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ballot_harvestingThe world of U.S. election fraud tactics changed forever — in the most fundamental of ways — last week with the Gateway Pundit publication of the alleged 2020 Michigan ballot manufacturing factory.

Not ballot harvesting – but ballot manufacturing.

Days later, the Michigan Secretary of State confirmed that indeed this event did take place, adding a little different spin — the system caught this fraud before it impacted an election.  Interesting that now, three years later, an admitted massive election fraud event did occur — yet not one person has been jailed.  Not one prosecuted.  Not one indicted.  Crickets!

One would think Michigan would have announced such a “catch.”  But no, only diligent citizens who dug out a State Police report that would otherwise have lain dormant — forever.

Anyone who now believes Republicans will win 2024 ballot harvesting, while leftists can print new ballots in the basement, is delusional.

Dan Bongino on his August 10th podcast spoke for many when he said the election fraud narrative has become toxic from crazies (37:21) who claim outlandish election fraud schemes.  These charlatans detract from the real election fraud — ballot manufacturing.


No more.

As Bongino noted, leftists committed at-scale election fraud in 2020 the old-fashioned way — by printing or collecting ballots, stuffing the ballot box, no URLs tied to China needed!

The election integrity world is different today because the Gateway Pundit outed an official 2020 Michigan State Police report with all the pertinent info.  As sleuths dug in, they found this ballot manufacturing scheme tied to an entity, GBI, operating in 20 states.

Fake, pre-printed ballots by the thousands.  Fake addresses, guns, gift cards.  Colorful stuff. Over $11 million came for 2020 “voter registration.”  Some dough from the Biden Campaign.

While we bask in the reality that at-scale ballot manufacturing funded by leftists undeniably happened in 2020 — was investigated by the Michigan State Police and forwarded to the FBI — we point out a much more important reality.

All the ballot harvesting in the world cannot stop one ballot manufacturing operation. To fight ballot manufacturing in 2024 one must freeze addresses — publicly.


Let’s revisit insurance fraud.

Our team was brought into State Farm, GEICO, USAA to stop auto insurance fraud rings.

Organized rings of doctors/lawyers/chiros hired Ethiopian scammers, who would sudden stop in front of that Lexus, have a fender bender, resulting in hundreds of claims.

We demonstrated these were organized, industrial-scale fraud rings. When new claims arrived, the insurer told the perp to “sue me!” The insurer didn’t pay and the perp went elsewhere.

If the perp chose to fight it, the insurer had evidence they were tied to a fraud ring — they went away fast.

It’s the same with election fraud.

Using Fractal technology, we compare every address in the voter registration file with its corresponding real-estate property description.  We do not care who lives there.  We ignore who owns the building.

We are delivering an “address-driven” fraud detection system.

Addresses don’t lawyer-up.  They do not have court cases protecting their right to vote — even if fake.

With the Undeliverable Ballot Database™ the Fractal team, now working with state legislators in a growing number of states — is freezing scammy addresses.


Here, let’s do one!

For a super-red Midwestern state we ingested real estate rolls for its largest county.  We compared those with the voter roll.  We then went to the voter history file — did they vote?

In a single click, our newly-minted election detective (a state rep) showed her colleagues hundreds of voting people “residing” at shopping malls, restaurants, and convenience stores.


Why are addresses so important?

You can create more voters than there are people — states like Pennsylvania do it all the time.  There is no way to challenge this, as the courts will not intervene. People come and go, they change their names.

Addresses are a different matter. Addresses have constraints.

Every address must exist in the real-estate property roll — even a church paying no taxes.  Addresses don’t move around.  Addresses accumulate information — year built, type of business, number of bedrooms, baths, additions, single-family or apartment, think of 80 to 120 attributes for any one address.

Addresses are accurate — county tax assessors drive around to see if someone built a lean-to on a vacant lot — then send a tax bill.

Those attributes are gold to software operating at 200 million transactions per second.

Since our scammer pals must tie everyone to addresses, they need lots of them.

While we cannot make an address disappear, we can make it go away.

The Undeliverable Ballot DB™ flags every address – business, office building, vacant lot — and reports the number of registered voters there.  Publicly.

Voter integrity teams struggle to get dead people off voter rolls.  Addresses, however, can be shut down.

Like the insurance fraud ring, once the chain restaurant shows up with 32 registered voters, nobody will register there — and those 32 — are flagged to not get a mail-in ballot!

We are now engaged in a growing number of U.S. Senate races.  These guys (they are all guys for now) know they cannot get the fake voters off the rolls for 2024.  Maybe later, but not soon enough.

But they can “out” every address which is an absolute fake with voters registered there – just do not name the voters.


First, they reduce their direct mail and canvassing expenditures 50% — they do not mail to fake addresses, while their competitor does.  They show these addresses to the local registrars and demand no ballot be mailed to Sam’s Body Shop!

When a candidate or a county chair has the info in October 2023 that Day Nail Salon and Sweet Liberty Tax Services have 154 registered voters between them — proven by the real-estate property records, they can enjoin them from mailing ballots for months before the election.

Rather than litigating after these scammers vote, party operatives can challenge and enjoin now — with a year to make a case.  This is called an offensive, not defensive strategy!

These addresses can be published — letting every voter in the state know these addresses, where they eat lunch or buy their underwear — are harboring fake voters by the hundreds who are disenfranchising them.  Just do not name the voters.  No need.

Ballot manufacturing operations are thwarted when scammers must use an ever-shrinking number of addresses.

Our ballot factory floor manager must move his phantoms from these “no-go” addresses to apartment buildings, single-family homes, and others matching a residential property description.

That’s really hard.


First, they have to move the current crop over — but the Fractal team has voter records dating back sometimes 15 years.  We know that was the Sweet Liberty guy and when he appears now in Jack and Mable’s condo, we catch it — and maybe call Jack and Mabel — who knows?

For the newly created fake voters, pulled from homeless shelters and just made up, they have to go to apartment buildings and other locations.

They cannot get assigned an APT or UNIT number because the ballot will go to the real guy – thus not be collected by the Postal Service and given to leftists.

The Undeliverable Ballot DB™ flags all ballots to all multi-family units where there is no APT number — and one can demand ballots not be mailed to those who cannot receive them.

Think this works?


In Wisconsin in 2022, the election integrity team went to registrars in many counties and showed them scammy addresses by the thousands.  Registrars were told if those business locations received mail-in ballots, there would be criminal referrals.

The Conservative Treehouse, a great publication, later noted it was the action of the Wisconsin voter integrity team that saved a U.S. Senate seat.

A lot of phantoms never received their ballot.

Ballot harvesting as a viable strategy is over.

It’s time to “out” every address in every state, publishing the number of voters who are illegally voting from parking lots and businesses.  No naming of the voters.

The Fractal team is engaging with state legislators to do this in multiple states.


Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine.  He can be contacted at  Jay’s team built the Undeliverable Ballot Database™.