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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 02/01/24


Wow – Big News.  In Jack’s 12/14 HFR, we learned about 327 Jan6 protestors charged with “obstruction” and another 57 on a related charge, with the Supreme Court agreeing to take their case against the charge – and it’s the same charge Jack Smith is prosecuting President Trump on. Now two jailed Jan6ers have successfully petitioned to be set free – quite possibly opening the doors of the American Gulag to freedom for hundreds more.

Jan. 6 Convicts Released After Supreme Court Takes Up Challenge To Feds’ Use Of Obstruction Charge



An expert view from Breitbart regarding the Texas border at Eagle Pass.  To be read with caution.  To be generous, Clark in my opinion is worried that Abbott is being lured into being charged with insurrection, which under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment would allow VP Harris in charge of counting the Electoral Votes in Congress to declare all EVs of the State of Texas to be invalid.  Abbott has to be very careful that he gets a Supreme Court ruling in his favor to prevent this.

Randy Clark: ‘Texas Border Showdown’ Wrought with Political Spin and Misinformation



A chess game for more freedom through Federalism is underway:

Soft Secession, Insurrection, Or The Real Return Of Federalism In Texas?



Here are some very interesting poll results regarding taxes:

Poll: Two-Thirds Say They Get Poor Value from Paying Tax to Joe Biden



For investors; how to read the GDP reports.  Those seemingly great figures for last quarter are not at all what they seem:

The Great Growth Hoax



For investors – please read carefully. A very good recap of the economy in 2023, but…

“God Help Us In The Next Crisis”



Just what Skye’s Links has been predicting to crush the hopes of rising stock market Pollyannas.  Powell knows his most critical job is to preserve the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, not to preserve the Biden presidency with rate cuts in an election year. He has chosen wisely.

The Fed Fights Back – Says No to Imminent Rate Cuts