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SKYE’S LINKS 11/02/23

source-of-freedomFreedom Versus the State

speaker-mike-johnsonWe are in a Great Awakening. The culture of corruption that allowed Joe Biden to conduct government business through large numbers of fictitious email accounts is exposed. Hillary had her 33,000 deleted emails. Biden has 82,000 PAGES of emails with spoofed account profiles. Why would he do this? For-profit, perhaps? To commit high crimes and misdemeanors? Investigators are digging into these emails from Biden’s time as V.P.



These are extraordinary times.

Speaker Johnson was harshly critical of the relationship between the FBI and its virtual subsidiary, Twitter, before Elain Musk bought the company. The FBI conspired daily with Twitter to promote Democrat messaging and block conservative messaging during the 2020 and 2022 election cycles. As Speaker Johnson put it, “The right to speak freely and disagree with the officially accepted narrative is a fundamental American right.”

Speaker Johnson is an assertive, persistent, bold First Amendment advocate. He is a massive improvement over McCarthy. Johnson sparred with DHS Secretary Mayorkas over censorship and the DHS assertion that the government determines truth. What a refreshing change to see pushback against substituting political reality for actual reality. The House’s motto for the past two decades has been, “By deception, thou shalt legislate.”


Yikes! The National Archives admits that they have 82,000 pages of Xiden emails sent or received under pseudonyms while he was in office as V.P.:

National Archives Sued, Reveals Existence Of 82,000 Pages Of Joe Biden Emails Using Pseudonym


Wow! New House Speaker Johnson is a gigantic First Amendment victory according to journalist Glenn Greenwald, a reformed liberal First Amendment warrior who brought us the Snowden revelations:

Glenn Greenwald: First Amendment Advocate Speaker Johnson a ‘Gigantic Advancement’ over McCarthy


More here:

Mike Johnson Slammed ‘FBI Subsidiary’ Twitter for Pre-Musk Censorship



Just imagine where this might go…

wethepeople-holsterThe Senate passed a measure to block the V.A. from referring veterans in financial distress to the FBI’s national background check. The VA policy intended to remove firearm ownership rights under the 2A based on the arbitrary whim and fancy of the FBI desk agent. The agent, unelected and likely a diversity hire, can deny the veteran the right to self-defense if she does not like his name.

Veterans fought, and many died to protect the Bill of Rights. Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker to address the egregious loss of fundamental human rights by the unelected Executive Branch little Napoleons. McCarthy failed, and McCarthy was fired.

Johnson is not wasting the Speakership as a lap dog of the opposition.

As long as they call it research, any government agent at any level can spy on an individual’s cell phone by purchasing location data or search histories from third parties such as Google. This can be done for any purpose. One example was geofencing data to identify members of the Calvary Chapel in San Jose as they came and went from the church during the Covid lockdown. The data was used to levy heavy fines and threaten people with arrest and criminal proceedings.

While many surrendered their right to assembly, religious worship, speech, and movement to the government agents, Calvary Chapel did not. As suspected, the restrictions were arbitrary and placed through a government frat party atmosphere of who could get away with the toughest lockdown.

The tools used to bust and fine the churchgoers were the same as those used to identify, arrest, and charge every Republican within the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Geofencing, especially without a warrant, violates the 4A right not to be subject to unreasonable search and seizure.

The government claims administrative rights to mass searches and dragnets, such as setting up a DUI checkpoint to find intoxicated drivers. In some jurisdictions, these checkpoints also record the driver’s facial image and voice, license plate, and vehicle I.D. All for Administrative reasons.

The Senate supports limiting governments’ ability to purchase mobile phone and computer data to conduct these dragnets, as does the House Judiciary Committee. California’s Kevin McCarthy, a friend of Big Tech, prevented an appropriate bill from reaching the House floor. It looks like Speaker Johnson will act on this vital 4A matter.

The left is fighting itself. Democrat Mayor Adams of New York City has started issuing plane tickets to migrants to get out of New York. Migrants can receive a one-way ticket to anywhere worldwide as part of the decompression strategy. When Texas or Florida relocates migrants, it is racist and mean-spirited. But when a Democrat official does it, it is decompression for humanitarian reasons.

Migrant housing and group home agencies receive federal funds based on the number of residents and unhoused residents. This creates a strong, unaudited financial incentive to build tent cities in public spaces and claim tents, whether empty or occupied- as unhoused families. A $30 tent from Walmart can be turned into $2000-$3000 per day in federal funding. Even with this absurdity, New York wants to move the migrants into more conservative districts. Maybe they plan to move the people and keep the tents.


Going our way, here is a 2nd Amendment victory for elderly veterans.  Note that this bill and success originated in the ‘Crat controlled Senate:

Senate Passes Measure Protecting Veterans’ 2A Rights from V.A. Overreach


The Fourth Amendment problem with finking phones:

Just The Facts On ‘Geofencing’



The New Narratives

tyrants-limitsCovid was used to frighten leftists into suspending human rights all over the world. In the USA, the move towards vaccine passports and martial law, including Australia-like detention centers, was blocked by conservative governors and legislatures. The Deep State’s dream of placing all Americans under its arbitrary rule, complete with the entire Maoist list of nationalizing businesses and banking, seizing children from parents, and removing the means for self-defense, was uncomfortably close.

Conservatives were not frightened by Covid and held fast to the Constitution and the Scientific Method. It was clear that the statistics were lies, and the healthcare industry was murdering patients for profit. The Supreme Court, recognizing the emerging civil war, stood up and blocked the Biden power grab via the national vaccine passport.

But what then, if not a virus, might frighten conservatives sufficiently to accept martial law? Erasure of the culture.

Already, the migrant issue is getting out of hand, and the war in Israel now allows the Deep State to import millions of Palestinians into small-town America. Amping these migrants up to commit terrorist attacks against churches and public schools, shopping centers, and entertainment centers in pursuit of Sharia Law is likely to create a rage among conservatives. If the migrants don’t chop the heads off children in incubators, the Deep State can undoubtedly find a Ray Epps or two to make it happen.

OK, on the advice of my attorney, the famous Ray Epps and his wife, the Director of Marketing for Dominion Voting System, would never do that. The above refers to another random guy named Ray Epps.

The point is simple. The last crisis got the nation halfway to martial law and the suspension of the Constitution by frightening the lefties. A new situation originating with the Israeli war might bring enough frightened conservatives to the Maoist tent that the Land of the Free might end quickly.

Never happen, they say? What if Biden gives those two million Palestinians and their friends a badge and a rifle or enlists them in the military in exchange for citizenship? They, along with the 30 million migrants already here, have no cultural memory of the United States. They don’t have white guilt, and they certainly would prefer taking houses in suburbia to living in tents in Central Park.

If this is a plan, then the barbarity of the Hamas attack on Israel and the 24/7 news coverage in America is preparing the ground for a threatened draft of soft generation Z, both men and women. There will be demands to draft the migrants first; at this point, the Republic will become the Empire.


The Inflation Reduction Act will flood the country with up to two, and some say three, trillion dollars to push the electric vehicle agenda and retire internal combustion-powered vehicles. However, the math and science do not support the transition. E.V.s do not reduce CO2 emissions, cost more to operate after accounting for subsidies, and contain very complicated batteries made from thousands of parts.

The shift to E.V.s will significantly erode the nation’s prosperity as they are a poor fit outside the coastal setting. They have a place, just like a helicopter in aviation. Nobody is proposing buying a helicopter ticket for migrants in New York; sometimes, a fixed ring and highly capable airplane better fits a need than a short-range and zippy helicopter.


NYC is giving free one-way plane tickets to illegals:

Migrant Hot-Potato: NYC Offers Illegals Plane Tickets To Anywhere But The Big Apple


A plausible worst-case potential outcome from the Israel-Hamas war:

Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America


Eye-opening numbers comparing E.V.s to gas vehicles:

The Political Risks Of Mandating E.V.s For Everyone




holeBiden is losing control of national sentiment. A recent University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey found that 74% of Americans rank inflation as the most important national issue. Another 24% rank it ahead of healthcare and enviro issues.

The country is losing faith in the Federal Reserve and Bidenomics. By the election next year, the population, on average, expects inflation to be 4.2%.

The narrative meisters will need to do a lot of spinning, throw out a lot of bread and circuses, and frighten the tarnation out of many people through domestic terrorism to hold on to the public trust. For Biden, extreme times call for drastic measures.

What comes after a trillion? A quadrillion? Money printing cannot end. We are in a doom loop with the Federal Reserve currently posting a $100 Billion annual loss on holdings due to bank interest payments. The Fed is holding and retiring short-term instruments rather than rolling them over into new debt to constrain the money supply. This is their plan; it has not been tried before, and Biden is countering the move through more lavish spending.

Centralized economic systems have a nasty habit of failing through inflation. Inflation accelerates with increased money printing in a non-linear way. The point is reached where people immediately spend their income today to avoid tomorrow’s price increase. This phenomenon leads to a crackup boom, where the economic planning horizon contracts to a single day, and prices skyrocket. The 500 Ph.D. economists working for the Fed say this won’t happen because they have computer models. This time, they assure, it is different. Trust the narrative, they say.

The economic trends look sinister and downright spooky, and the Deep State is determined to block the popular will. Why trust the free market when the government can establish the price of tomatoes instead? Dr. Skippy, down the hall at the economic planning tomato desk, has an Excel spreadsheet and a model that he wrote this morning. Remain calm. The government knows all.


Consumers are becoming more realistic about inflation:

Consumer Inflation Expectations Soar as ‘Bidenomics’ Falters


Wither the U.S. dollar?

Time To Think ‘Quadrillions,’ As There’s ‘Zero Fiscal Restraint’ In D.C.


For investors, an Austrian school look at crackup boom hyperinflation

The Specter Of Hyperinflation Looms Over The Economy


Six spooky charts for investors:

Six Scary Charts – Happy Halloween From Bond Vigilantes!



Permit Department. How may I hinder you?

Bill Maher on why Americans can no longer get anything done:

Maher: ‘There Is a Deep State’ of Bureaucratic ‘Tyrants’ Who Block Popular Will

In closing. Here is a fun rant about the progressive government of San Francisco by Bill Maher:

Maher: San Francisco Seems ‘Proud’ of Its Dysfunction