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Speakers on full blast! Rock on!  Yes, what a long strange trip it’s been…

The famous Grateful Dead song is apropos today, having just returned from ten full weeks of non-stop travel with my life partner Rebel, through all fives Stans of Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan – racing to Lisbon for prostate cancer radiation therapy, all the way to Bali to meet and adore our new grandson Theo, sojourns to Christmas and Cocos-Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, then leading my 9th Himalaya Helicopter Expedition to all eight of the highest mountains in the Himalayas including Everest.

Got back home just in time to celebrate turning 80. Now that’s a long strange trip! Further, being 80 makes me reflect on what a long magically strange trip my entire life has been.  I’m in such awe of it I can scarcely believe it happened but it really did.

And then with a heavy sigh, GD’s song makes me reflect also what a long nightmarishly strange trip America has been on, especially since it had the bottomless naïveté to elect a man who wanted God to damn America, simply because he had half-black skin – twice! – and the bottomless cowardice to allow his puppet to steal the presidency in broad daylight.

So now I’m home to patch my bones and gear up to keep on truckin’ – as America must do to save itself from its self-inflicted wounds before they become fully lethal. For as Miracle Max (Billy Crystal) explains in The Princess Bride, there is a very big difference between mostly dead and all dead:



Before we continue, however, I must express my deep appreciation to Mike Ryan for his marvelously insightful HFRs in my absence. You keep raising the bar on me, Mike!




Tuesday (11/07): Ohio Passes Issue 1 to Allow Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth.

The pictures of joyful celebration are no different from those you see of Palestinians celebrating Hamas’ beheading slaughter of Jewish babies in Israel.  Both are on the same level of moral depravity and evil.

Democrats are the Party of Death while Republicans are the Party of Life, yet the Ohioan sheeple allowed themselves to vote for death because George Soros propaganda told them Pubs are ban-abortion extremists. Even the Wall Street Journal blames the GOP, rather than the darkness inside too many voters’ souls that allows them to be herded to the Gates of Hell.


When I think of the priceless existence of my grandson Theo, here seven weeks old, it becomes morally incomprehensible to me how so many of my fellow Americans not only approve of but celebrate ghoulish baby-slaughter en masse.  Even a ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy enrages them, much less a more humane after12 weeks ban with the onset of “quickening” – electrical activity in the brain thus ability to feel pain.


Last January, the House passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Only 1 Dem (Henry Cuellar of Texas) voted yes, while Chuck Schumer has refused to allow a vote for it in the Dem-controlled Senate ever since.  This is not an either/or issue.  However wrong “our messaging” may be, way too much of the American public is morally broken.

The solution?  Start with what it can’t be, albeit what it must be in other similar conflicts where perpetrators of mass murder must be flat-out defeated – such as the Israelis defeating Hamas and Ukrainians defeating Putin.

It will have to be, yes, a woman has the “right to choose” but there must be a time limit on the choice.  15 weeks would have to be the maximum allowed, as a federal law advocated by Senator (and presidential candidate) Tim Scott.  Trump agrees but won’t commit to a set number of weeks. States would be free to legislate fewer weeks (like Florida’s heartbeat law), but not more.

This requires, of course, the GOP winning control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue a year from now.  A necessary condition, in fact, for America to resurrect itself out of the garbage pit dug by Obama, Biden, and the Dems.




The odds of this happening increased markedly yesterday (11/09), when West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced in the Wall Street Journal: Why I Won’t Be Seeking Re-Election to the Senate.

The reaction has been dramatic.  The Journal summed it up this afternoon: Will Joe Manchin Run for President? Democrats Fear a Disaster.  Do they? You betcha.

Manchin adds enormously to Biden’s woes.  He would be the 4th Indie or Leftie to take votes away from him, adding to black hyper-leftie Cornel West, the Green Party’s Jill Stein who announced yesterday, and of course RFK2.

Sunday (11/05): A Five-Alarm Biden Re-Election Fire.

After a NY Times/Sienna College poll showed Biden running way behind Trump in the key battleground states of lagging behind Trump in the five key battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania, Obama’s key advisor made this headline on Sunday (11/05): Top Dem Strategist David Axelrod Suggests Biden Drop Out Of 2024 Race.

Compounding this yesterday: CNN Poll: Majority Say ‘No Chance’ They Would Vote for Joe Biden in 2024.

Add all this up and there’s no way, as the current rumor has it, that Biden will hang on until just before the Dem convention (August in Chicago), says he’s dropping out for health reasons so Michelle can be helicoptered in to save the party.  He can’t last that long, he’s toast already.


Street art by Sabo across from LA City Hall

Once Biden drops out, it’s an open primary, debates and all, in which Kamala would be eaten for a breakfast snack and to which Michelle would never lower herself.  And forget Gruesome Newsom (Sabo depicts him accurately).  Today (11/10): “Younger Voters Have Turned Against The Governor”: Berkeley Poll Reveals Record Number Of Californians Disapprove Of Newsom.

Would, then, Manchin and RFK2 quit being Indies and jump in the race for the Dem brass ring?  Either one, but especially Manchin, would be a formidable opponent against Trump.

Delightfully, the Woke Left would freak out.  Manchin exudes masculinity and despises tranny-worship.  He’s big time pro-2A, hates the Green Agenda as he’s pro coal-oil-gas, and pro-life to the extent that he’d be behind Tim Scott’s after 15-week ban.  Still he’s a Dem.  He’s not our dream candidate – but could be our dream Dem candidate.

That is, he’s the best the Dems have, he’s not motivated to destroy America but has a genuine patriotism.  Just by being that, the Left’s Woke Balloon would deflate and fast.

And he could be Trump’s literal life-saver.




Tuesday (11/07), The Economist: Donald Trump Looks Terrifyingly Electable.

The GOP Primaries start in mid-January and very likely will be effectively over by Super Tuesday on March 5 with 14 primaries including California and Texas. The only challenger with the capacity to keep up with Trump until then is Ron DeSantis.  Maybe RDS can stay in the game all the way to the convention (mid-July in Milwaukee), but odds are continuing to be high that PDJT will have it the bag by March 5.

That’s when things start to get dangerous for Donald.  Almost every Deep State federalie agency, from Education and DHS to DOJ and FBI knows that once he’s back behind the Resolute Desk he’s going after them hammer and tongs.  A lot of the top leadership will be lucky if they just lose their jobs and livelihood – many will go to jail as they really are corrupt.

For these Dep Staters, the struggle with Trump is existential.  Fear often drives people to do desperate things.  I quite frankly fear for PDJT.  I deeply want no harm to come to him.  That’s why there’s a part of me that wants Manchin or even RFK2 to be behind that Resolute Desk for that would keep Trump alive.

The people who currently run our Deep State and infest our White House have a clear agenda to destroy our country – just look at the horrific damage they have already done since they seized power in January 2021.  Trump is their mortal enemy which makes him a hero to millions but they are capable of horrific evil.

I pray this is paranoia, but I’m afraid it’s not.  Pray for America – and do all you can to save her. Never submit to pessimism and cynicism, those are just cop-outs.  Know – know in your heart – that America is worth saving.