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SKYE’S LINKS 07/04/24

We’ve got a full docket for you today. The Supreme Court has finished the season with more-than-less glory (you can probably hear the wailing of the ‘Crats from your front porch). They covered a LOT of ground and made the right decision in almost all cases. There’s lots of good news in this week’s Links, but there’s some worrisome news, too, about a whole swath of children who are struggling after the Covid shutdowns, and concerns about the fragility of our digital lifestyle, as well as some really good insight starting from 1971, and a head’s up about AI fakery. Let’s go!


SCOTUS makes what is likely the most important decision in several decades, and they got it right – they overturned Chevron deference, which gave the administrative state vast unconstitutional powers:

Supreme Court Deals Biggest Blow in 80 Years to Administrative State



More here:

SCOTUS Overturns ‘Chevron Deference’ In Massive Blow To ‘Administrative State’



In another blow against the Administrative State Empire, SCOTUS rules that many administrative state agency defendants have a right to a jury and independent Article III judge:

Supreme Court Vindicates Right to Jury Trial in Securities Fraud Cases


SCOTUS gets another one right:

Supreme Court Blows Up DOJ’s Biggest Charges Against Donald Trump


Justice Jackson supports the conservative majority, and you will love what she said:

Ketanji Brown Jackson Sides with Conservatives in Jan. 6 Case



SCOTUS punts on state laws declaring social media platforms to be common carriers:

Supreme Court Punts On Florida & Texas Social Media Laws, Sends Cases Back To Lower Courts



This is going to have a major effect on hundreds of J6 indictments and previous convictions, including the J6 case against Trump:

Expert: SCOTUS J6 Ruling Downgraded ‘Insurrection’ to Mere Trespassing



sc-evolvesSCOTUS blows it big; three big government “conservatives” and three leftist members of the court dismissed the most important First Amendment case in generations for a bogus lack of standing. Note that this case was not decided on the merits, so a similar case is likely to return in the near future. It is likely that different circuits will make substantially different decisions on similar cases, with the resultant circuit splits forcing SCOTUS’s hand. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that the big government “conservatives” will get it right. “Nice little social media website you have here – it would be a shame if something bad happened to it.”

Much of big government’s power is based on threats, which often don’t have to be explicitly stated to be understood and effective. Lets ask SCOTUS to bell the cat! Perhaps transparency and public accountability should be part of the solution for this abuse. The government has a First Amendment right to say to a website “Skye is a threat to democracy. Use your banhammer on him.” But suppose that all such “suggestions” had to be published for all to see in real time? Supposed that the government “suggestion” censors had had to publish all of their Twitter Files communications? All of their similar communications with Facebook? YouTube?  Instagram? Everyone? That would be a good first step in controlling big government censorship by exposing it. I’d go much further, but I’m not a big government SCOTUS “conservative” Justice:

Supreme Court: No Standing on Social Media Censorship, Alito Dissents



More on this case here:

Supreme Court Tosses Case Over Biden Coercion Of Social Media



Turley on the cyclic wars on free speech:

America’s Anti-Free Speech Movement Forces Us Again To Choose Between Our Rights And Our Rage



But SCOTUS got it right on this important EPA case:

Supreme Court Blocks EPA Ozone Plan, Sides with States



And SCOTUS got it right on homeless trespassing:

In Blow To Democrats, Supreme Court Allows Crackdown On Homeless



SCOTUS gets it right again; Presidents and prior Presidents have immunity for official Presidential acts, but only if they are Constitutional. The ‘Crats are furious!

Trump Wins: Supreme Court Says Presidents Covered by Immunity for ‘Official Acts’



The full decision can be downloaded via a link in the above.

More on what this decision really means from Jonathan Turley:

No, President Biden, The Supreme Court Did Not Remove Any Limits On The Presidency



Special Counsel Jack Smith, and both his J6 and Florida cases are on the way out, and Thomas provides a detailed roadmap in his concurrence to the Presidential immunity case. This is a very insightful and worthwhile read:

Justice Thomas Questions Legality of Jack Smith’s Appointment in Potential Roadmap for Judge Cannon



More on this case:

The Left is Aghast at the Correct Supreme Court Immunity Decision on Trump



The wins keep coming. Tractor Supply Company goes unwoke so as to avoid going broke:

Tractor Supply Backs Away from Leftist Agenda, ‘Victory for Sanity’



The internet is far more ephemeral than you may realize:

How Vulnerable Are Our Digital Systems?



The kids are not all right. Children born during the late 20-teens through the pandemic years often have significant developmental disabilities due to masking, social distancing, lockdowns and more mandated by the powers that be:

NYT: Youngest Children During Pandemic Now ‘Struggling’ in School


For investors; the Nixon inflection point of 1971:

What In The World Happened In 1971?



Much more here:

WTF Happened In 1971?



For investors; beware of AI washing:

Fake It Until You Make It: Companies Are Bamboozling Investors and Customers with ‘AI Washing’