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jw-on-the-matterhornThe Matterhorn at 14,692 ft in the Swiss Alps is arguably the most famous mountain in the world. By extreme luck, I was able to reach its summit with my guide Alfons Franzen at age 14 (in 1958!). The summit is not a point but a ridge 100 feet or so long and only 2 feet wide, like a knife blade in the sky.

This was my formative great adventure that set me on my life path. For over forty years that path has been providing friends and clients with great adventures for their own lives. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #30 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



press-liesLike a sickening ooze, governments tend to grow into endless unintended areas – which is known as mission creep.

This past week, the American public was served with two dangerous and destructive examples. The very creepy, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security – who has been a fountain of disinformation (lies) – announced he was setting up an operation to combat “disinformation” by others, i.e. free-speech control. And the Securities and Exchange Commission announced a proposed rule to require all firms under its jurisdiction to implement extensive and expensive “climate-related” information. The fact that neither agency seemed to have the Constitutional authority to engage in such activities appeared to be of no bother.

Most government agencies are set up for a single purpose, which may or may not be useful. Far too often, agencies stray from their original mandates because of a lust for more power, influence, and, of course, bigger budgets. Many times, the focus on the “new” activity so diverts attention from the original mission that the original mission is neglected. President Joe Biden announced at the beginning of his administration that every agency of government must be focused on mitigating climate change.



russ-faultTucker Carlson's opening monologue on Monday night was a wake-up call to Americans: the Democrat political class, with help from (or no opposition from) Republicans, seems determined to bring America into a direct conflict with Russia.  He points out that the Democrats' warmongering is so extreme that even Noam Chomsky longs for Trump to be back in the White House.  He recognizes that Trump, whom he dislikes, would keep us off the path of a hot war with Russia.

Tucker rightly traces the Democrats' fulminating hostility toward Putin to the 2016 election.  Hillary and her cohorts created the lie that Putin put Trump in office.  Now, despite having the lie repeatedly disproven, Democrats have come to believe this lie.  They want revenge. They also simply want war.




Thomas Jefferson

Honesty is one of the foundations of trust; lying leads to greater distrust. When we lie, we’re not as sneaky as we may think. People figure it out eventually, and they trust us less. Our relationships suffer dearly for it.

This is common sense, but here's where this can get tricky: I have colleagues who believe that if we don't express every feeling or impulse, that we're being dishonest. By this philosophy, the whole concept of honesty and authenticity becomes nebulous. By this way of thinking, if we don't express literally everything that goes through our mind, we can't be honest.

This is of course ridiculous. To be honest is not to be brainless. To be honest does not mean that we let fly anything that comes to mind.

Honesty is one facet of integrity. To have integrity is to integrate our thoughts, feelings, experience, values, and knowledge. In other words, real honesty requires consciousness.



©2019 Jack WheelerThis is Ama Dablam – “Mother’s Necklace” in Sanskrit – famed by climbers and trekkers as the Matterhorn of the Himalayas.  Standing 22,349 ft, the favored climbing route is the southwest ridge, which you’re looking at face on.  It towers as sentinel above the Tengboche Monastery of Nyingma (Red Hat) Tibetan Buddhism, and the famous trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC).

We were at EBC this morning, and shortly later flew by Ama Dablam in our expedition AS350B3 helicopter at 20,000 ft.  It is from this altitude you can see the summit of Everest.  And yes, that’s Everest on the left of the photo.  In the shadow is Everest’s southwest face, in the sun the east face, the southeast ridge between them is the climber’s route to the summit.  Breathtaking only begins to hint of what it is like to experience such a sight. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #202 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



shrine-of-shah-i-zenda The Shrine of Shah-i-Zenda left an indelible memory upon me when I was first here on my first exploration of Central Asia in 1963.  It is one of the many medieval wonders of the ancient Silk Road Oasis of fabled Samarkand.  Preserved through the centuries, it is still here in all its glory.  Come with me this September to experience it and so much else, like the Pearls of Shing, the Mountains of Heaven, and camping with Kirghiz nomads, in the mysterious and magical heart of Central Asia.

(Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #201 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



Is Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal a Paper Tiger?

russ-tankJack Wheeler is in Khatmandu, leading a helicopter expedition to the top of Mt. Everest.

Guest Author Mike Ryan addresses this critical question as Putin threatens to use his nukes against the United States and Europe for supporting Ukraine.

We cannot afford to get this question wrong, but fortunately, the United States has brilliant physicists looking at the question from many angles.

We all watched the propaganda explode when Russia invaded Ukraine, and so did the rest.

In about two months, the consequences have included a collapse of CNN revenues and a change of ownership at Twitter. Zuck is in trouble, and Soros can’t get anyone to take his calls.

How did this happen? Zelenskyy introduced a new leadership style with politicians everywhere throwing out their late 20th Century neoliberal style.

But we knew this would happen because we talked about it on the forum at length. TTPers had a heads up long before the rest of the world.

We are running out of Jevelin missiles and can’t make them fast enough. This is a problem.

Kremlinologist Condoleeza Rice had a one-hour conversation on Putin and the war, turning out to be a replay of the Battle of Kursk.

All this and more in this weeks Half Full Report.



bali-monkeysNear the town of Ubud on Indonesia’s paradise island of Bali there is a Hindu sanctuary of spectacularly luxuriant rain forest providing a haven for over 1,000 Balinese long-tailed monkeys. Here’s one communing with a group of moss-covered monkey statues that dot the sanctuary.

This is a sacred place for the Balinese people, as it contains three temples over 600 years old, and is devoted to the Hindu principle of Tri Hata Karana – “three ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being” -- harmony between people, harmony between people and nature, harmony between people and the Supreme God.

There is perhaps no place on earth in which to better experience the blissful harmony of Tri Hata Karana than Bali. It is a marvelous privilege to be here and experience it for yourself. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #106 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



google-demon Google is using G-Mail to tamper with the midterms, by tagging Republican campaign emails as “spam” 8.5 times as much as Dem ones:

Ronna McDaniel, Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Tom Emmer: Google’s Email Suppression Latest Example of Big Tech Overreach

Musk buys Twitter:

Elon Wins: Twitter to Be Sold to Elon Musk

twitter-censorship-stabbedThe tears and fears are all about loss of 'Crat control:

The Apocalyptic Reaction to Musk Is All About Thought Control


Twitter Locks Down Changes to Platform to Prevent Employee Sabotage After Musk Buyout

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