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deuces-wildJack asked me to weigh in on the immigration situation that we are currently facing, to include what advice I would give President Trump in his second term for addressing it all.  First and foremost, I would tell him that it took us a long time to get into this mess and it will take at least as long to get out of it.

We need a multi-pronged approach on both the Federal level and with the states.  Some will happily cooperate and others will have to be dragged kicking and screaming.  But more on that in a minute.


The first thing we have to worry about is fixing U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Get rid of the traitors.  Restore the correct leadership and functions of that agency.  Deport the current leaders to North Korea, or possibly Sinaloa, and beware “moles” that will undoubtedly have gotten in over the years that will sabotage the efforts.

Likewise, we will have some rank-and-file personnel that aren’t with it, or worse—will be in the cartel’s pocket.  I say that because that has been the corruption pattern in Mexico and they have certainly done it here.  We will need to be on the lookout for said corruption at the state level.

Unfortunately, despite our theoretically legendary red pedigree in Texas, we have more than our fair share of liberal politicians or ones that talk tough while looking the other way at the right times.  But we’ll get to that.

paragliding-skydiving-etcHousecleaning will also need to be done at the DOJ, FBI, and whichever other agencies with traitors on board to hamstring the efforts.  Let them all walk the plank.  North Korea should be the beneficiary of many new immigrants from Washington D.C. and Federal field offices, lovingly lofted into the place on LAPES drops from C-130s. 


I don’t know who President Trump has in mind to make all of these changes, but it will be one of the biggest human engineering efforts in world history.  Did I mention seizing the records of all that has been done for the investigators who will have to unravel the corruption?

Expect to see columns of smoke in Washington, D.C. in November of this year that rival anything Mogadishu, Somalia can generate as documents and records are burned. Irene, baby, Irene !!  Get the Crash Hawks in the air, it’s time for a raid.

With a deloused and cleaned out Justice Department, we will finally be able to talk about using more Federal laws in the effort.  It is already illegal under Federal laws to aid, fund, and employ illegal aliens with both civil and criminal provisions.  More can be made if we have the will.

Be warned, this is where more and more RINOS and traitors will show their true colors.  There are some very good Federal statutes that can be used against organizations that violate, or help illegals violate, our immigration laws.


It is often said that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich.  A Federal one can indict the sandwich, the plate, and the chips and drink with it.  The racketeering statute is a great start.  Go after anyone conspiring to violate our immigration and other common laws on the border, and those that support them, for activities such as fraud, human trafficking, and smuggling.

This also means the enablers/NGOs in Mexico and elsewhere, whom I seriously doubt are getting their caravans of illegals anywhere near the border without paying the cartels a tax. Because their crimes have effect here, they can be charged with conspiracy to violate our laws.

Violent crimes, to include running from the police with illegals at 100 miles per hour and putting all of South Texas in danger, can be dealt with through many other Federal laws, including the VICAR statute.  This would include the activities of organizations like BLM and Antifa, but that’s for another article and after we clean out the traitors.

Get Federal prosecutors and task forces breathing down their necks and the NGO and liberal/globalist trash that are trying to sabotage our country will find something else to do really quickly, and so much more so for the deep pockets who are funding them.


Under conspiracy laws, if you pay or enable someone who is engaging in violations of Federal law, you can be charged right along with them, even if you didn’t know what they were going to do.  This charging tool is used in Federal court all the time.  This is the same thing the Feds like to do to the Hell’s Angels and currently conspicuously avoid doing to criminals they support, like Antifa.

So is asset forfeiture—of money or anything else used for or in or gained through the crime.  And Federal penitentiaries do not, I believe, have Starbucks.  Watch that balloon deflate fast.

If I was one of the goblins paying out money to these stinkers or involving myself in any way in their efforts, I would be scared to death of a Trump victory.  Rest assured they have been supported by high level traitors, or calculate they have the dirt on them to prevent just the sorts of prosecutions I am talking about.

Amidst all that has happened, who would have thought that there is a very good and underutilized tool to start us off with on the state level?  It is the Federal 287(g) program.


To continue with my compulsive copy/pasting, “The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 added Section 287(g) to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) — authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to delegate to state and local law enforcement officers the authority to perform specified immigration officer functions under the agency’s direction and oversight.”

This means, practically speaking, that state prisons and county jails can participate in the program, and with trained local agency personnel, screen and catch illegal immigrants in their intake processes and make arrangements to have them deported.  My own agency participated in this program—at least until more liberal-minded leaders arrived and cancelled it.

Now, having discussed this…. The main thrust of our strategy will be the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” approach at the state and local level.


Much like at the Federal level, the states have myriad laws against human trafficking, employing illegal immigrants, identification fraud, and the numerous other crimes that illegal immigrants and their enablers commit.  The red states and jurisdictions should use the heck out of their laws here.  Even if you cannot make illegal immigration a crime, how about:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license
  • A business knowingly employing someone without a valid social security number or ID
  • No state funds allowed to anyone not legally in the country, to include money to attend school
  • No selling insurance to someone illegally in the country. No claim shall be valid if the person submitting it is an illegal immigrant.
  • For those blue states and less enthusiastic cities, tie Federal aid to participation in 287(g).
  • No mortgage or lease to be legal for any illegal immigrant
  • No purchasing or titling a vehicle if you are an illegal immigrant

… and so on.  By diligent enforcement of laws like this, people will be encouraged to leave the U.S. voluntarily and return to their home countries.

Again, this is where many of the rock-ribbed proud Americans who we thought were on our side on this will show their true colors and Home Depot will be running out of hanging rope.  Texas permits illegal aliens to get financial aid to attend state universities—Texas!!  You could theoretically bail out of the vehicle, run the draws up to the college, and enroll.


But now let’s talk about the cops again.  Cops contacting illegal immigrants out on the street are in a great position to arrest them for various crimes, which will deliver them right into the arms of the 287(g) program down at the local jail.  I once stopped a woman for speeding at the end of my shift only to find she had an immigration detainer, and that was it for her.

Enforce the law and make the most use of proactive contacts:  An arrest for public intoxication or disorderly conduct or driving without a license can start the ball rolling to the successful deportation of an illegal alien.  Run the people you contact for warrants.  Illegal aliens from south of the border often misuse drugs and alcohol or are involved in domestic violence.


Target areas with known foreign gang member presences, such as with MS-13, 18th Street, or others, and businesses and apartments known to harbor or be friendly to them.  Look for the places where illegal immigrant crimes such as human trafficking and drug smuggling occur.

And look for the liberal business owner or “nonprofit” member who scowls at you as he remembers the truncheon landing on his head in the 1960s and the tear gas.  Make the beatnik cut his hair, and find the illegals he is giving cover to.


fingerprintIf you suspect that your detainee for prostitution, DWI, wife beating, or drunkenness is an illegal, then look to arrest them and put them in jail, where their picture and their fingerprints will now be on AFIS and in the nationwide database even if they aren’t sent packing.  The warrants for everything else they have done will pop up and, in the future, when their prints are again found, it will go straight to their record. Arrest them one, by one, by one…..

Every state and Federal prison should have an enthusiastic 287(g) program.  They can be deported from there after serving their sentences.  I would consider entire prisons being designated for 287(g) prisoners.  This limits the ability of foreign gangs to penetrate and influence the US prison systems; or run foreign criminal organizations with tentacles in the United States.


So, these are my suggestions.  It needs to be a top-down and bottom-up approach all at once, on many levels, with, as I said, the “death by a thousand cuts” on the problem.

But I must again warn in advance that so many people have compromised themselves in this for various reasons—greed, misplaced compassion, outright treason and globalism, or simply political pressure, that when we are successful here we will be surprised at the number of new immigrants to North Korea we will need to boot out.

Like our President, we will have to be tough and refuse to yield.  Cowardice is killing the USA.


Mark Deuce has had a life-long career in community law enforcement. He is the author of Deuces Wild for TTP.