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On the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, February 24, the 19 Ukrainian soldiers stationed on the tiny Black Sea islet of Snake Island were ordered to surrender by a Russian warship – their response made world headlines.  On March 14, Ukraine commemorated their heroism by issuing a postage stamp of a Snake Island soldier presenting the bird to the warship:


But the real payback came a few minutes past midnight night before last (4/14).  Does that ship in the stamp look familiar?  It should, for you likely have seen photos of it all over the internet now.  Yes, it’s (or was) Russia’s Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva now lying on the ocean floor with its captain and hundreds of its crew.

Here’s the story of how this happened:




The warship was built in the late 1970s at the Soviet Union’s main shipbuilding facilities in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, and substantially refitted there throughout the 1990s – meaning Ukrainian naval engineers and military intel knew the ship inside and out, with extensive information about the Moskva’s armament, radars and electronic warfare capabilities.

Further, it was Ukraine defense industries that designed, built and tested the R-360 Neptune anti-ship cruise missile from 2015 onward.

It was a dark and stormy night (can’t help using the poster child of purple prose, for it actually was off the coast of Odessa two nights ago).  Perfect for making it hard for the Moskva to spot a sea-skimming Neptune from breaking waves.  But first, a Turkish Bayraktar armed TB-2 drone was launched to fly over the Moskva, causing its air search and defense radar to watch it and away from any Neptunes as the radars have only a 180-degree field of vision.

The diversion worked, two Neptunes were fired, and a very short time later slammed into the Moskva at 500mph and blew it straight to a fiery and watery hell.  One US naval combat vet sums it up:


“Ukraine’s sinking the Moskva is a brilliantly effective combination of tactics, strategy and the exploitation of its own capabilities, combined with awareness of Russian weaknesses. This is the biggest warship lost since WW2. The Moskva is the biggest Russian naval loss since the accidental sinking of the battleship Novorossiysk at Sevastopol in October 1955 and the first Russian flagship lost since the battleship Knyaz Suvorov at Tsushima in May 1905. This is likely to go down in history as one of the most audaciously successful attacks in modern naval history.”



Initially, the Kremlin loudly claimed there was an “accidental fire” on the Moskva that ignited the ship’s ammo causing its evacuation and sinking.  And soon after, the Kremlin started making loud threats that downtown Kyiv would be rubbleized in revenge for the Moskva loss.

The laughable illogic was quickly apparent to mouth-foaming commentators on Russian TV wanting the total annihilation of Ukraine.  So early this morning (4/15), Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba sent a back-channel message to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggesting he tell the Kremlin and state media hotheads to pipe down.

Simplified from diplomatese, the message was: “Sergei – the loss of the Moskva was a warning shot to your Black Sea Fleet. You know now our Neptunes have the range to reach Sevastopol Bay where it’s based.  All your Black Sea Navy moored there for any satellite to see.  Shame if something were to happen to them, wouldn’t it?”

Partial sat photo of moored Black Sea Fleet

Partial sat photo of moored Black Sea Fleet



Meanwhile, back at the USA ranch…….

It’s so much fun to watch the entire Left go into full freakazoid meltdown over Elon Musk’s takeover bid for Twitter.  From the founder of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange:


Which the Twitter board did today (4/15).  Elon responded:


Stock up on popcorn to watch Elon bankrupt Twitter board members for screwing shareholders out of a sweet deal in order to preserve their ban on conservative thought.




Another Leftie meltdown this week is over abortion.  E.g., yesterday (4/14):

*KY Republicans Override Beshear’s Veto Of Sweeping Abortion Bill. It Takes Effect Immediately

*DeSantis Signs Law Banning Abortion after 15 Weeks of Pregnancy


While on Tuesday (4/12):

*Gov. Stitt signs near-total abortion ban: ‘We want Oklahoma to be the most pro-life state’

Quite a Pro-Life Hat Trick – so much so the Planned Baby Killing Federation bitterly attacked the “connected, coordinated attack” on a woman’s “right” to murder her own children.

America’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, nailed it when he called this “right” by its real name: “Infanticide.”



On Wednesday (4/13), the BLS announced: Inflation Rises To 11.2% In Producer Price Index, Highest On Record.  And at a current 1.2% rise per month, this year it will be 15% or more.  Not a peep, even a whisper of a peep, about the cause from the Woke White House: printed funny money flooding the country while waging a religious war on fossil fuel production.

The only way to look at your cost of living going through the roof is to literally grin & bear it, grinning that this is what it will take to sweep the Dems into the electoral dustbin this November.

No doubt you’ll grin from ear to ear with this report today (4/15): Dem Strategists: Let’s Face It, We’re Facing a ‘Biblical Disaster’ in November.  For it’s not just Bidenflation but so much else:


Come November, all of the Dem agenda gets swept away.  Feel better now?



Today is Good Friday, a Holy Day for all Christians.  Yet it is a day of horrific suffering.  So I am going to ask to you watch a brief synopsis of over a hundred years of suffering of a people who have never surrendered to it.

It’s not just now – the Russians have been waging wars of genocidal extinction upon Ukrainians for more than a century.  They have always failed, and will fail now. Because Ukrainians don’t surrender.  Those soldiers on Snake Island epitomize them all.

The current occupant of the Oval Office and its rightful occupant are at odds on most everything – but this week there was an exception.  On Wednesday (4/13):

And last night (4/14) on Hannity:

Yesterday (4/14), we ran Eliot Cohen’s The Decisive Moment in Ukraine. It began with President Zelensky’s remarkable plea that “Freedom must be better armed than tyranny,” with requests for specific weapons systems.

Now compare Zelensky’s requests with what the Pentagon announced last night was on its way to Ukraine now:


Requests granted.  Note it includes 300 Switchblade systems.  As there are six missiles per system, that’s 1,800 key Russian targets destined for obliteration.

Note that this was strongly approved by very substantial majorities of Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate, approved by both POTUS and his pretender.  It is true bipartisan support for victory over genocide that all Americans should be proud of.

So on this Good Friday, I am asking for your prayers, that the end of a century of genocidal suffering of the Ukrainian people is nigh, that they will be a free and sovereign people, free of threats, free to flourish at last.  They are the most heroic people on earth today.



Of course, these holy days don’t end with the suffering of today, but with the glory of Easter Sunday, of life anew.

So we are going to close with something you never expected, something for your personal life anew.  Buckle up.

This is serious science just published barely a month ago (March 7).  The title is a mouthful, but this is going to actually, easily, and inexpensively extend your healthful lifespan.

GlyNAC (Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine) Supplementation in Mice Increases Length of Life by Correcting Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Abnormalities in Mitophagy and Nutrient Sensing, and Genomic Damage


“Determinants of length of life are not well understood, and therefore increasing lifespan is a challenge. Cardinal theories of aging suggest that oxidative stress (OxS) and mitochondrial dysfunction contribute to the aging process, but it is unclear if they could also impact lifespan. Glutathione (GSH), the most abundant intracellular antioxidant, protects cells from OxS and is necessary for maintaining mitochondrial health, but GSH levels decline with aging. Based on published human studies where we found that supplementing glycine and N-acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) improved/corrected GSH deficiency, OxS and mitochondrial dysfunction, we hypothesized that GlyNAC supplementation could increase longevity…. GlyNAC could be a novel and simple nutritional supplement to improve lifespan and healthspan.”


Study the paper all you want, but here’s the bottom line.  Both glycine and NAC are well-known and well-studied nutrients and safe to take in the amounts needed.  Here’s what you do to improve and extend your life and healthspan.

*Order 500 grams each of Glycine and NAC from Bulk Supplements.  That will last a bit less than three months.

*Mix 2 grams of each into a glass of water with a little fruit juice.  Drink three times a day with or without meals.

That’s it.  Cost will be less than $1 a day.

Be sure and study the paper and research the nutrients so you understand how you’re getting healthier.  Live long and prosper.

Happy Easter to you all.