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perito-moreno-glacierOne of the most spectacular glaciers on earth, the Perito Moreno spills off the gigantic Southern Patagonia Ice Field constantly calving into Lago Argentino at the bottom of South America.  It is almost 100 square miles of ice some 600 feet thick, and is an embarrassment to climate alarmists because it’s growing, not retreating.  Every day, huge chunks of ice on the glacier’s front (which you see in the photo) break off or “calve” into the lake, equal to the glacier’s forward advance of two meters or over six feet a day.

Thunderous cracks and booms accompany the plunge of the calved sections with huge splashes of water.  You never know when or where they’ll occur along the mile wide front, but when they do, everyone watching exclaims and applauds.  We were lucky to have perfectly gorgeous weather.  You can take a boat along the front, view it from several boardwalks for marvelous vantage points, or even hike on it with crampons with an ice-trekking guide.  Being here is one of Patagonia’s most thrilling experiences.

(Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #253 photo ©Jack Wheeler)