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SKYE’S LINKS 01/11/24


It is still morning in America – if you vote with your feet:

Entry-Level Jobs Pay Six Figures In This Gritty Part Of America


Morning may be coming to France, too!  At long last, the pendulum is starting to swing our way:

French Legislation Weakens Clean Energy Commitments And Favors Nuclear


On the other hand, if you haven’t voted with your feet, you are all too likely to be stuck in a far left swamp of cult beliefs:

The 5 Strangest Features Of The Modern Left


The New Normal is a massive attack from many directions on your willingness to detect and call out what should be obvious denials of reality:

The Perfidious Unreality Of The “New Normal”


Nothing to see here folks, just move along.  SecDef Austin was in intensive care in a military hospital for nearly four days – and Xiden didn’t know about it until near the end,  Unreality and false fronts rule, even at the highest levels:

White House Wasn’t Aware For Days That Defense Secretary Austin Was Hospitalized


But there is hope!  The omni-BS is failing in more and more situations as more and more people push back against the official unreality for example:

St. Louis Mask Mandate Rescinded Less Than 24 Hours After Woke Health Officials Get Trigger Happy


In Jack’s latest HFR, he discussed the rapidly collapsing trust in elite institutions, and how this is a necessary precursor to urgently needed healthy change.  More here:

How Pervasive Is Academic Corruption?


A record number of Americans – of all political persuasions  – are very unsatisfied with the way democracy is working:

Poll: Record Low Satisfied with ‘Way Democracy Is Working’ Under Biden


Who do American’s trust?  Small business comes in at #1,  Congress comes in last. That is moving our way.  The ‘Crats have been working hard to destroy trust in a no-longer liberal SCOTUS, and, unfortunately, they have been succeeding :

These Are The Institutions Americans Trust Most (And Least)


How did we get into this mess?  At least in part by creating snowflakes. You’ll enjoy this, a very appropriate analogy!

‘To Make A Snowflake’


The ‘Crats are going far beyond trying to take just Trump off the ballots. Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley calls it “Ballot Cleansing”:

Ballot Cleansing: Democrats Are Moving To Bar Republicans From Ballots Nationwide


Great news!  The richest man in the world is fed up!!  The Federalies declared Administrative State lawfare against Musk’s Space-X, and Musk has responded with a legally sound direct Constitutional attack on their fundamental structure!  These  lawsuits could be the beginning of the end of the Administrative State as we have known it for over a century:

SpaceX Sues Federal Agency Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Structure


For investors; the past is prelude, but not at all in the way that most investors expect.  Much of the future has already been spent by unwise and unsustainable Fed and Federalie monetary and fiscal policy actions, and the inevitable  reversion to the long term mean is going to be brutal:

Portfolio Return Expectations By Investors Are Too High

More for investors; about that jobs report:

Government + Social Assistance Accounted for Nearly 60% of Job Growth in 2023

nonfarm-payrollMore on the jobs report here:

Jobs Up 216,000 But Employment Down 683,000 Job Revisions -71,000


For investors; a broad look at the world of 2024 and the near future.  While I do not agree with everything proposed here, I think that most of it is well thought out.  The decline of the rate of advancement in science and technology is real.

In my opinion, it is due primarily to more and more scientific and engineering personnel being paid via centrally planned government grants and contracts plus the effect of IRS regulations that require R&D expenditures to be depreciated over many years of time rather than expensed as they are actually privately funded.  This policy is especially pernicious during times of high inflation:

Global Security In 2024: 5 Contextual Trends, 10 Possibilities


We’ll close with this depiction of current reality: