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This is a photo essay of what a wonderland Albania is, nestled in the heart of Europe yet so little known. We’ll be exploring it at the end of this coming April.  If you can join us, as a TTPer you’ll get a $500 discount – and it’s very reasonably priced to begin with.  At the least, you’ll enjoy the pictures of a fascinating country.  Here we go…

Everyone knows about the appeal of Albania’s next-door neighbors Greece and Italy, but very few know about Albania.  The Ancient Greeks and Romans certainly did, who built cities, villas, and resorts still there today.  These days, only the most experienced world travelers know what a wonderland of magic beauty and great adventure Albania is.  I invite you, as a TTPer, to become one of them.


This is to experience thrilling adventure combined with magnificent World Heritage Site history, charming hotels, great food, marvelous wine, and wonderfully hospitable people so easy to make friends with.  Oh, did I mention gorgeous beaches on the unknown Albanian Riviera?


There are sophisticated cities to enjoy like Albania’s capital of Tirana…


… and medieval walled cities to explore like Berat, continuously occupied by craftsmen and merchants from ancient times to now.


Albania’s Vjosa River is fast becoming legendary.  Just this past March 2023, the Vjosa was declared Europe’s First Wild River National Park.  You’ll white water raft through its exciting Class II and III rapids with experienced river guides.


And no worries if that’s not your style.  You can drive through the spectacular canyon and comfortably cheer the rafters on.


On the other hand, you’ll gently raft through the mesmerizing Osumi River Canyon, with its wispy waterfalls pouring over towering rock walls.  A day of astonishment and fun!


You’ll leisurely stroll through Lengarica Canyon with its caves and waterfalls, and luxuriate in the soothing natural hot springs of the Benja Thermal Baths.



In the center of the historic village of Tepelene is Lord Byron Square – named after England’s famous poet Lord Byron who came here in 1809 to meet Albania’s famous warlord Ali Pasha, renowned for fighting the Ottoman Turks.  You’ll stay, of course, at the Lord Byron hotel – where else?


Enjoy your breakfast peacefully overlooking the scenic view!


Gjirokaster is a truly amazing World Heritage Site, oozing welcoming charm and capped by its giant castle.  It’s a joy to explore.


Then, you’ll explore modern day Gjirokaster, which is unique and inviting.


Speaking of exploring, there’s the World Heritage Site of Butrint.  The Greeks built it first as Buthrotos, starting in 800 BC.  For the Romans, it was Buthrotum, filled with villas, amphitheaters, and vineyards. It’s well-preserved, just waiting for you.



Then it’s off to relax at the gem of the Albanian Riviera, the resort town of Saranda.  You can indulge in the lively night life all you want.


Finally, here is where you escape to get away from it all and revel in the solitary serenity of Saranda’s gorgeous Ksamil Islands.



The perfect place for you to complete your extraordinary experience of the Albania Wonderland.

To join us on this life-memorable experience, get all the info and details with more photos here:


When you join us, use the code WONDERLANDSPECIAL to save $500 per person for TTPers.

See you soon in Tirana for a life-memorable adventure together!  ~ Jack


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