a war for their children, they fight and win.  Elon is right:




back-to-socialsm[I have known Paul Goble since we worked together on Soviet issues when he was a chief analyst at the RAND Corporation in the 1980s.  In the years since, he’s had an exceedingly distinguished career in academia, diplomacy, and scholarship, particularly in regard to Russia and the former Soviet space. He knows whereof he speaks. –JW]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long promoted himself as the man who rebuilt the power of the Russian state after the chaos of the 1990s.

However, the Wagner Group mutiny highlights why that rings false—not only because it was an armed challenge to Putin’s authority but also because the relationship between the Kremlin leader and Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner “private military company” (PMC), is a model of how Putin has dealt with others in the Russian political elite across the board.

In case after case, the Russian president has destroyed the institutions of the Russian state and replaced them with others based on personal ties and private understandings, a situation that has led some observers to describe the Putin regime as a failed state.

This in turn amplifies worries about the coming post-Putin transition, where the absence of institutions linked together by law and transparent practice could easily lead to a war of all against all in which force alone will determine the outcome.



undocumented-nonsense[VDH here provides an eloquent must-read description of the connection between illegal immigration in the US/Western Europe and a spiritual sickness pervading them both.  For an explanation of the cause, the source, of this sickness, you’ll find it in the TTP Archive yesterday (7/10): The Root Cause of the Immigration Crisis.]

The usual suspects have weighed in on recent belated efforts to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Our now bankrupt media, the corrupt government of Mexico, and the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion apparat have damned a series of laws recently passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis that enforce existing federal immigration laws.

Such critics seem oblivious to the current violence that is paralyzing Europe in general, and in particular France—as if such European chaos offers no lessons for the U.S. or any other salad-bowl, open-borders Western nation.

What is far more astounding are the actual illogical absurdities of illegal immigration as it is practiced in the West.




NY Post today (7/11)

The New York Times has twice in one week run pieces raking Biden over the coals for denying the existence of his young granddaughter in Arkansas, while there have been numerous reports from mainstream outlets airing anonymous West Wing grievances over aides' inability to find prime times to schedule public events for the president who just isn't up to the rigors of a full day.

It's a far cry from the earlier mainstream reports seeking to cover for Biden's frequent gaffes (he's just so passionate!) and repetitious use of false stories (he's just trying to relate!). Still, the media have continued to try explaining away his comments such as "God save the Queen!"

Showing how even the mainstream media — which Biden has always griped about even when they generally provided uncritical, fawning coverage — might be growing inclined to shove him out to the retirement pasture, a blunt evaluation of Biden and how he treats White House aides popped up in Axios about angry Joe "Old Yeller" Biden.

Turns out he’s the abusive jerk of a boss we always knew he is.



the-suprme-courtThe Sun is Rising at the Supreme Court

blackrock-pride-monthLast Friday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects a Christian web designer's right not to produce work for same-sex weddings. Speech cannot be compelled. It is this simple.

The ruling reaches deeply into the boardroom of BlackRock and far beyond the small marketing and website developer that brought the suit.

Pride month ended with a whimper.

Affirmative Action, the LBJ era plan to compensate blacks for slavery, is over. This and the other recent SCOTUS decisions show Trump's true legacy through his Supreme Court Justice appointments. Clarence Thomas finally has the band back together.

France is burning. There is no political solution on the horizon. Many say it is time for a new republic; forty years of liberalism have failed.

Renewable energy is hitting some big snags. The giant engineering firm, Siemens Energy, has confirmed major problems with their wind turbines. They have reserved $1 Billion to begin repairs, but this appears to be a lowball. The mean time to wind turbine failure is much lower than forecasted.

Setians are a global group of Satan worshipers that believe the Egyptian god Set and Lucifer are one and the same. They believe that Set compels them to break taboos, engage in the most abominable sex, and rape children. A new movie describes the child sex slave trade and the Setian impulse behind the demand. There are a lot more of these creeps than people realize, and the child sex slave trade is now larger than global arms trafficking.

China is restricting strategic minerals to the United States. They say it is because of American trade belligerence. It could be because China can no longer produce the materials in sufficient quantity. But guess what? The USA has capacity already built but idle that can be spooled up in short order.


SKYE’S LINKS 07/06/23

bide-whitehouseAmerica’s “White House” took on a whole new meaning this week.  What a timely reminder that its current occupant has a coke-head son of whom he is very proud and can do no wrong.  The Secret Service is investigating how cocaine got into the White House.  Who could possibly have done something like that?  The jokes are just getting started: “Have you heard? To pay for Hunter's crack addition, Joe had to sell even the Resolute Desk to Beijing.  It’s why where Joe lives is now called the China White House."  Lots more fun to come:

Secret Service Confirms Cocaine Was Found In West Wing Phone Cubby Hours After Hunter Biden Visit

Ready for some delightful news about Federalie Censorship?  Here is a real judicial blow against the Empire. You’re gonna love this!

"Orwellian Ministry Of Truth" Busted - Judge Bars Biden Officials, Agencies From Contacting Social Media Companies

Lots here… and wait till you see “Putin Described In One Picture…”  Let’s go!



declaration-of-independenceOur national Fourth of July holiday—currently the nation’s 247th since the first in 1776—marks the birth of the United States.

The iconic Declaration of Independence was published on the 4th and largely written by Thomas Jefferson. Its core sentence would become among the most famous words in American history:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Those aspirations at the outset pledged the new American nation to hold to its promises “that all men are created equal.”

But note what the Declaration was not.



michelle-oLast week, Michelle Obama, the politician, issued a formal position statement on Twitter regarding the Supreme Court decision to eliminate affirmative action in higher education.

In doing so, Michelle not only revealed her political ambition, which I believe includes the Democrat nomination for president in 2024, but also the likelihood that she herself was an affirmative action student at Princeton University in 1981.

In my film and book of the same name, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, I do a deep dive into Michelle’s Princeton University experience. What I discovered is an obvious beneficiary of racial preferences who feels obliged to deny her privilege and to denounce the very system that bestowed those privileges as racist.

What I also discovered is, during her time at Princeton, Michelle had unconsciously acquired a race-based bag of tricks from which she could draw in her quest for political power one day. Like today.



signatures-of-declaration-of-independence [This is the most sacred political document ever written. The most patriotic thing you can do today is to read America’s founding document, enunciating the most moral principles for the creation of any government in the history of humanity – to read it aloud to yourself, to your family, to your friends, and let the words sink deeply into your soul and theirs.

The following text is a transcription of the Stone Engraving of the parchment Declaration of Independence on display in the Rotunda at the National Archives Museum. The spelling and punctuation reflects the original.]

In Congress, July 4, 1776

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


SKYE’S LINKS 06/29/23

disappear-jean-pierre-actKarine Jean-Pierre Throws Smoke Bomb And Disappears When Asked About Hunter Biden Texts

Yes, it’s the Babylon Bee reporting Fake News You Can Trust! So we begin this edition of Skye’s Links with a Babylon Bee-worthy event that actually happened. On Monday (6/26), a Harvard University professor famous for scientific papers on honesty was suspended for her fraudulent paper on honesty.  I kid you not!

Harvard Scholar's Study on Honesty Retracted After She Is Accused of Faking It


Here is a brief summary of the current state of the union:

"Blatant Political Corruption": The Rot In America's Democracy Explained In Under 1000 Words


The Administrative State has long been a huge and growing problem, and conservative efforts to mitigate it have done little to correct its tyranny.  Here is a fine easy to read article on how the Administrative State has spread like a cancer, how attempts to excise it have failed and why they did so, and suggestions for a more effective path forward:

A Century Of Impotency: Conservative Failure And The Administrative State

Here we go – jump right on in!



making-a-pointless-joeThe Biden hits just keep coming.  Trust in government is collapsing.  Americans are starting to wonder what passes for "normal" in Washington, if there is any such thing there now.  According to Pew Research, only about 20 percent of Americans trust the government to do what's right.  That leaves 80 percent who expect government to do what is wrong — as in morally and ethically wrong.

Joe's fundraising is also lackluster.  Politico reports that the Dems are concerned that Joe isn't inspiring their donor class anymore.  If this keeps up, the party isn't going to have the money it needs to steal the next election.

As my grandmother would say, the Dems are in a pickle.  Panic is beginning to set in.  They're looking forward to 2024 with no successes, inadequate money, voter pessimism, and a candidate who can't walk across a stage without falling or shaking hands with Harvey the Invisible Rabbit.

Three years into the mess they created, the Dems are coming to the realization that they didn't hitch their wagon to a weak horse; they hitched it to a dying horse.  They need to do something — fast.  They need Joe off the 2024 ticket.



While it's obvious that humankind can destroy its local environments (and has been doing that for millennia), it is equally obvious that the Earth's climate trends are unaffected by humankind's limited industrial abilities.

I just caught up with two videos from May that show just how ridiculous the climate scam is...and how it's being used to enrich our most powerful geopolitical opponent to our great detriment.

First however, a few points about climate from a history major's perspective. They show that we are inconsequential — the climate changes due to its own rhythm.  In the scheme of things, humans account for only a small percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere. So read on – then enjoy the videos.



deaddemvoters[This may be the most consequential article you will ever read.  Jay Valentine has the key to preventing Dem voter fraud from stealing elections, and thus our country’s future, in 2024. If you donate to one political cause this year, please consider donating to Jay’s c3 tax-deductible Election Watch, and volunteering to help his work however you can.]

In 2024 Republicans cannot "out-fraud" the Dems, cannot "out-ballot-harvest" them, cannot "out-lawfare" them, cannot "out-media" them, cannot "out–contribution mule" them, cannot "out–Justice Department" them...but sure as hell can out-compute them — and that may do it.

The Democrats own the election apparatus — voting equipment, ballot-manufacturing, vagrant habitats, election commissions, media intimidation of judges not to look at election fraud and driving out any lawyer who raises a valid case.

The key is: electioneering, by both sides, currently runs 1970s technology. Dems make good use of obsolete relational tech; Republicans, not so much.

So, in 2024, there is an opportunity to out-compute the Dems.  Here's what it may look like.



The other shoe drops for you, Joe

The other shoe drops for you, Joe

Something changed last week inside the Beltway that suggests the people who run the Democrat Party now realize President Biden’s tenure in office is not sustainable beyond 2024.

The “tell” was not, however, the latest revelation by IRS whistleblowers about his corrupt administration. It was instead the sudden awakening of the White House press corps.

The same “reporters” who snored through more than two years of preposterous claims by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her predecessor simultaneously woke up last Friday (6/23). Correspondents from CNN, CBS, NBC, and even the New York Times aggressively questioned Jean-Pierre about the metastasizing Hunter Biden scandals.

This wasn’t spontaneous. The word has gone out that regime change is coming. Thus, the “news” outlets that usually repeat Biden’s claim that he and his son never discuss the latter’s business deals actually reported the testimony of IRS whistleblowers who allege political interference in their Hunter Biden investigation.



The Global Authenticity Problem

This week saw the loss of a tourism submarine in the vicinity of the wreck of the Titanic. The U.S. Navy determined what happened last Sunday but supported the psyop of a significant search for survivors to control the media narrative for a few days.

The White House desperately needed to divert public attention away from Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and the special privileges awarded high-profile Democrats. After last week’s assassination of Trump’s character in court, the two-tier justice system would have been too easy to see.

The submarine failure and loss bring to light the continuing problem of computer simulations and how the scientific, engineering, and medical fields are being gutted as organizations hire for everything except merit. The big assumption that talent is redundant in the age of sophisticated computer algorithms is widespread but dead wrong. Just ask the passengers on the sub.

Five years ago, Greta Thunberg, the autistic niece of a prominent Rothschild and financed as such, predicted that today would be the day that life perished on Earth. It seems that the math was wrong.

The world locked down three years ago based on a faulty epidemic simulation at East Anglia University. The science, it seems, means the Narrative is propped up by computer output.

Ukraine is finding the Spring Offensive more challenging than the wargames predicted. German software failed to account for many hurdles that would have been visible if conventional red-on-blue wargames were conducted. The problem is not initiative, logistics, or similar things. The problems Ukraine faces today appear to have been baked into the cake by the simulation designers. This must be fixed.

Russia and China face a similar problem: they simulate their plans, commit them to action, and then move without a corrective feedback loop to their central planners. The head of the Wagner Group calls the failure to give Putin accurate damage assessments an outright lie. Russian forces are not destroying masses of Leopard II tanks, nor are the casualty numbers nearly as low as tells the world.

Our Deep State is a mess, and our economy faces serious problems. But we have feedback loops forcing the woke to go broke and the public to abandon support for corrupt politicians. We have these mechanisms. Russia and China do not.

In the end, the self-correcting culture wins.


SKYE’S LINKS 06/22/23

trump-vs-alienTrump Against the Narrative

Merrick Garland’s DoJ continues to throw everything imaginable at Trump, including some very sketchy interpretations of the Insurrection Act. The stink of Desperation is everywhere as the government unites against Meritocracy. Trump must run the table in the courtroom, but the likely outcome is the SCOTUS eventually finding the Insurrection Act unconstitutional.

The Narrative is collapsing everywhere. It turns out that Fauci fabricated false studies and used his influence to place them in leading journals at the very start of Covid-19. This was a cover-up of epic magnitude, and the healthcare industry slurped it up wholesale. Even if the peer-review process had not been falsified, data was not fabricated from thin air, and major medical journals were not corrupted, the scientific establishment should have detected the fraud.

But the fraud went undetected by the majority. The few doctors and scientists calling it bunkum were attacked like injured fish in a shark-feeding frenzy.

Our government lies, and so do most institutions. Dishonesty might be a feature of bureaucracy.

So how is the world responding to highly credible whistleblowers through highly credible attorneys, disclosing that the United States government has alien technology? And has been studying it for more than 80 years? Is this yet another psyop? Or is it true?

Unless they slap the evidence down on the proverbial pickle barrel, the alien technology is just another narrative. A.I. can make anything appear real, even if the evidence is presented openly. Hollywood is throwing out the green screens made obsolete by A.I.

But then again, it might be true…

ESG, on the other hand, is falling like a lead balloon. Fifteen Trillion Dollars has been pulled from ESG funds since the start of the Bud Light protest. That is a Trillion with a T.

Larry Fink of BlackRock might not be the Gnostic immortal and enlightened divine being that he fancies himself. ESG is not over, but the smart money is bailing out before Woke goes full broke.

China is failing too. A handful of U.S. Navy destroyers in the Indian Ocean can stop their fuel imports from Iran and Saudi Arabia. A Ukrainian drone can blow their pipeline from Russia.

China lacks food, fuel, water, and labor. Like Japan during the 1980s or BlackRock gorging itself on cheap credit, economic bubbles are eventually exposed as foolish and destructive.



ai-solving-problemsI was recently told that humanity is “rapidly advancing” toward solving the socialist calculation problem. I wasn’t told why, but around the same time, economist Daron Acemoglu suggested that artificial intelligence could be the solution.

To get literary, perhaps we are on the verge of creating the Machines, the artificial intelligences that plan the global economy in Isaac Asimov’s short story, “The Evitable Conflict” (which became the last chapter of his book, I, Robot.)

The Machines perfectly calculate the needs of humanity and organize the economic order to best provide for them, in keeping with the first law of robotics, that “a robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm.”

Given Asimov’s insistence that the Machines were mere calculators of unimaginable speed, not “super-brains,” artificial intelligence could be a further step beyond Asimov’s robotic brains. So could artificially intelligent Machines, at last, prove the central planners right?

No, they could not, and I’ll answer the question in three ways.



army-advances-russThe summer economic forum in St. Petersburg used to be a vanity fair of Russian opulence and corruption as “Russia’s Davos.” But last week’s (6/14-17) modest, if not frugal, event was rather an exercise in self-reassurance of sustainable stagnation.

The international profile of the event was seriously curtailed, and the guest of honor was Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who was eager to agree “with everything Comrade Putin said” and to sign the declaration of an “enhanced strategic partnership” between the two countries (, June 15).

Putin’s speech was entirely devoted to amplifying positive news about Russia’s economic performance, which according to his estimates, is still capable of delivering the volume of weapons necessary for sustaining the “special military operation” and providing broad prosperity (Kommersant, June 17).

Unemployment is indeed low, due to extra-high out-migration, but as for the alleged decline of poverty, that has been achieved primarily by doctoring the data (The Insider, June 16).

Economic statistics have indeed become scarce and carefully “improved,” thus enabling Putin to assert the diminishing dependency on oil revenues and the benefits of high war expenditures without any concern for a seeming departure from reality (Moscow Times, June 16).



One of the most vital things for a successful dictatorship is military control. A politically neutral military composed of people loyal to the country, rather than its leadership, represents an ongoing threat to a despot.

For centuries, America has had that politically neutral military, but the Biden administration is accelerating a process begun under Obama, which is to weaken military readiness while ensuring that both officers and troops hew to a specific political ideology.

In the first five years of his presidency, Obama fired almost 200 military officers, some of whom felt very strongly that there was an ideological purge taking place. Certainly, the Pentagon class’s willing embrace of leftist ideologies (DEI, CRT and, especially, LGBTQ+++) indicates that those in charge of the military’s strange new destiny are on board with all of this.

As you can see above, the wokeness insanity is getting worse with LtGen DeAnna Burt feeling “compelled” to promote less qualified personnel in her hiring and promotion decisions due to “anti-LGBTQ+” laws in various states.



This has to STOP on January 20, 2025!

This has to STOP on January 20, 2025!

The federal bureaucracy is a smoldering smorgasbord of corruption, incompetence, and pride flag-waving wokeness, and the big questions for the next Republican president are where to start fixing it and how.

There are a few things that need to happen day one to begin imposing our iron discipline upon the out-of-control deep state – pardons for every persecuted victim of the two-tiered “justice” system, orders to comply with all GOP investigatory subpoenas immediately, and firing Chris Wray.

But defeating the unofficial fourth branch of government requires focus and intensity. You cannot take it down overnight because it will fight back with support from the regime media. So, you need a quick and critical win.

That’s why the first thing you fix is the military. Here’s what to do.


SKYE’S LINKS 06/15/23

Unpacking the Corruption

The DOJ appears to protest too much. The war against Trump is taking on an air of panic and desperation never before seen in American politics. Evidence shows that Joe Biden and his family members accepted bribes from the Russian FSB agent running Burisma.

Biden threatened Burisma and its Russian security service handlers with extortion demands, and the Russians likely could not believe their good fortune. They bought Joe Biden and his policy towards oil and gas fracking for relatively small sums. It is not yet known how extensive Biden's influence peddling is, but it must be comprehensive.

Why else would half of the United States government be so afraid of a president from outside the club? "Me think they doth protest too much”

Credibility and authenticity are increasingly valuable in this brave new world of artificial intelligence software  The DeSantis campaign made a serious blunder by creating and releasing images of Trump embracing Fauci  The error impacted future DeSantis's appeals to integrity; he scored higher than the other candidates before the mistake.

COVID-19 destroyed faith in government and created a long tail of political liability  The emphasis on the LGBT show is artificial and propped up by the government. It appears that the LGBT show is not moving the narrative away from COVID-19 as fast as desired, and businesses are becoming worried about brand destruction.

The J6 show has lost severe traction with the public as the government plan to instigate a riot within the Capital is being made  public. Capital police, FBI, Park police, and others drove the crowd into the Capital Building. The plan was to trap protestors within the building, where some could be shot and  killed. The resulting panic would cause extensive property destruction and serve as a Reichstag Fire, justifying national emergency powers.

The plan failed because partisans in government do not understand the difference between conservatives and liberals. The conservatives herded into the Capital did not become the Antifa-like mob as planned. We have serious problems within the government that must be resolved before America enters its next long-term growth cycle.

They will be resolved.

The mystery of why corporations such as Disney accept brand destruction and stay the woke course can be explained by the relationship between inflation and debt destruction. While suitable for the debtor, inflation is hard on the lender.

History contains examples where banks failed, and central banks began to loan funds directly to businesses. Nazi Germany retooled during the Depression and financed the war through direct lending. The criteria to receive funding was political, as in accepting national socialist dogma, and not based on actual financial performance. The analogy between Nazi doctrine then and Wokism today is uncomfortably close but explains why large companies are attempting to become too woke to fail.



jame-comer-on-foxFor the past year, the House Oversight Committee, where I serve as chairman, has been investigating the Biden family’s influence peddling schemes that generated millions of dollars for the Biden family. We are following the facts. We need to know whether these deals threaten national security and if President Joe Biden is compromised.

The Oversight Committee has already obtained thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family and has traced millions of dollars from China and Romania to the Biden family and their associates. Americans are asking: What is the Biden family business? They don’t sell anything, they don’t have lucrative assets generating income, yet they receive millions from around the globe. What are they selling? Influence and access.

President Biden has repeatedly lied to the American people about his family’s business dealings. Now, Americans are left wondering if Joe Biden was involved with them.



sen-joni-ernstU.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) is again taking action against (literally) weaponized bureaucracy by leading the charge in the upper chamber to ensure the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not using tax dollars from hardworking Americans to arm its employees — and going beyond just that to disarm the taxman and move the IRS' investigation division over to the Justice Department.

According to an Open the Books report released last month, the IRS has spent more than $35 million since 2006 on firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear for its glorified and federally empowered accountant force, with some $10 million of that taxpayer-funded armament coming since just 2020.



There is one fundamental question that any candidate vying for the Republican nomination for president of the United States in 2024 must answer — but that as of yet has gone largely unaddressed, at least publicly, as the field spars over significant but ultimately subordinate issues.

The question is this: How will you win the general election under the present voting system?

An inability to answer this question clearly, compellingly, and convincingly imperils Republican odds of retaking the White House, no matter how favorable their prospects might look come next November. It is incumbent on anyone who wants to earn the Republican presidential nomination to answer this question at the outset, and to operate accordingly.

Here’s a summary analysis of the daunting problems any GOP candidate faces, and a path to a possible solution.



Former President Donald Trump has been indicted for illegally storing and hiding classified documents. As conservative radio host Steve Gruber describes it, the “bananafication” of our republic continues apace.

There are three reasons every American — even those of us not supporting Trump’s 2024 campaign — should find this further assault on the former president repugnant.

All three are glaring demonstrations of how corrupt the Biden Deep State is on a gargantuan scale.  Let’s discuss them.




 “Inclusive Capitalism” – the globalist buzzword for fascist control over all our lives

It’s been a bloodbath for the majority of companies that go overtly woke in the new era of American consumer rebellion, and the establishment is not happy. Corporations like Disney, Anheuser-Busch and Target are plunging in profits and losing billions in market cap after pledging fealty to the trans agenda.

In particular, the public is setting out to make examples of institutions that support trans indoctrination of children. Simply put, a line in the sand has been crossed. With conservative boycotts far more effective than leftist boycotts ever were, the movement makes evident that the political left is a paper tiger and that conservatives and independents have the real majority power in the US.

So why are corporations actually willing to destroy the very brands they spent so much time and money developing all in the name of political idolatry.  It seems like pure madness, but what if they know something we don’t? What if they are riding out an engineered economic crisis so that they can be rewarded later with “too woke to fail” riches?

Here’s how they’re planning it.



right-or-wrongChanging Metaethics

Trump was indicted over boxes of files again this week. The announcement came at just the right moment to tilt the media narrative away from an FBI informant notifying Congress of two $5 Million bribes paid to Joe and Hunter Biden.

The bribes were quid pro quo in exchange for firing a Ukrainian prosecutor and securing $1 Billion in foreign aid to Ukraine.

Trump supporters already knew this happened, as Trump was impeached for discrediting this truth.

The plot thickens as a deal was struck between the House of Representatives and the FBI; the FBI would deliver the bribery documentation in exchange for the House dropping contempt of Congress charges against Christopher Wray.

Ukraine launched its counteroffensive and immediately ran into a significant problem. Russia blew up the dam over which much of the counterattack would roll across. Humanitarian damage is terrible.

It seems that the world is experiencing a crisis of metaethics.

Metaethics, or the branch of philosophy concerned with the rightness of decisions, became utterly inconsistent this week. It seems that the great powers are pulling metaethics in different directions. Objectivists seek truth and reason, while Relativists descend into the schizophrenia of tribal affiliations. Semantics must decide whether truth comes from Divine Command, the desk of Vlad Putin…, or the source code contained within an A.I. system.


SKYE’S LINKS 06/08/23

On Monday (6/05), several Russian TV channels and radio stations broadcast a message from what seemed like President Vladimir Putin. In the address, Putin was heard declaring martial law and ordering citizens living in the border areas near Ukraine to evacuate and seek safety deeper inside Russia.  It sure looked and sounded like Putin – and it’s true that whole towns have been evacuated in the past week or so.

Yet it’s been declared an AI fake.  Most Russians don’t know what to believe with many panic-stricken.  The lesson to us is that AI-created video fraud spread by skilled hackers is just beginning:

‘Deepfake' Putin Declares Martial Law Orders Evacuation After Russian TV and Radio Broadcasters Hacked

There’s good news, inspiring news, heads-up watch out news, weird news – and even weirder news (yes, flying saucers are real, and I explain the physics of why).  I suggest making a first pass scroll through the images to see what catches your eye, and go from there.  Welcome to a full plate of Skye’s Links!



The embattled, confused, and doomed far-left CNN is about to lose another Chairman/CEO. According to numerous reports, after just a little over a year at the dying network, Chris Licht is out,  he’s toast… Chris Licht is moving to Donesville.


Trump broke CNN.

The walls really started closing in (if you’ll pardon the expression) on Licht after former President Trump’s CNN town hall triumph last month.

Because Trump was allowed to state his beliefs and come off as charming and in command, the Woke Nazis in the media, including at CNNLOL, freaked out. Licht tried to trip Trump up. Of course, he did. He’s a leftist.

His mistake was having a lightweight like Kaitlan “Nurse Ratched” Collins moderate. She tried her worst, Trump did his best, and the Woke Gestapo never forgives.

The real joy in all of this is that CNN is so discredited and irrelevant now that all this backstabbing and corporate maneuvering is like watching ants go to war in a jar.



2024-gop-candidates There is one fundamental question that any candidate vying for the Republican nomination for president of the United States in 2024 must answer — but that as of yet has gone largely unaddressed, at least publicly, as the field spars over significant but ultimately subordinate issues.

The question is this: How will you win the general election under the present voting system?

An inability to answer this question clearly, compellingly, and convincingly imperils Republican odds of retaking the White House, no matter how favorable their prospects might look come next November. It is incumbent on anyone who wants to earn the Republican presidential nomination to answer this question at the outset, and to operate accordingly.

Here’s a summary analysis of the daunting problems any GOP candidate faces, and a path to a possible solution.



TTP’s favorite t-shirt – wear it with Pride

TTP’s favorite t-shirt – wear it with Pride

[VDH has done it again – here are excerpts to whet your appetite!]

Like the mysterious omnipresence of transgenderism in popular culture, all of a sudden, the obsession with whites as a Satanic collective has become a national fad—a pet-rock or hula-hoop-like collective madness…

Class apparently now means nothing. Do Barack Obama’s “clingers,” Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” and Joe Biden’s “semi-fascist Ultra-MAGAs,” all share the same values as those embraced by Hunter Biden, Jane Fonda, and Adam Schiff, by virtue of some mystical bonds of whiteness?...

For the racialist careerist, the less racism there is to find, all the more essential it is to root it out somehow, somewhere. So, here arrives a new genre of manufactured hate crimes, whose logic is “even if it did not happen, it reminds us that it could have happened.”…

The dearth of actual racism also demands a new set of adjectives that serve as something like sophisticated detectors to discover otherwise invisible natural gas fumes. The adjective “systemic” means only the select can now spot racism. Like air, it is everywhere but invisible and thus requires battalions of diversity, equity, and inclusion inspectors to use their training to expose it in the common atmosphere….

Where does this all lead?

We are wasting trillions of dollars in capital, labor, and time in tribal cannibalism as our friends abroad watch in horror, and our enemies savor our decline into collective suicide—while we sink into debt, our cities turn medieval, our border disappears, our criminal justice system collapses, and our military chases its tail.



People take shelter from Russian missile attack in a subway station in Kyiv

People take shelter from Russian missile attack in a subway station in Kyiv

American policy conversations about Ukraine often assume that Ukraine is a problem. For some, it represents a distraction from China. Others fear Russian escalation and retaliation. Still others worry about the financial cost of supporting Ukraine’s army and propping up its war-blighted economy.

These concerns are real and have their place, but they miss the main point. Vladimir Putin’s ill-judged, ill-planned and ill-prosecuted war has ignited a national awakening in Ukraine. The country emerging from Putin’s War will be a formidable new force in Europe whose interests and outlook place it firmly in alignment with the U.S.

The Ukraine that emerges from this baptism by fire will be a formidable country with a battle-tested army, and it is going to transform the strategic landscape. It will join Poland, the Baltic republics and the Scandinavian countries in a defense-minded bloc against Russian expansion.

Further, any end to the war widely perceived as a defeat for Mr. Putin will do more than create a powerful new ally for the U.S.  Here’s why.


SKYE’S LINKS 06/01/23

fed-debt-chart_060123To Infinity and Beyond

The SCOTUS defined navigable waters of the USA this week in a blow to the EPA. Navigable now means “navigable” and not “anything with a drop of water.” Once again, federal agencies tell us that the ends (their absolute power over everyone and everything) justify their means, and Clarence Thomas sets them straight.

The House approved a new federal debt limit agreement that continues to blow the federal debt to the moon and avoids making federal expenditures a central issue during the 2024 election cycle.

The debt represents dollars printed into circulation, and conditions will likely remain inflationary. Perhaps catastrophically inflationary as time unfolds. Interest rates are being pushed up to counter inflation, and the IRS is increasing tax collection activity dramatically. One or more of the 87,000 new, woke IRS agents might be knocking on your door soon.

But don't worry, wokesters mostly hate white baby boomers. Just identify as somebody else.

Problems are emerging from boycotts of woke brands. The brands are losing money, and shareholder lawsuits challenging fiduciary duty abandonment are arising. As of yesterday, ten major insurance companies are out of the UN climate accords. That's ten out of thirty. Insurance companies are recognizing the ESG agenda exposes them to overwhelming antitrust litigation.

The GDI, or gross domestic income metric, indicates that we have been in a recession all year. The GDP does not yet reflect this, as the metric is skewed by accelerating government expenditures. Consumer sentiment reflects a recession and adds to the nationwide anxiety about woke entitlement.

This week's number one song on several charts calls out Target for Targeting the Kids. Pedophilia is proving to be a woke bridge too far, even among many that insist it takes a village.

Come on over to Skye's Links and take a look...



New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a completely unexpected Memorial Day speech denouncing socialism and Communism and bemoaning the lack of patriotism from the nation’s young.

Referencing Thomas Jefferson (a mistake, according to the radical left), Adams spoke of the famous “Tree of Liberty.”

“You water the tree of freedom with your blood,” Adams said. “We sit under the shade of that tree of freedom protected from the hot rays of socialism and communism and destruction that’s playing out across the globe.”

Adams referred to himself as a “thirty-eight percenter,” recalling a poll from last year that showed just 38% of Americans were “extremely proud” of the United States. He spoke proudly of our Pledge of Allegiance:

“Just as I start the day, every child should start the day with that hope and that true Pledge,” he said.

A 22-year veteran of the NYPD, Adams’s speech was not universally applauded — as you might expect.  New York’s Woke Left exploded.



censorship-weaponIt’s been nearly six months since the first installment of the Twitter Files—the journalistic effort by Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, Bari Weiss, Lee Fang, and many others to expose the myriad channels by which the U.S government cooperated with Twitter on content moderation and censorship—was first published.

For six months, not much of consequence has happened, either in Washington or the mainstream media, in response. Those who owe us mea culpas have not provided them, tending instead to attack the individual reporters or ignore their findings.

Why? Because not many commentators understand the interconnected tendrils of a single censorship apparatus. Michael Shellenberger and his colleagues Alex Gutentag and Matt Taibbi are now undertaking a monumental attempt at defining that apparatus: they call it the Censorship Industrial Complex.

Shellenberger and Gutentag are two of the few journalists who not only take the reality of increased government censorship efforts seriously but also consider it a systemic, unified, and global threat, as opposed to a few discreet but regrettable extensions of U.S. political power.



king-of-the-rinosKevin McCarthy trumpeted a debt-ceiling deal Sunday.  His one dealbreaker should have been his promise to defund President Biden’s massive $80 billion to turbocharge an already weaponized IRS.

This was the totemic centerpiece of his pitch to become speaker. It was the most memorable promise of the Republicans’ midterm campaign to win back the House.  “Our very first bill will repeal the funding for 87,000 new IRS agents,” McCarthy vowed.  “You see, we believe government should be to help you, not go after you.”

Sure enough, the House voted 221-210 to repeal the extra IRS funding.  “Promises made,” the newly minted speaker said Jan. 9, banging the gavel on the first bill of the Republican-controlled House.

What about promises kept?  Fuhgeddaboudit.



mass-suicidal-pigs[In this compendium of current Leftist insanity, VDH asks: “Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide—to the delight of our enemies like Communist China?”  But he has no answer.  Do you agree that the answer was given 20 years ago in “Beyond Treason”?  That all the passions of the Left are frenzies of masochism, that the more one fears being envied, the more one is driven to masochistic self-humiliation in attempts at envy-appeasement?]

The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying.

Corporate America has joined this cultural revolution hysteria. Companies are apparently now hellbent on destroying their brands, profits, and net worth.

Anheuser-Busch has destroyed its best-selling Bud Light brand. Disney has rebranded its films, amusement parks, and television with  billion-dollar losses in Disney stock, subscribers, and viewers. A woke CNN has all but destroyed its once-global audience. It now has fewer viewers than certain popular podcasts.

All these implosions are not just shocking but surreal. Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide?



Tired of Being Targeted

We discuss the Durham Report and its existential threat to Republicans should the world take note of their inaction in response to the report. Democrats and federal agents behaved shamelessly and with criminal disregard for the Constitution.

However, if Republicans continue to act cowardly in the face of such a constitutional crisis, then we have the end of the Republican Party. The world accepts evil, but the cowardly are hunted down like dogs.

DeSantis and Scott declared their intentions this week. The Durham Report points out corruption is so deep and vast within the government that institutions might need to fall. Corrupt federal institutions must go for the sake of the nation and the future of humanity. It's this bad. But where can we find a presidential candidate with the audacity and determination to counterpunch against entrenched corruption?

Ukraine is training crews to operate the American M1A1 tanks now in Germany. These are battle-proven machines, but Russia continues to threaten them with hypersonic missiles. Well, it turns out there is a lot of propaganda behind those missiles.

Boycotts against Budweiser and Target are still gaining momentum. Stock purchases and direct cash transfers from BlackRock to these companies have been unable to stabilize stock prices. It seems that BlackRock's promise to make companies following the LGBTQCIA agenda whole against customer blowback cannot overcome reality. Big Woke is brittle.

A.I. is accelerating, creating an opportunity to build robust systems that detect and avoid deep fakes. Many are working on the problem, such as the gang over at M.I.T. We discuss how to make TTP robust against deep fakes.

Come on over to this week's HFR. Let's talk about corruption.


SKYE’S LINKS 05/25/23

fake-hate-crimes-of-mediaI think that we may have passed the tipping point, and that we are now winning.  This Harvard University-Harris poll, conducted last week, is mind boggling.  It has been ignored by the MSM because conclusively demonstrates how Americans hold almost wholly opposite opinions to woke-prog corporate media narratives.

Poll Shows How Radically Different Americans' Opinions Are From Liberal Corporate Media Narratives

You’ll enjoy this in particular.  No matter how much the media tries to convince people their president isn’t a crook, a majority of all voters know he is.  Of course, Demtards deny it because they’re on the side of criminality.  GOPers aren’t so they don’t.  Note that the largest group of voters are Indies, of whom 58% understand that reports of “10% for the Big Guy” are true.

Harvard-Harris: Most Voters Believe Joe Biden Engaged in 'Illegal Influence Peddling'

More tipping in our direction; 59% of Americans think that the media is "truly the enemy of the people":

Rasmussen Report: 59% of Voters Agree Media ‘Truly Enemy of the People’

So jump right on in – this Skye’s links is full of info you’ll have fun knowing about!