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mount-rushmoreI took this photo of Mount Rushmore looking straight on from a helicopter – so it may be from an angle you have not seen before. This Thanksgiving weekend, it may be worthwhile to think of these four heroic Americans from a different perspective, to reflect on the almost unimaginable -- in the light of our comfortable lives we live today – challenges they faced and triumphed over to create and sustain our America. It is worth asking what would they say to us today, what advice and counsel would they give us on how to face and triumph over what unimaginable – to them during their lives – challenges of ours as Americans today. Look into their eyes. What are they saying to you? Thanksgiving is a time of deep reflection on the meaning of being American. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #173 photo ©Jack Wheeler)



akhal-tekeThis is an Akhal-Teke horse in Turkmenistan, known for its speed, endurance, and intelligence, considered by many horse lovers to be the most beautiful horse breed in the world.  Is this clickbait to lure you in to knowing more about my expedition next May to all Five Stans of Central Asia (Turkmenistan being one where I took this photo)? No, it’s clickbait for an explanation of why Ivermectin stops the Chicom covid virus of whatever mutation, and why there’s a war against it for doing so. That’s just one example of why this HFR may be the most informative ever.  Read on and decide…


SKYE’S LINKS 11/26/21

lucky-charms-cerealFood prices to rise further: Report: General Mills Will Raise Prices up to 20 Percent in January Food inflation is hitting the entire planet hard.  A major factor is the big increase in the price of natural gas causing a similar price increase in ammonia and ammonium nitrate fertilizers, which are made from natural gas.  The largest fertilizer plants in both Britain and the EU have shut down due to high natgas prices.  Food prices will be a lot higher by November 2022, and not just in the US: Food Inflation Is the 2022 Crisis, Not Supply Chains More deaths despite vaccines: New York Times Admits More Coronavirus Deaths Under Biden 'Despite Vaccines'



Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving is the unique American holiday. We share Christmas and Easter with every other Christian nation. Most every country celebrates its Independence Day, and the birthdays of their founding heroes. Thanksgiving is ours, where we give our deepest thanks to Providence for the extraordinary gift of America to mankind. Other countries have their special times to celebrate their uniqueness, when their citizens take justifiable pride in their country's achievements, and all to the good. Thanksgiving is America's Day, the time when all Americans – all – get to celebrate the achievements of the most successful society in human history. Tragically, however, there are Americans who do not have the capacity to celebrate being American. They are called liberals or “progressives.” Especially those dominating the Democrat Party. Beyond the pale in this regard are the Anti-American “woke.” The purpose of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for being American. Thankful with no buts. This is the day to celebrate the goodness of our country – the moral goodness, the moral decency of American institutions, American history, and the character of the American people. No whining and moaning about what happened to the Indians, or about slavery and poverty and racism. No buts. Think that Democrats can do this? Let's see. Ask any you might know to agree that:

*America is the least racist nation on earth (to disagree, another country must be named and knowledgeably described with less racial turmoil and animosity).

*Americans are the most charitable and generous people on our planet; no other people or country comes remotely close.

* America has more religious freedom than any other nation.

* American capitalism has created more wealth for more people than any economy in the world history.

* American soldiers have brought more freedom to more people throughout the world than those of any country in world history.

* Western Civilization, of which America is the pre-eminent example, has brought incalculable benefits to mankind, compared to which its blemishes seem negligible.

* I love being American. I am proud to be an American with no shame, embarrassment, or apology. (Exceptions allowed for 2021.)

The number of Democrats in the Senate who could agree to these statements are few – such as Joe Manchin. The number of Democrats in the House, not any come to mind. The Impostor in the White House would choke and gag on them. So would Nancy Pelosi. We are not talking about the Woketard Left here, the professional America-haters in Congress, the media, academia, BLM and Antifa et al. Thanksgiving for them is a day to curse their country, not praise it. Today is not happy for them at all, and that’s their problem, not ours. You should not be able to care less about them today. On the other hand, millions of Democrat non-Woke Americans will celebrate today, and we should be happy for them – but tinged with pity, for what they can't really celebrate is being American, feeling guilty and embarrassed about it. Conservatives are not troubled with guilt and embarrassment. Conservatives can revel in the fact that Americans have so impossibly much to celebrate on this Thanksgiving. That the flaws of our country don't really matter as the virtues so greatly exceed them. That America is the noblest nation in the history of humanity. That we are members of history's greatest civilization. That America will triumph over its domestic enemies currently waging war against it, and soon flourish as before. Take the time to savor your presence in history, the incredible blessing Providence has bestowed upon you in being an American, on this day. Drain the goblet of gratitude while the Democrats quaff their cup of guilt and woketards drain their cup of soul-destroying hate. Gratitude to Providence for the existence of America, gratitude for the privilege of being American. That's a Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful with no buts.



mcway-waterfallIn these trying times, it’s important to appreciate the beauty of America – both the physical beauty like here at the McWay Waterfall in California’s Big Sur, and the moral beauty of America’s founding principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Driving through all 50 US states as I have done with my sons gives you an awareness of the astounding beauty you discover, together with the cheerful friendliness you’re met with, in every state. They overwhelm whatever ugliness and unfriendliness you may chance upon. Studying American history in an unjaundiced way gives you an awareness of how a moral foundation of every individual American’s inalienable right to their own personal life and liberty and the pursuit of their own personal happiness has enabled the creation of the most successful nation ever to exist – a success of widespread freedom and prosperity that overwhelms the multitude of imperfections afflicting our country. Earth is not Heaven, humans are no angels, America is far from perfect – and we must never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It is only with love and respect can we help America strive towards what Aristotle called the Kalon, the morally beautiful. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #8, photo ©Jack Wheeler)



no-thanksgivingSaule Omarova -- who attended Moscow State University on the Lenin Academic Scholarship, compared America unfavorably to the USSR, and called for nationalizing finance -- isn’t Biden’s first Communist nominee. Omarova is only Biden’s first openly Communist nominee. Omarova isn’t saying anything that her new party hasn’t already advocated. Biden’s whole Build Back Better program is just another interim step in nationalizing the economy. Biden’s pick for comptroller of the currency has been taken to task for her calls to "end banking as we know it”, bankrupt oil and gas companies, and seize control of the entire economy. Those used to be Communist articles of faith. Now they’re Democrat “solutions.”



reign-of-terrorThe Biden administration has taken advantage of our already weaponized law enforcement institutions and made them into his version of East Germany's Stasi.  The Stasi's main job was spying on the population, exactly what Merrick Garland has authorized of American citizens. Political dissent is a crime to this administration.  Such spying is built into Biden's absurd Build Back Better bill.  If it passes, all bets are off.  Our overlords will have access to our bank accounts, our medical records, our children's school psychometric records (part of Garland's son-in-law's intrusive educational program he sells to schools). We will be communist East Germany, Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany. Watch the 2006 Academy Award-winning filmThe Lives of Others, set in 1984 East Germany.  That is the direction Biden is taking us.



reef-of-heavenIn a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean, off the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia lies one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries: the only ancient stone city built on a coral reef. No one knows who built it or how. Micronesians say their ancestors called it Soun Nan-leng, The Reef of Heaven. Their name for it today is Nan Madol, the City of Ghosts. On artificial islets connected by a series of canals are massive walls up to 25 feet high enclosing temples, tombs, ritual centers, and platforms for thatch homes – all made of giant columnar basalt stone. Eons ago, lava flows on Pohnpei cooled into vertical pillars. Over a thousand years ago, ancient Micronesians began hauling these basalt logs miles away to build this stone city. With an average weight of 5 tons, 10,000 pounds – and some up to 25 tons, 50,000 pounds each – how they did this remains unexplained. It lies deserted today, abandoned and lost for centuries. Paddling a kayak through the canal maze of Nan Madol to clamber over these monumental stone complexes in solitary silence – for visitors are rarely here – leaves you in a state of unforgettable awe. (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #6 Photo ©Jack Wheeler)


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