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clap-for-oIn the last 20 years, the Left has boasted that it has gained control of most of America institutions of power and influence—the corporate boardroom, media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the administrative state, academia, foundations, social media, entertainment, professional sports, and Hollywood.

With such support, between 2009-17, Barack Obama was empowered to transform the Democratic Party from its middle-class roots and class concerns into the party of the bi-coastal rich and subsidized poor—obsessions with big money, race, a new intolerant green religion, and dividing the country into a binary of oppressors and oppressed.

The Obamas entered the presidency spouting the usual left-wing boilerplate (“spread the wealth,” “just downright mean country,” “get in their face,” “first time I’ve been proud of my country”) as upper-middle-class, former community activists, hurt that their genius and talents had not yet been sufficiently monetized.



grand-escalanteAs you can see, this place is aptly named. It is simply phantasmagorical – nature on LSD. Then again, so much of southern Utah is too, for close by Escalante are the Vermillion Cliffs, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Monument Valley and a lot more.

The entire area is Navaho country, so it is no surprise their native religion is based on peyote, a cactus containing the hallucinogen, mescaline, with the Navaho belief that nature surrounding them was designed by the Peyote Bird.

However, it is not necessary to take any hallucinogen to achieve a sense of ecstasy being here – just a deep appreciation of what a wondrous world – a breathtaking world – it is that we are all privileged to be alive in. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #180 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



generation-z [No, this is not about America’s Gen Z, named after the Xers and Y Millennials. It is about Russia’s, named after the tactical insignia of Russian troops occupying Ukraine, which they support with a Nazi-genocidal fervor]


Red Square, Moscow

Alina is 19. She loves fashion, and watching pirated Hollywood movies with her mechanic boyfriend Sergei.

But since February 24, 2022, when President Vladimir Putin sent an invasion force into Ukraine, Alina's online life has become scarily violent. She is one of the Z Generation.

She shares and re-posts propaganda about Ukrainian neo-Nazis and child-killers, backed up with warnings of the threat to Russia from shadowy NATO organizations. The people of Ukraine, she believes, can be saved only by wiping out their culture, their government and their language.

Her homepage is plastered with apocalyptic images of a burning White House in 'Fasciston DC'. The Ukrainian flag is renamed 'the Devil's Swastika' and Putin is 'Russia's savior'.

How did Alina, and hundreds of thousands of young Russians like her, become so consumed with online violence and hate?



hoatzin This is a Hoatzin. I took this picture in the Amazon jungles of Colombia, its native habitat. It has no genetic relationship to any other bird, and thus has its own family, the Opisthocomidae, and its own suborder, the Opisthocomi. Extensive DNA-sequencing demonstrates that “the hoatzin is the last surviving member of a bird line that branched off in its own direction 64 million years ago, shortly after the extinction event that killed the non-avian dinosaurs.”

The Hoatzin is the Dinosaur Bird, the only bird on earth directly descended from the dinosaurs. It makes weird noises – grunts, hisses, groans and croaks – no melodious birdsongs. It emits an awful smell due to its fermentation digestive system, and tastes just as awful so no one hunts it for food. Yet it is distinctively pretty in a hyper-funky way. Spend enough time exploring the Amazon, and you may be lucky to see one. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #186 photo ©Jack Wheeler)




The Galactosphere

[This week’s Archive was originally published on May 7, 2007.  I had some fun with it at the start, but it ends with a fascinating theory by two professors of astrophysics. Since Warmism is a secular religion invulnerable to real facts and science, it has since been ignored, but it’s useful to bring it to attention now.  Enjoy.]

TTP, May 9, 2007

We're going for a wild ride here, starting on a log floating down a river, then go on a fling through the galaxy. On the way, we'll examine the extinction of the dinosaurs. We'll end up applying aikido to astrophysics as a way to de-subsidize the glowarmers.

Glowarmers – those who believe in the religion of Man-Made ("Anthropogenic") Global warming – argue that:

  1. The earth's climate is getting dangerously warmer due to "greenhouse gases" that hold heat in the atmosphere so it can't escape into frigid space…
  2. The greenhouse gas primarily responsible for this "greenhouse effect" causing global warming is carbon dioxide…
  3. Human energy production and consumption (e.g., coal-fired power plants, internal combustion engines) is the primary emitter of the additional carbon dioxide causing the global warming…
  4. Thus the solution to global warming is the drastic reduction of human carbon dioxide emissions.
This argument is so willfully ignorant of basic science that it cannot be attributed to stupidity.  Indeed, a great many glowarmers are highly intelligent.  It must be attributed to an ego-trip of absolutely monumental magnitude, of genuinely pathological proportions.

So lunatic enormous that the glowarmers' egos are like the ultimate joke example of egomania, the flea with a hard-on.



paper-plane-escapeUnconstrained Information Warfare

Around the globe, there is an emergence of unconstrained information warfare. This differs from the type of information warfare the pros prefer to fight. Constrained vs. unconstrained information is at the heart of military strategies and the Democrat's move to silence Trump.

Trump won in 2016 using unconstrained information, which cast terror into the heart of the political world. The counter, the information warriors thought, was to constrain Biden to the basement and garble almost everything he says.

And why not? The political class learned information warfare from the same contractors that provided tools to the military. As insiders predicted, the Dems secured the White House in 2020 and maintained their iron grip over the vote count.

Both sides' attempts to constrain information shaped the recent wars in Syria and Armenia. ISIS ran websites for the West but shut the internet down locally.

Everything changed with Ukraine as Russia attempted to constrain the information space at home but pushed well-financed propaganda abroad. Ukraine entered the war with a blast of unconstrained, uncoordinated, very loud information. This brought them the initiative but distorted and undercut the traditional psyop tools and forces.

Enter the world of unconstrained information, where the goal is for Team A to grab the wide-open space while Team B must deal with messaging constraints.

The effects are powerful and very much behind the urgent need felt by the Dems to muzzle Trump. Eight recent African coups were fueled by information warfare, and the State Department was caught flatfooted.

One presidential candidate uses unconstrained information tactics to the detriment of his Republican challengers. The experienced hands continue to respond as if competing in a constrained environment. Big mistake!

So where is this coming from? The Dems launched a major political campaign strategy revision called Beautiful Trouble, taken directly from military psyop programs. It includes books, seminars, board games, and study aids. Pretty much everything on the table is in the book.

This HFR is the first four-part series on the Democrat's information warfare strategy.

Please join us, your insights on the forum are very important.



jackson-at-namche-barwa In the summer of 2001, I led an overland expedition of 2,500 kilometers across Eastern Tibet, traversing by foot the “Great River Trenches of Asia,” over the 15,000’ Si-la pass between the Salween and Mekong Rivers, thence to the Upper Yangtze by 4WD following it to near its source, onto Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

Enroute we stopped at incredibly remote and rarely seen Namche Barwa (7,782m/25,531ft), the eastern terminus of the Himalayas, which run in a 1,600 mile-long arc from here in Tibet through Nepal, Northwest India, to end at the western terminus of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan.

At nine years old, Jackson handled this like a trooper.  What a rewarding thrill it is to have a great adventure with your children. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #277 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



Do an internet search for “25 Most Mysterious Places on Earth” or similar listing, and almost always the Regaleira Initiation Well in Sintra, Portugal will be there. Since the photo is almost always looking from the top down, I thought you might like to see one from the bottom up, which is just as dramatic.

The Regaleira is a spectacular Gothic mansion with acres of gorgeous gardens built by a 19th century Portuguese-Brazilian millionaire, Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920). I love it that his exotic eccentric extravaganza, his Regaleira Palace, was built by private capitalist with his own money – not some feudal king with money extracted from the peasantry.

I took this picture in 2021 with fellow TTPers on our Portugal Exploration. Portugal really is a land of wonders, which I hope you’ll someday experience yourself. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #167 photo ©Jack Wheeler)


SKYE’S LINKS 08/31/23

economy-stupidOversized Economic Failure Requires Oversized Distractions.

Sometimes, it is not just what they say but what they omit.

The government fears the public will grasp the reality of current corruption and institutional failure. The DOJ is either a partner in Biden's sins or is so afraid that the magnitude, once disclosed, will lead to the permanent erasure of the Democrat Party.

They are not behaving rationally.

The media holds presidential debates but questions a country song instead of the actual inflation issue. Most people missed that sleight of hand.

China is in deep trouble, and the West must figure out how to rebuild its supply lines in a world of rapidly accelerating interest rates.

Environmentalism is now fully exposed as some Keynesian monetary theory scam where the government throws money to its friends in hopes of keeping the game going. Who benefits? The finance industry, with their increasing claims on the labor of taxpayers.

The Trump impeachments are election interference through full-throated government power and the best distraction our betters can create. So far.

Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole, Wyoming speech put the world on notice that he intends to be hawkish with interest rates. Very Hawkish.

Come on over to Skyes' Links, and let's have a look:

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