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trans-restroom-in-1970sIt is All Fake, and Gay

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.

This video sums up Trump’s indictment.

Run time 2:16

While tomorow is April Fool’s Day, Today is Vietnam Veteran’s Day. Thank a vet; they contained China during the Cultural Revolution. Still, the Vets did the job that they were asked to do. We owe these Vets our deep respect. Hollywood will never admit it, but the Vietnam War constrained the disastrous Cultural Revolution within China. However, while the vets were fighting they were vilified on campus by students under the spell of foreign influence operations. The remnants of those Chinese and Russian influence operations still dominate California politics and affect national politics.


This Week. Whew

We have experienced a very consequential week both in the USA and globally. Events all tie together, so we will start outside the USA and circle home.

Xi and Putin told the Deep State that the times were changing when they said their scripted lines on the supposedly hot microphone. Xi told Putin that it has been 100 years, and now the time is ripe for change. The comments could mean several things. One meaning might be that China and Russia are working together to challenge the status quo by pursuing global elite criminals that lurk within the two-tiered justice system.

There is little doubt among two-thirds of Americans that the two-tiered system exists, and some people get away with anything and everything. Trump’s indictment leads people to ask why Trump when the Epstein Island list and alleged videos remain a state secret. Could elite pedos have planted financial bombs in the banking system, new germs, or even dirty bombs in major cities as their insurance policy? What exactly was the FBI’s insurance policy to destroy Trump? Was it just the Russian collusion story? Or something real?

We might be living through a new Enlightenment where secret societies of global elites are being exposed and broken. Is this far-fetched? Maybe not based on the hysteria flowing from governments and their media arms.

There are unanswered questions about why Xi invited Trump, the first non-Chinese leader, to enter the Hidden City. Why Trump? Was this a diplomatic move, genuine friendship, or a message to the deep States worldwide that coordinated action is being taken?

Flip the script. Might Trump, privy as he was to the work products of the NSA, be able to blackmail Xi and Putin? Is it possible that the so-called BRICS is a criminal syndicate, much like the Bosses from the Godfather movie, that meets to organize crime and profiteer? We don’t know what is happening behind the opacity, but we can speculate that big things upset the American and European Deep States. We know that China and Saudi Arabia went well out of their way to extend a hand of friendship to Trump. Why?

Something is going on, and it is powerful. Trust in the government is collapsing, and the government is desperate to reestablish narrative control. Yet, for all their effort, they cannot.


It Starts in Brazil

brazil-people-powerJust as in a James Bond movie, the script weaves through Brazil.

Sergio Moro survived an assassination attempt in Brazil, part of the ongoing global struggle between nationalists and globalists. Moro was a Brazilian judge, now a senator, that imprisoned Lula, the communist-globalist and water boy for China as part of Operation Car Wash in Brazil. Hundreds of indictments and arrests were made for corruption and bribery between the Brazilian government and oil companies during Car Wash.

Upon release, Lula went to prison and vowed that he lived for one reason: to F**k Moro. How dare Moro take his federal judge role seriously and imprison hundreds of global elite members?

Who is this Moro guy? He attended Harvard’s Kennedy School briefly, which is well established as where Deep Staters from many countries form the bonds that allow future coordination. No globalist deep stater worth the title lacks the Kennedy School ties.

Moro returned to Brazil from Harvard in 2008 and was quickly appointed president Bolsonaro’s Minister of State Security. He began work on Operation Car Wash under Bolsonaro’s direction and made significant inroads against international organized crime. His arrests included prominent Russians and Chinese.

Then in 2020, the relationship between Bolsonaro and Moro soured, with Moro resigning as head of state security. Some say that the suspension of civil rights during Covid caused him to part ways. Others say that the deep States of larger nations compromised Moro.

Moro claimed that Bolsonaro interfered in the operation of the state security system during a money laundering investigation, and Moro resigned in anger. Moro was involved in an international leader’s program and was regarded by Brazilians as an authentic, tough crime fighter.

Out of nowhere, before Moro and Bolsonaro split, Glenn Greenwalt began a systematic attack on Moro in the international press. Greenwalt accused him of judicial misconduct when he put Lula behind bars, which led to the release of Lula and the Communist Chinese takeover of Brazil.

Two Brazilian Supreme Court justices overturned Lula’s conviction. Greenwalt petitioned the UN through the international press to launch an investigation against Moro to destroy him and his family. Moro was accused of being compromised by “right-wing nationalists.” He is now a senator in one of Brazil’s southern districts.

Without Moro, the Brazilian state security system stopped fighting corruption and helped engineer the return of Lula and the ouster of Bolsonaro.

Greenwalt was instrumental in exposing the NSA surveillance tools through Snowden. Many consider this the ultimate powerplay where the NSA and DoD moved from being the dominant intelligence agency within the Deep State to second or third place, with Langley assuming absolute dominance. Why is this British citizen, Greenwalt, appearing and reappearing during major chess piece realignments in the spooky world? Who is this guy?

Bolsonaro announced his return to Brazil this week, a move he would not take without considerable protection and leverage.

Putin, Xi, Bolsonaro, and the indictment of Trump occurred as a cluster. Paris is burning. Holland is in open revolt, and rebellions are underway in Poland and Italy. BlackRock now stands alone as the global supporter of ESG while leftwing violence is returning to American streets. Something big has turned a page in the worldwide war between nationalists and globalists. Chinese companies are withdrawing investment from the United States.

Meanwhile, Closer to Home
Alvin Bragg indicted Trump on dubious charges. Michael Cohen had a sexual relationship with Stormy Daniels, costing him $130,000. Some woman, someplace, might be worth a $130,000 relationship, but it’s not this woman. Regardless of the experience’s quality, Cohen’s wife asked some questions about the funds missing from their account. Cohen blamed Trump—big mistake. Both Coohen and daniels signed affidavits claiming that the funds came from Cohen, that Cohen had a sexual affair with Daniels, and that Trump had no part of it and knew nothing of it.

The Manhattan DA dutifully indicted Trump, knowing that the charges would not hold up in court and there was no crime beyond solicitation and prostitution affecting Cohen and Daniels. Of course, the day of reckoning is on the horizon between Michael Cohen and his wife.

People see this as a distraction from something more significant. But what might it be?

Could it be the banking crisis? Banks are melting but have melted before, and the Federal Reserve is acting quickly. The markets are calmed with each Fed action, at least for now. Besides, the Deep States of the world do not want a market crash as their boy Joe might require even more election fraud than planned to win reelection.

A woman claiming to be a transexual was pumped up with testosterone, acquired expensive firearms, and shot up the Christian School in Nashville. Her name is garbage, and I won’t use it, nor will I use her bogus pronouns. Garbage. Filth that is what she is. Yet the dems quickly mobilized their Antifa thugs, dressed them in rainbows, and marched them on state houses this week to generate sympathy for the garbage. The garbage dindonuthin because her parents disagreed with her lifestyle.

The White House asked us to pray for the trans community, not the victims. They even announced that the National Day of Vengeance that would happen tomorrow, April Fool’s Day, in Washington, had to be canceled because of “murderous Christians.”

The government claim is the moral inversion in plain sight

Further, the Fed is dropping hints that it will cut rates by June, effectively surrendering the dollar to inflation to save Biden. Bitcoin is at $28K, and gold is at $2K. Both will explode if and when the Fed abandons the dollar to inflation. World currencies are in worse shape than the dollar, so the wealthy have few options other than hard assets. Besides, BlackRock has a lot of real estate to unload.

Trump forced DeSantis to declare that he would not interfere with Trump’s indictment. The declaration was a death blow to DeSantis among the MAGA crowd, which is still fuming over the betrayal of Trump by Pence. Karl Rove further stabbed DeSantis in the back by letting it be known that he was a DeSantis advisor.


Again, school shootings, Antifa dressing up as trannies, banking drama set to turbo boost, Europe burning, and Trump’s indictment are misdirections. A psyop, moldy bread, and violent circuses.

The story lies under the veil where the nationalists and globalists fight for the world. An American Enlightenment is underway, a Renaissance of sorts. The future of humanity depends on whether American citizens defeat the globalists and take back our Constitutional Republic or whether the global syndicate of elitists and totalitarians crush freedom for the next thousand years.

The distractions are coming faster, harder, and more profoundly disturbing. Keep your head. The globalists are starting to panic. It’s not about the banks, the dollar, or the movement of ammunition to Ukraine. It is not about the gays or the garbage shooting up the schools.

It IS about the global awakening to the manipulations of the international criminal class of elites that will burn down the world before they lose power. Brazil, Bolsonaro, and Moro were a test run to restore constitutional government after Trump was betrayed. The world learned that China rides the Pale Horse.

The fall of Brazil and the attempted assassination of Moro mean that the bad guys are still pulling the strings. Whatever their insurance policy is, it must be very potent. The battle continues, yet the globalists increasingly show signs of panic.


Gay Tranny Insanity

“Privilege” is having a tranny wing nut shoot up a Christian school and murder children and faculty, and have the White House dedicate a holiday to you four days later.

Back in 2011, when Obama disrespected the White House, the official policy of the United States, the State Department, and the National Security Apparatus transitioned (pun intended) from the idea of free trade to the promotion of gay rights as the path to world peace. Free trade was empowering a hostile China and the loss of American spheres of influence to Beijing. Free trade had failed.

protecttransnewsTolerance for homosexuality allowed the intersection of minority rights to influence domestic policy in targeted nations while generating fifth columns of agents provocateur in honor-shame cultures. Promotion of homosexuality, the Obama White House reckoned, would reduce population growth drastically in western countries while allowing the Medieval cultures to repopulate the west.

Michelle Obama famously inserted herself into restaffing federal jobs on a massive scale to ensure that many homosexuals filled national positions and advanced into the ranks of the Deep State. Conservatives were shamed into submission through love is love psyops, and the end state is that our national policy of promoting homosexuality globally and internal government policies are aligned.

smiling-o-headThe question of whether or not promoting homosexuality as the replacement for free trade would or would not lead to the expansion of Washington’s influence was not seriously challenged.

Further, the complication that the push for transexuals to carry the AIDs money laundering schemes to a new level overlooked the danger lurking when the mentally disturbed are pumped full of hormones. The threat is clear; most school shooting perps are transitioning wackos on potent hormone therapies.

To hear the lefties talk, one would believe that transitioning brings joy. But it does not. It brings rage.

The damage to the government and society is severe and long-term and will be with us for decades, just as the 1960s radical left created by Russian and Chinese influence operations are still with us.

The takeaway from yet another tragic school shooting at the hands of yet another sexual freak is that the problem is deep and engineered to alter society. It will get worse as each succession of panics and misdirections unfolds.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant for the Iron and Steel, Minerals, Heavy Chemicals, and Fibers Industries.