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SKYE’S LINKS 01/18/24

running-on-emptyThe Woke Agenda
Running on Fumes


America wins again! Jennifer Granholm and the DOE’s plan to regulate washing machines to the point of being unable to clean clothing was struck down on appeal—another loss for the administrative state but a win for hygiene everywhere.

Appeals Court Strikes Down Biden Admin’s Washing Machine Regulations



They win by voting with their feet. Five million people have left California, Illinois, and New York. It is the Okie migration, but now in reverse.

Blue States Can’t Stop Taxing



ESG is dying. TTP has been following the death of ESG for about two years now, and the mainstream press is finally catching on. Sorry Greta. You have been made redundant.

ESG Is Now Being Labeled As Corporate America’s “Dirty Word”



DEI blowback:

Economics and liability claims force airlines to rethink hiring employees based on race and gender and return to hiring for competence, qualifications, and attitude. The power narrative at the top is shifting.

Southwest Airlines Deletes X Post Celebrating “All Female Flight Crew”



DEI loyalty oaths and DEI Zampolit are on their way out. More and more winning; how purple state conservative legislators beat the political commissars in Wisconsin higher ed:

Republicans Score Major Win Against DEI In A ‘Purple’ State



This story is not the Babylon Bee, but maybe it is Peak Woke. Intelligent extraterrestrial life is now considered white and colonial:

SETI Overtaken By Woke Ideologues More Interested In Debating Transphobia & Whiteness Than Searching The Stars



The image might be from the Bee, but the truth is even more frightening. If you thought that the above was terrible…

When DEI Becomes DIE: FAA Now Hiring People With “Severe Intellectual And Psychiatric Disability”



But the critical incidents, such as the goaded J6. are becoming revealed, and this will hurt the powers that be by next November. as another grand narrative falls:

Ray Epps’ ‘Sentence’ Is “A Thunderous F**k You” To Half Of America



Remember why the unionized labor making up the deep state hates him. The ‘Crats discuss using the military to stop Trump!

Report: Establishment Plots Military Coup Against Trump if Reelected



SecDef Austin hospitalization timeline; what this suggests to me is that both Xiden and Austin are sock puppets for the deep state with no policy-making authority (their decisions are whatever their puppet masters proclaim) – and which Trump intends to trump:

Defense Secretary Austin Finally Leaves Hospital After 2 Weeks, Refuses To Resign



American Pragmatism in action. This is a step in the right direction… If Israel had done this long before Oct. 7, Oct. 7 never would have happened:

Number of Firearms in U.S. Civilian Hands Tops 470 Million



For investors from the Mises Institute, those GDP and jobs figures are misleading because they count government hiring and spending the same as private jobs and spending:

Recession Signal: Private-Sector Job Growth Is Being Replaced By Gov’t-Sector Job Growth



More for investors. John Mauldin has some beneficial figures and charts on the Federalie debt. An even easier solution would be to sell off Federalie property to pay off the debt. Treat them like what they are – a soon-to-be bankrupt Ponzi scheme. However, that doesn’t solve the spending problem. How about this: pass a Constitutional amendment via a convention of the states requiring a 2/3 vote in both the House and Senate to spend money, with a 1/3 vote in either house – and no signature of the President – to cancel any line-item expenditure at any time…