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SKYE’S LINKS 11/09/23


The Fall of the Wall, Berlin, November 9, 1989

Today (11/09) is World Freedom Day! A celebration of what Wikipedia calls “a pivotal event in world history,” commemorated by the President issuing on this day, as in years before, A Proclamation on World Freedom Day, 2023.

It has special significance for TTPers, as TTP’s founder Jack Wheeler, as the creator of the Reagan Doctrine, played such an instrumental role in bringing the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union about.  (November 9th also has quite personal significance to Jack, for it’s his birthday. He’s 80 years old today!)




Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan 1651


Jack’s Reagan Doctrine and Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative drove the USSR over the economic cliff onto the ash heap of history. Today, our Deep States Federalies (America’s equivalent of Hobbes’ Leviathan), with enthusiastic help from China and Russia, are returning the favor with unsustainable debt and deficits.  The current situation cannot go on forever, and so we can be sure that it won’t.

How the consequent discontinuity manifests itself remains to be seen:, but at this late stage of the process, it is likely to me both unavoidable and chaotic.  Welcome to the Fourth Turning crackup, which will sweep away many of the malinvestments and systemic structural defects that should have been liquidated long ago

Dr. Robert Malone is wise in ways that go beyond medicine and biology.  Here he discusses the big picture and the inescapable problems that we must solve to rebuild a free society. Please consider this a must-read:

Malone: PsyWar & Washington DC’s Bureaucracy


Moving our way – the news is slowly escaping about the failures of lockdowns and other mandates during the “plague” years.  The government powers that be and the MSM have taken a big hit, and the size of that loss of confidence is continuing to increase as the fear of the disease drops and the awareness of the vaccine side effects mounts:

“The Big Fail” – Anti-Lockdown Goes Mainstream


Elon Musk rides to the rescue with xAI’s non-woke, reality-seeking TruthGPT large language model AI: Grok

Musk Reveals New AI Chatbot, Kicks Off ‘Counter LLM’ Movement Against ‘Woke’ OpenAI


Elon Musk – to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!  I’d love to spend an afternoon with him explaining how with 1960s technology nuclear rocket engine, he could profitably mine the asteroid belt for nickel, platinum, iridium, palladium, and other commodities.  Robert Heinlein’s great science fiction novel, The Man Who Sold The Moon, could become the real life story of the man who sold the asteroid belt.:

Showtime: World’s Largest Rocket Ready For ‘Mid-November’ Launch


A comparison of the over half century ago Saturn 5 to SpaceX’s Starship.  The biggest difference is a huge one in cost per launch, which is astronomical due to the latter’s reusability:

Comparing the Lunar rockets: Starship vs Saturn V – Orbital Today


Xiden drains half the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to buy midterm votes, and now we have a Mideast war.  What could possibly go wrong?:

Biden’s SPR Election Gimmick Undercut National Security


The Injustice Department spied on GOP staffers who were investigating their wrongdoing in the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax:

DOJ Spied on GOP Staffers Probing the Origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax


The J6 lawfare attack on Trump is on shaky grounds:

Jack Smith Could Be On Shaky Ground In Trump Charge: Analysts


It looks like the National Science Foundation is in First Amendment trouble thanks to investigations by Sen. Ted Cruz:

Cruz Demands Feds Prove $66 Million Towards Policing ‘Misinformation’ Wasn’t Used To Censor Free Speech


SCOTUS has a very busy Second Amendment litigation schedule:

Biden DOJ Pushing Supreme Court Case To Nullify Pro-Gun Ruling


SCOTUS takes an NRA case involving both First and Second Amendments (note that this is an AP article):

The Supreme Court will hear an NRA appeal in a dispute with a former New York state official – Breitbart


More here:

Gun Fight at Supreme Court: NRA, ATF, Free Speech, & Bump Stocks


More on the bump stock case here; the issue in this case is whether or not Congress gave ATF the power to issue their regulation banning bump stocks – at Trumps behest:

Supreme Court To Review Trump-Era ‘Bump Stock’ Ban


Seventh Circuit rules that AR-15s and normal capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment.  The circuit court is clearly wrong.  A more powerful semi-auto rifle has been in civilian use in America since 1907, the Winchester Model 1907 rifle in .351 caliber, which was available with 15 round detachable box magazines.  This case is headed to the Supreme Court for sure:

7th Circuit: AR-15s Not Protected by Second Amendment.


The Winchester 1907 semiautomatic detachable 15 round capacity box magazine rifle, which was more powerful than almost all AR-15s:

Winchester Model 1907 – Wikipedia

investors-taxedFor investors.  Be prepared for more taxes on those who have saved and invested rather than consumed.:

Whose Wealth Will Get “Clawed Back” First?


For investors; California politicians are discussing a one percent annual net worth tax upon the “rich”, and so is Washington. No wonder Jeff Bezos moves from Seattle to Miami.  Are you still living in a high tax crime ridden ‘Crat controlled jurisdiction?

Jeff Bezos Exits Left-Wing Seattle For New Home In ‘Low Tax’ Miami


The Federalies and many state governments are pushing the green power grid transition roulette game.   What percentage of your grid power is intermittent solar and wind?

Behind Mike Bloomberg’s $500 Million Donation To ‘Finish The Job On Coal’

jobs-vs-employees-since-april-2003Jobs vs Employees since April 2003
Show record number of multiple jobholders

For investors; don’t be fooled by the big job numbers – much of which is people being forced into multiple jobs by inflation.  These numbers are not a sign of a healthy economy:

Record Number Of Multiple Jobholders: A Closer Looks Inside The Horrific October Jobs Report


More for investors on consumer spending from Target’s CEO:

Target CEO Warns: Consumers Are “Tightening Up Their Spending,” Buying Few Groceries And Toys


We close with this stunning result of the GOP Presidential Candidate Debate last night (11/08):

Vivek Emerges As Frontrunner Of People Who Are Never Going To Be President