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The first of The Seven Pearls of Shing is called Mijnon or The Eyelash. It’s at 5,300 ft in the Fann Mountains of Western Tajikistan. At dawn, the air is still and crystal clear as is the water. The surface of the lake becomes a mesmerizing mirror with the early light reflecting the vertical cliffs above while penetrating to the translucent lake bed below. It is an epic example of the boundless beauty of our world.

Yet Tajikistan is only one of the “Stans” of Central Asia, an ultimate of the world’s mysterious, remote, and wondrous places.  There are four others: Kazakhstan, Kyrghistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.  A number of your fellow TTPers have been there with me and can tell you what a fabulously life-memorable adventure it is to explore all five.

We’ll be there again this September:  The Heart of Central Asia: September 2-21, 2023. Be with us with your loved one, your children, or grandchildren and you’ll all have an experience to treasure for all of your lives. Click on the link to see for yourself.  (Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #263 photo ©Jack Wheeler)