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The Other Shoe Falls

infected-galFor the past three years, I have been alerting TTPers to the growth of anti-Semitism in the alternative media. Not all the forum feedback was favorable. However, it is hard to deny that the predictions were correct. The world, at least the Western world, is moving from a version of 1920s Berlin to 1930s Munich.

The theories of Neil Howe, known as the Fourth Turning Here, explain a rhyming pattern within Western history reaching back to the 13th Century. Time is broken into epochs roughly the length of a human lifetime of 80 years. As the older generations die off, the younger generations start to repeat errors. The 80-year cycle is broken into four 20-year periods that Howe compared with the seasons.

Since the founding of the United States, we have experienced four turnings. These are the Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression and WWII, and the present epoch of the 2020s. A tremendous social upheaval and the removal of the Old Guard mark each turning.

A new world order marked by a desire for collective identity and affiliation with a group instead of as individuals leads to a false efficiency and a restoration of economic growth. The generations known as the Millennials and Gen Z flash their tribal identity through tattoos while they live in a collective online reality. Their preferred leaders are charismatic and offer utopian solutions to real-world problems.

Baby Boomers and some, but not most, of Generation X, get their news from radio and television. Newspapers are still available in the most extensive metro areas. People younger than 40 are unlikely to watch TV at all, and if they own one, it is used to watch sporting events. They get their news from the Big Tech companies through Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Much of the content is cherrypicked from legacy media and dished up according to the cookies stored on the viewer’s device. Digital news almost always has a collectivist, anti-individualist spin while promoting the daily narrative. Like TV news, the Big Tech news is centrally curated by either a group of editors or an AI algorithm. The algorithm is programmed to smash the individual.

Increasingly, a new alternative media lacking centralized curation is becoming Generation Z’s news source. Alternative means decentralized, lacking an editorial desk as a narrative control choke point. Anyone can upload information to a set of servers, and it is up to the user to selectively block or mute content that is not interesting. Twitter (x) is moving towards this model. Gab Here is leading this approach, and it is worth a click on the link to see how media is evolving. Gab Social leans towards the Christian right and receives a constant barrage of neo-Nazi propaganda that is linked to the Democrat Party and affiliates, as many believe, the major news outlets that are threatened by a distributed media service. Its only filters are programmed for child abuse, nudity, and moral turpitude.

burka-lgbtThe alternative media is essential to monitor because it reflects the actual mood of the Alglo Sphere at any given moment. It has been trending towards a collective, group, or tribal identity since Covid. The LGBTP movement is sharply criticized for its decadent individualism, as is the Libertarian movement. Rather than the Boomer’s radical individualism, Gen Z wants to fit into a 1950s world where most people worked for large institutions in sharply delineated jobs. They want to be middle class.

A cultural showdown between the new left and the majority of Gen Z is emerging. The left, led by Boomer and radicalized Gen X professors, is pounding the drum to eliminate all forms of cultural affiliation and Western history. These are the heirs of the Marxist propaganda campaigns directed toward the West in the 1960s with their tune-in, turn-on, and drop-out mantra. Large-scale university donors endowed communist chairs within the Ivy League and second-tier universities for legacy and cocktail party credibility. Maybe a few philanthropists also donated, but we won’t know as true philanthropists don’t demand naming rights to campus buildings.

The donor class awoke to hordes of little communists rioting on campus and in the streets, while united in hatred for all things Jewish. Somehow, somewhere, the donor class failed to get the memo that the same mobs that were underwritten to tear down historical monuments during the 2020 election cycle had developed a belief that all history is bogus and all that matters is the now.

In other words, the campus communists and their leftist professors are Holocaust deniers. They must be as they deny all history while they seek to build the new globalist man person. They accuse the Jewish students of narrative privilege. It is like the white privilege that the underwritten mobs attacked during the 2020 election cycle.

The alternative media is on top of the situation and gives blow-by-blow updates every five seconds of the conflict between the parts of Gen Z seeking a middle-class, 1950s existence and what they refer to as the browns. These are the leftist immigrants who moved to the front of the college admission line through the donor class and its political funding. A monster has been created.



The Panic Moves Right

Yesterday’s Skye’s Links discussed how the Covid panic mainly was a panic among the left. Leftists demanded everything just short of martial law and would have gleefully accepted it if offered by the feds. They wanted national vaxx passports, detention centers, fired people on a whimsey and suspicion, and closed churches and public gathering places. The Covid response was emotional, with doctors administering the injections that they knew to be problematic. They were following orders, don’t you know.

The legacy media fueled the covid panic, using legacy propaganda methods.

mariokart_jihdThe current anti-Semitism is being pushed by universities as part of the de colonialism agenda. This includes the erasure of all historical records and the associated foolishness that passes for modern liberal arts. Legacy media outlets are rowing as hard as possible to stop the anti-Semitism, but the mob on the streets do not listen to the legacy news media.

The alternative media is raising the specter of complete cultural erasure if immediate action is not taken, and is mobilizing members of Gen Z in a similar way to the mobilization of the German lower classes during the early 1930s.

This time, the browns are the cultural threat—the Islamicist immigrants. Things might get out of control as the LGBTP hates them for their Sharia Law, Jewish Americans are afraid of their violence, and Gen Z is sick of the preference system that places skin color first and character second.

Israel is talking about exporting one million Palestinians to Europe and another one million to the United States as their final solution to their domestic problems. If this happens, the collective identity-leaning Gen Z will take action. It will mirror the demands for new laws and government repression in the same way as the left demanded these things during Covid.

The War in Ukraine is the primary front, the revolutions in North Africa are the second front, Israel is third, and Iran is likely to be the fourth front. Taiwan and possibly North Korea are the fifth and sixth fronts in what might become WWIII. Expansion of the war will force the United States and other Western nations to draft new soldiers. Thanks to those pesky Columbia University Woman’s Studies professors, little Susie will be drafted along with little Johnny.

Unless, of course, politics demand recent immigrants be drafted first as a condition of remaining in the country and gaining citizenship. If this happens, then the American Deep State will own a large army lacking any ties to American culture. Once given rifles, the Deep State dream of disarming Americans will be too tempting to pass by.

This is when the shooting will start, and the Republic will transition into the Empire. Ten days ago, the government ordered the Lake City Ammunition factory to stop selling ammunition to the American public. Lake City makes a lot of .223 and 5.57 ammunition for AR-15-type rifles.

Exports of American firearms are prohibited as of last week, and imports of ammunition and firearms are expected any day now. The justification given by the DHS is to prevent domestic (white) terrorism. It appears far more likely that terrorist cells gleefully helped across the border by the DHS are busily reconnoitering the electrical grid, elementary schools, and other commercial and transportation targets.

Cries to do something will be raised, and as it is racist to arrest non-whites out of proportion to their population, the government will be forced to create a profile of a middle-class domestic terrorist. Farfetched? Maybe, but they just did this using J6 agents’ provocateur. The government created a population to arrest to fill a political need. They will do it again.



What to Do?

fedscontrolcenterBe careful. The American government has no real leader at the moment. The global left is attempting to stomp out Israel and Jewish history in precisely the same way that they tore down the statues of Stonewall Jackson and General Lee.

Israel wants the United States to invade and neuter Iran as Iraq was invaded. Russia still wants to restore its Soviet borders. Generation Z, the brothers and sisters of the tattoo, want to belong to anything that promises them a middle-class life. The very skin they were born in is now a career liability. Just as the Germans of the 1930s became militant and the blacks of the 1960s established black power, Gen Z is reaching the end of their patience.

Fourth Turnings have ended violently since the 13th Century. See Willam Wallace, Oliver Cromwell, Samual Adams, Abraham Lincoln, or GI Joe for confirmation.


Mike Ryan is a chemical engineering consultant to the Iron and Steel, Heavy Chemicals, Mining, and Fiber industries.