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undocumented-ballotsThe irresistible force:

Mail-in ballots, nonexistent signature verification, phantom voter rolls, a feckless Republican Party, Republican governors donating tax money to a George Soros–funded entity to clean voter rolls — election commissions changing ZIP codes so mail-in ballots stack up — courts refusing to remove dead people from voter rolls unless they miss two consecutive elections, and a Republican presidential candidate who thinks he can win with ballot-harvesting.

What could go wrong in 2024?

In 2000, the national realization was that election fraud is industrial-scale, committed by election commissions or with their acquiescence.  It is a sovereign crime.

The 2020 realization is that voter integrity teams cannot remove phantoms from voter rolls — even with death certificates.

This irresistible force will not dissipate.

Wisconsin advanced the state-of-the-scam to further flood voter rolls with anyone claiming existence.

Forty years of Republican acquiescence and temerity brought us here — the end of free and fair elections.  Election fraud is baked into every state’s voter rolls — protected by government.


This week, we demonstrated a solution.  Here it is.

We sent an open letter to ERIC, the organization, ostensibly founded with help from George Soros, managing voter rolls for almost 30 states — many Republican.  We sent George a copy.

The letter, and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we tested for 23 months, speak for themselves.  Visit our site and read both.

MVP is not just a baseball term — it means the minimum capabilities to immediately solve a vexing problem.  Enhancements come later.

MVP capabilities are listed on the site, no need to review them here — except one.

Voter rolls must be made visible to all citizens — like personal property rolls — period.


If America continues to tolerate leftists making voting more insecure with mass registrations and mail-in ballots without signature verification — a counterbalance is needed.

That counter becomes the Immovable Object — deep public scrutiny.

The key to cleaning voter rolls, to the leftists’ dismay, is not finding dead voters.  It is finding legitimate addresses — that cannot receive a ballot.

If a voter integrity team challenges a dead guy, it is challenging a person.  There are decades of law, from our leftist pals, to thwart removing the dead from the voter roll.

Leftists built an entire infrastructure around protecting the guy — not the address.  Knock on a couple of doors to see if Pedro lives there, and you get a visit from the Justice Department.


Addresses are a different matter.

Our team, with leadership from Nevada and Wisconsin — figured this out — thus the potential for a 2024 Immovable Object.

Current methods don’t remove phantoms.  Here’s a better way!

Software-profile every address in a state — compare the address on the personal property tax roll with the same address on the voter roll.  We did this in Nevada, and the results change the game.

Join me on a trip to Nevada, soon to be Wisconsin and several more states who have seen the light!

Addresses are wonderful entities.  They are public.  They pay taxes consistent with the most minuscule improvement.  Bureaucrats drive around to see if a homeowner added a tool shed.

Addresses are endlessly complicated.

Any address can be presented in over 1,000 ways — understandable to a human but unrecognized by a computer.  1234 Christo.pher Ave is obvious to a human — Christopher.  Not to a computer.  Multiply this by over 100 million addresses, across thousands of databases — you see the issue.

An apartment building may have 134 units, each with a different number.  It has a clubhouse getting vendor bills.  It has a repair facility with a different address — same building.

Multiple entities can receive mail — but not a ballot!  Fractal profiling determines this for every address in the county.  We just did it in Nevada!

Fractal determines that a ballot can go to any of those 134 units.  The property tax database gives the square footage.

Several units house 20 people each.

Current election integrity teams challenge 20 people living in an 800-square-foot space with one bath.  Bad move.  They went after the guy — protected by decades of leftist law.

The Fractal user calls the Health Department!

“We have 235 apartment units, across your county — each with more people than your Health Department allows per number of baths!  Either clean up those voter rolls or clean up those apartments!  Or we will litigate!”

What is happening here?


For the first time, “data silos” are weaponized (oh, my, what a scary word).  Why not?  The leftists weaponized the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department — so it’s a thing!

Counties allow voters to have one address in their voter record while their tax authority shows that no such person can legally live there.  One set of government records contradicts the other set — they do not reconcile.  These are data silos invisible to each other.

Oh, my!

This happens in every county in America.  They have SQL, relational technology.  They cannot do deep comparisons.  Nothing reconciles.

Wait until we release the cross search with the FEC contribution database.  In the same period, Bob uses one address to vote, lives at a different address, and contributes from a third!  Bob did three bad things!


Coming in April!

Mike Lindell told us to analyze Nevada a couple of months back.  We compared Nevada tax records with its voter records.

Now we are demonstrating the power of Fractal analysis against these monumental databases daily, in podcasts and in person.  In March we visit Arizona; April, Georgia, Massachusetts and Illinois.

It’s harder than it appears.

There are over 1,000 building types described on property tax rolls.  They change by county — one calling it a shed, the other a lean-to.  We spent months, and lots of artificial intelligence, building the “canonical model” to make these play well together.

Now it’s time to bring every swing county in every swing state on board.

We are fortunate that several state organizations are raising the modest funding to make Fractal analysis available in their states.  As more states join, we identify patterns from one state applied in another.

Our leftist pals spent 40 years padding voter rolls with phantoms and passing laws to protect them from removal.

They didn’t spend a dime on addresses.

Our UnDeliverable Ballot Database identifies every location that will receive a ballot — but there is not someone there to legally vote it.

The Immovable Object is visibility of electoral data for any citizen from his phone — cross searched against property tax records — and dozens of other databases — at silicon speed.

When citizens, of any party, realize that their county registrar has voters living in banks, 7-Elevens, public parks, and their own homes — to their surprise — they experience what disenfranchisement means.

Visibility to evil drives social change.

It’s our turn!


Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the underlying name matching technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  Jay can be contacted at