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The Ham Sandwich Fulton County Courthouse

The Ham Sandwich Fulton County Courthouse

Gather ’round as we delve into the latest courtroom drama that has left legal minds across the nation scratching their heads.

Consider the grand jury indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, involving none other than the 45th President of the United States and no fewer than 18 co-defendants. The charges? A whopping 41 counts, all related to Trump’s 2020 election challenge.

Can you smell the justice in the air? Or is that just the aroma of a certain cured meat product?


In a stunning display of efficiency, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis managed to convene a grand jury for a grand total of 10 hours. Now, I know what you’re thinking – surely, such complex matters as racketeering charges involving over a dozen defendants warrant at least a few days of contemplation, right?

Wrong! Who needs the niceties of due process when you’ve got the news of a Hunter Biden special counsel to knock out of the news cycle?

This grand jury’s ability to hear, process, and consider 41 counts and the intricacies of racketeering in a mere 10 hours is nothing short of remarkable. They must have been fueled by supercharged legal caffeine, capable of absorbing and dissecting volumes of information at warp speed.


But hold on a second, let’s not be so hasty in our judgment of this speedy process. Who needs thoughtful contemplation and careful analysis when you can just toss around indictments like confetti at a parade?

Who needs to make sure that each count is thoroughly examined when every good Democrat knows the election cycle is underway and Joe Biden needs all the help he can get?

But, here’s where things get really exciting. The indictment was posted on the Fulton County courts website, even before the grand jury had a chance to deliberate. That’s right, the ham sandwich was indicted before the ham sandwich was even prepared. You know how it works:  “If we had some ham, we could have a ham sandwich, if we had some bread.”

It’s almost as if the whole process was just a formality – a mere procedural obstacle to overcome on the path to banana republic justice.

But let’s not be too cynical. Surely, the DA had a good reason for posting the indictment early. Maybe they wanted to give the public a sneak peek, a tantalizing taste of the legal feast to come. Or perhaps they just wanted to show off their impeccable multitasking skills – after all, who wouldn’t want to juggle an indictment, a grand jury, and a court filing all at once?

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – a thoroughly unbiased judge (I’m sure) was assigned to the case even before the grand jury returned an indictment. That, my friends, is the pinnacle of legal efficiency.

Who needs the pesky inconvenience of a deliberation process when you can just skip ahead to the inevitable conclusion? It’s like starting a movie night by watching the last five minutes of the film first – suspense be damned!

While it’s easy to make light of the situation and sarcasm is justified, the damage the Democrats are doing to our system of justice is a national tragedy. Swift justice is one thing, but predetermined justice is no justice at all. Due process and thorough consideration are the cornerstones of a fair legal system, and their absence will destroy the public’s trust required for our system of justice to operate.


Jim Daws is a longtime America First activist, beginning with work on Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns.  He’s a writer and itinerant talk radio/podcast host and a former fire battalion chief from… Fulton County, Georgia.