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i-won-again_trumpOne wonders what it’s like to be Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Leticia James, or Fani Willis waking up to watch CNN this morning.

Here’s CNN:

“Former President Donald Trump’s huge win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday enshrines one of the most astonishing comebacks in American political history.

Losing one-term presidents almost never mount subsequent successful primary campaigns, much less pull off landslides that demonstrate utter dominance of their party. Trump transformed the GOP in his populist, nationalist, nihilistic image in 2016. By gaining over 50% of the vote in the biggest win in caucus history, putting him on course to his third consecutive nomination, he showed that eight years after his outsider presidential victory, the current GOP is entirely his party.

‘The big night is going to be in November, when we take back our country,’ Trump told his first proper victory party since he shocked the world by winning the 2016 election. His MAGA-hat wearing crowd greeted him with chants of ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’ beneath two vast screens reading ‘Trump wins Iowa!’”


Astonishing to them, of course.

It sounds like the voters have some unfinished business they’d like to take care of.

And what it really says, aside from the unfinished business of Trump, who, after all, was defrauded of his victory in 2020, is that the prosecutors attempting to take down Trump are only building Trump back better.

Their prosecutions have effectively kept Trump from post-presidential obscurity, and put him front and center of the news, talked about every day, as the underdog everyone’s rooting for, in voters’ minds. That may explain the intensity of the support for Trump in a place where voters had to trudge through snow in Arctic sub-freezing temperatures to do so.


More to the point, it’s a vote of no confidence in our justice system. Everyone can see that the charges against Trump are about politics, not justice.

It’s not just the slings and arrows they are firing at Trump with their insulting claims that their politics is objective ‘justice.’ It’s not just the obvious abuse of power in these “indict a ham sandwich” prosecutions.

It’s not just the double standard, as in the case of the inflated real estate assets or the classified documents mishandling claims, which are widely done by many but only Trump gets prosecuted for. It’s not the White House meetings or the coordination of court dates, which howls of more abuse of power and downright illegality.

It’s not Fani Willis’s flaming boyfriend corruption on the side which is the epitome of prosecutorial misconduct. It’s not just James’s campaigning to Get Trump. It’s not just Smith’s gamy record in Europe or in his outrageously lawless prosecution of a Virginia governor which drew a 9-0 Supreme Court smackdown.

It’s in the repudiation of what the justice system has become — politicized, unfair, unjust, and filthy-dirty. That has propelled Trump to his powerful lead in Iowa, because voters can see some unfinished business they need to take care of — immediately — in their votes for Trump.

They trust that Trump will take care of it because if prosecutors can do this that they do to a president of the United States, they will do it to anyone.


Nobody wants a kangaroo justice system like that, redolent of Chavista Venezuela or the old Soviet Union and its show trials. It’s not just kind of bad, or bad at the edges — it’s really bad, identical to what is practiced in dictatorships, and voters want that shut down.

The other candidates running in Iowa did rightly criticize some of these prosecutions when asked but they certainly don’t have this issue front and center the way Trump does, literally living it personally. So, they can’t be trusted to fix this, either.

That’s why Iowa’s caucusers went for President Trump. His record was good and sometimes downright great as president. His re-election campaign victory was stolen from him, and now the justice system is trying to take Trump down under the guise of enforcing the law at a time when they don’t enforce the law for anything.

That’s driving voters and the more they come after Trump, the harder the pushback from voters will be. Democrats don’t even understand this, perhaps because they believe their own lies, so they don’t stop their legal attacks.

But that’s good for Trump, who is going to keep rising, the more they try to stop him.


Monica Showalter is a journalist whose analyses have appeared in Forbes, the Asia Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and American Thinker.