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SKYE’S LINKS 01/25/24


Good news! The GOP is actually trying to do something to prevent vote fraud.  “So far in the 2024 election cycle, the RNC has engaged in 75 lawsuits in 21 states to defend election integrity.”

Exclusive: RNC Fights to Protect NH Voter ID Laws Against DNC Lawsuit



More good news! If Trump can beat cheat by mail, we may get Doug Begum in a Cabinet position.  Burgum is a self-made centimillionaire who wants a federal government that obeys the Constitution: Enumerated Powers only!  As Secretary of Energy it would be Drill, Baby, Drill!

Trump Develops Strong Relationship with North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum


Really good news!

Trump Vows To “Never Allow” A Central Bank Digital Currency



Young Audiences Question Climate Alarmism, Prompting Calls To Censor Content



The EV indulgences market is even a bigger scam than we ever guessed:

Biden Caught In Huge Rigging Of EV Carbon Credits At Taxpayer Expense



The Federalies are telling banks to spy on your purchases of guns and bibles.  Yes, bibles – really!

Feds Asked Banks to Search Americans’ Records for Gun Retailers



Facebook is an even greater threat to your privacy than the Federalies though they don’t use guns – Zuckerberg just sells your data to databrokers who sell it to the Federalies – and everyone else:

Study: Thousands of Companies Are Monitoring Every Facebook User



DEI racism gone wild:

White Americans Are Quiet-Quitting Our Leading Institutions



It is all too likely that a war that involves the US in a major way is rapidly approaching.  Don’t assume that our technologically superior weapons will save the day.  Our officer corps is rotten to the core with DEI.   Here is a painfully depressing tell-all from a professor who has taught at Annapolis since 1987:

DEI Destroys Excellence, Military Cohesion At Service Academies



The military is supposed to protect and defend the Constitution,  But what if there is a huge civil uprising where it isn’t at all clear what the Constitution requires?   How about some real hyper-chaos?   Could we be  just ten months away from an actual civil war?  That horror could be a lot more likely than you think:

Ideologically Mixed Amicus Brief Stresses Need for S. Ct. to Resolve Merits of the Trump Disqualification Case


xidenXiden is not only fearful and desperate, he is also both delusional and demented; he apparently thinks that the US won in Afghanistan.  Someone needs to explain: No, you won’t need an F-16.  Guess what happens to an F-16 that flies into a swarm of cheap toy drones, each carrying a 6″ long piece of 1/2″ steel rebar – and just one gets sucked into the engine.  No rockets with explosive warheads needed…

Biden to Gun Owners: You’ll Need an F-16 to Go Against the Government



So how did we get into this terrible mess? This should be considered the must-read of the week!

Americans Are Fighting For Control Of Federal Powers That Shouldn’t Exist

Remember those two J6 pipe bombs”

New DNC Pipe-Bomb Video Can “Utterly Demolish The Jan6 Narrative”: Darren Beattie



More here:

Exposing The MSM’s “Strenuous Lack Of Interest” In The Jan6 ‘Pipe-Bomb-Caper’



I think and hope that the Administrative State is about to take a huge hit:

Scuttling ‘Chevron’ Precedent Will Put Ship Of State Back On A Constitutional Course



More for investors; don’t believe the official GDP and jobs figures:

How The Government Constructs Positive Economic Data