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french-farmers-protestSomething rather amazing is happening across Western Europe, although American media outlets really would like to pretend that nothing is happening at all.

The sea change is that ordinary people are pushing back against green policies that will destroy farming (and also destroy the food supply) and against the endless immigration that’s intended to wipe out Europe’s ancient populations in favor of entirely new populations from the Muslim world and Africa (both Muslim and non-Muslim regions).

The farmer protests began last year in the Netherlands when the government announced that it intended to cut livestock farming by 30% to prevent “greenhouse gases.” It was a pure “you vill eat ze bugs” moment, and the farmers protested vehemently. Indeed, they protested uber-conservative Geert Wilders right into a parliamentary majority, although the wacky parliamentary system means he hasn’t yet been able to form a coalition to lead the government.

Because those policies are not limited to the Netherlands but have spread across Europe (where post-WWII socialism provided a ready landing pad for environmental madness), the same farmer protests are now in other European nations. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening, as seen through tweets:

🇩🇪German farmers have had enough of govt climate terrorism!🚜
Globalist psychopaths no longer can control the chaos they created.
Are you watching?

— Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) February 5, 2024

This is Germany as farmers continue to protest their government’s “green” initiatives.
Americans need to similarly protest Biden’s pro-illegals agenda.
The people have the power.

— Paul A. Szypula 🇺🇸 (@Bubblebathgirl) February 5, 2024

Farmers blocking the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. Most of Western Europe is grinding to a halt as grocery store shelves become barren. The farmers are determined to show them world how important they really are- even if MSM ignores them.

— Jason James (@jasonjamesbnn) February 5, 2024

The Spanish farmers have now joined the European-wide protests against the climate agenda.
SHARE – Did you see this on the mainstream media?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) February 5, 2024

Irish Farmers
In Ireland – Farmers have been told they must cull 200,000 cows to meet the Governments ‘Climate Ambition’
This is amongst other insane legislation which will technically bankrupt them.
The Irish Farmer Fightback – has now begun.
Support the farmers

— Concerned Citizen (@BGatesIsaPyscho) February 4, 2024

I repeat: French farmers are NOT messing around.
Whose side are you on? The farmers or unelected globalists and their bought and paid for politicians in government?

— Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) February 5, 2024


Again, no farmers means no food, except for the delightful Stone Age diet of bugs, scavenged fruits and vegetables, and gleaned grains. Our famine-free era will be just a short interlude in the long history of human starvation.

As a reminder, when Stalin deliberately forced a famine on the Ukrainian people during the 1930s, the saying was that an orphan was a child whose parents died before they could eat him. That’s the world leftists are pushing.


Meanwhile, in Ireland, a country with another WEF-style government that’s all in on unlimited Third World immigration, people are also getting fed up. They don’t like that their government has decided that their ancient communities and genetic lineages need to be “refreshed” with Islamic and African cultures:

WOAH – this is incredible
A massive crowd is marching in Dublin, Ireland against mass immigration:

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) February 5, 2024

“Irish lives matter.”

A large anti-mass migration gathering in Dublin, Ireland occurred on Feb. 5. Leftists countered the protest, calling it white supremacy. Read:

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) February 5, 2024

Thousands of Irish natives are in Dublin to protest against mass immigration.
The media did NOT want us to see this.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) February 5, 2024


Here’s a word to the wise elitist in Western European government: Europeans seem civilized, but they’re not really. They’ve been in a state of continuous war for 2,000 years, ever since the Pax Romana ended (remember that? The Romans “make a desert and call it peace”?) In Europe, peace, not war, is the anomaly.

And when Europeans wage war, they go all out, fighting it with the utmost savagery. For a recent example, I give you the period from 1939 through 1945.

That savagery is equally virulent when they take up arms against their own governments. Indeed, I have a friend who says that the world is still divided by the bloody French Revolution, which traded one form of totalitarianism for another, and the liberty-oriented American Revolution.

In Europe, you really don’t want to rouse the peasantry, who, behind the delicious food, ancient rituals, and charming manners, are still Celts, Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Angles, Saxons, and other people who lived hard and violently when the Roman Empire collapsed.


Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.