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SKYE’S LINKS 12/28/23

“Protecting our democracy” doesn’t mean what you may think it does.  The Woke catch-phrase means “they are protecting their democracy; not a democracy of the people, but now merely a word used to fig leaf the ever-expanding slither of socialist socialite statism, the velvet fascism that is deftly hammering its way through the society and the culture.”  A very worthwhile read:

The Velvet Fascism Of “Protect Our Democracy”


How I think the Colorado Supreme Court decision will be overturned by SCOTUS – as narrowly as possible, and quite possibly by 9-0:

Supreme Court Will Reverse Trump Ballot Removal But Dodge Insurrection Question, Expert Predicts


How do all those illegal migrants get here?  Ever notice that these hordes are always wearing clean serviceable clothes not filthy rags in tatters? That they’re not dying of thirst or hunger?  Where do they get food, water, clothes, shelter, transportation?  How is all this and more provided and by whom?  It is a grand racket:

“Mass Migration Blueprints” Reveal NGOs “Carefully Planned” US Migrant Invasion, Report Says


Antisemitism on campus; how did we get to this sorry state:

Pollak: The Roots of Campus Antisemitism


How bad is the market for EVs?  Half the Buick dealers in the US are closing their doors rather than invest in the EVs, chargers, equipment, and training that they would require to remain open.  This wasn’t about the mandated $300,000 investment in Level 2 chargers and training; I suspect that it was all about Buick’s plans to go 100% EV in 2030:

Half of Buick Dealers Take Buyouts to Avoid Having to Sell GM Electric Cars


Half of Ford dealers say no to EVs in 2024:

Only Half of All Ford Dealers Agree To Sell EVs Next Year

France is done with subsidizing migrants:

France’s Le Pen Hails New Immigration Bill As “Ideological Victory”


On the other hand, Poland is committing suicide. The voters in Poland voted in a Eurocrat, and they are now getting press repression like that of the Soviet days, Woke LGBTQWTF and illegal alien worship:

“It’s Like Martial Law” – Poland’s Pro-EU Govt Seizes Public News Channels In Massive Police Raid


For investors – and everyone else; timeless political and economic wisdom from 1513.  Machiavelli on “free government money”:

Everyone Loves A Generous Government Until They Have To Pay For It


The cost of that free government money is rising rapidly:

2024’s Deficit Is Already On Track To Be The Worst Since COVID


But wait; everyone knows that you can’t significantly cut the Federalie budget without slaughtering sacred cows like Medicare and Social Security, right?  Not so fast!  Here are $900 billion in cuts from Senator Rand Paul:

Gambling Habits Of Transgender Monkeys On Meth – Rand Paul Exposes $900 Billion In Govt Waste