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Funchal, Madeira.  On the Portuguese island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean, there is a common expression:  “A home without flowers is like a naked person without clothes.”  Here is an example, one of many thousands.  The Portuguese explorers discovered Madeira in 1419.  It was uninhabited at the time and always had been, no human being had ever been there before.  Over the seven centuries since, an enormous variety of plants from all over the world were brought here and flourished in the eternal spring weather and volcanic soil.  Every fruit, vegetable, tree, bush, flower easily grows here, a botanist’s paradise.  And a paradise for the people who live here, who love to beautify their homes and towns with gorgeous gardens everywhere.  Come with Rebel and me to see for yourself. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #298, photo ©Jack Wheeler)