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SKYE’S LINKS 10/26/23

Loss of Confidence

Does college make sense now that formerly great institutions are primarily indoctrination centers intent on stifling objective thought? Admissions no longer reflect aptitude and have devolved into box-checking exercises. The world, according to academia, is divided into oppressor vs. oppressed. Who does what to whom?

The SCOTUS has granted a stay to continue and amp up censorship and thought manipulation by the government through social media. We look at an interesting case and how the government is licensed to fold, spindle, and mutilate the truth. David Brock of Media Matters is conspiring with the government to keep the lawfare alive.

The lawfare against Trump continues and is justified by the J6 psyop. Over 1,000 days have passed, and Washington’s political prisoners remain in solitary confinement, under the abuse of hostile and cruel guards, without a trial.

History is said to rhyme, and we look at the rapid collapse of Bronze Age civilizations in the Levant. The parallels with today demonstrate how quickly societies can collapse. The military continues to have recruiting troubles. Social media is covered with stories about the USS Liberty and Israel’s attempt to stop the ship from collecting signals during the 1967 war. Computer games played by military-age men now feature the attack as a way to demoralize potential recruits.

Gaza is a fixed target, and Israel controls the air. In the words of the Israeli government, they will sanitize the region. Multiple fronts will likely open, and it looks like tough slugging ahead. If a U.S. draft is required to restore the Army, the pump is primed to draft young women. We will quickly see how many blue-haired feminists change their attitude when their draft number is called.

There is talk of granting citizenship to migrants in exchange for military service. It is often said that U.S. soldiers will not fire on Americans. But envious hordes of third-worlders given a rifle and orders to disarm and plunder Main Street while under a woke military command are worth pondering.

It is simply getting ugly out there as faith in the government and the underlying Constitution collapses. Democrats call to replace representation based on townships and districts with voting based on race. They call their movement popular constitutionalism.

China is changing as it pursues social stability above all else. Western capital is fleeing because the regulatory environment is crushing.

The U.S. government is squeezing everyone out of the borrowing market. Over the past five years, the USG has been the only economic sector that increased net borrowing. The dramatic loss of faith in the USG and the Fed’s monetary policy kills the animal spirit.

Corrugated boxboard, that three-part packaging material used to make cardboard boxes, is in a severe recession. Thirteen papermills in the USA and Canada that produce brown paper for the corrugated box plants closed in 2023. They will never reopen as the government no longer issues pulp and paper plants new air discharge permits. It seems that the number of transactions in the economy is sharply declining. People are buying less from Amazon, so fewer boxes are needed.

Government figures report cumulative purchases in dollars, not the number of transactions. With inflation roaring, aggregated sales figures mask the collapse.

Bidenomics is straight-run Keynesianism, and it is not working. One Keynsiam myth after another is falling. Centralized narrative control can no longer hide economic failures. Yet even with the great awakening caused by the internet, AOC and her palls continue to push Modern Monetary theory.

And why not? AOC became a multimillionaire within her first term in office. MMT works for the political class.

Confidence in government bonds is falling, and there is concern. Who will buy American debt? Will the government move to save the financial system and their political skins, or will they move to save the currency? The only way to save the bond market is to kill the dollar.





Bill Maher has awakened to the B.S. of Woke and won’t put up with it anymore. Enjoy!

“Don’t Go To College”: Bill Maher Compares Universities To “North Korean Re-Education Camp”



Alito, on the latest news from the LA/MO First Amendment case:

Alito: SCOTUS on Biden Social Media Censorship’ Highly Disturbing’





A state court judge considers banning Trump from the ballot; the ‘Crats will stop at nothing:

Democrat-Appointed Colorado Judge Greenlights Effort to Kick Trump Off 2024 Ballot



Turley on the Trump gag order:

Turley: The Trump Gag Order Should Be Struck Down



The economy is going to play a significant role in the 2024 elections, and it is looking better and better for Trump – though still not beyond the cheat-by-mail margin:

Bidenomics Rejected: Trump Ahead In Swing States, Leads Among Young Voters



War and Rebellion


Speculations on possible shapes of things to come; while I disagree with some of the particulars, there is worthwhile food for thought:

It’s A Trap! The Wave Of Repercussions As The Middle East Fights “The Last War” –



Are we headed for a de-constitutionalizing crackup?

America’s Crisis Of Faith: Poll Reveals More Americans Are Rejecting The Constitution And Embracing Violence





For investors, China has changed.  Emperor Xi is primarily interested in power and control rather than prosperity, and that is making further investment in China much less attractive:

Why U.S. Businesses Can’t Wait To Get Out Of China



More for investors; have you wondered where the last five years went?  Net borrowing during the past five years has been by the Federalies.  – which means that it has been  unproductive:

When The U.S. Government Is The Only Borrower, It’s No Wonder Yields Rising


Where is the next year going?  Leading economic indicators have been declining for the past 18 months:

Bidenomics is a Bust: Leading Economic Indicators Fall For 18th Straight Month


Beware the cardboard box recession:

“Cardboard Box Recession” An Ominous Sign Of Faltering Consumer, Schwab Warns

What’s up with the Fed:

Powell Discusses What the Fed Could Have Done to Prevent Inflation Rise – MishTalk



No slowdown on Federalie spending, debt, and deficits:

Bidenomics: U.S. Budget Deficit Explodes 23% Higher to $1.7 Trillion



Yes, the overspending is that bad:

Six predictions from last week’s horrific Treasury report



Higher taxes are part of the problem, not part of the solution:

The United States Deficit Road To Ruin


What is wrong with the Fed? Just about everything:

Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell Isn’t Qualified To Be In Any Economic Club



John Mauldin  on the supercycle of debt:



Where this mess is oozing now but will be running or even exploding later:

Debt, Currency Debasement, & War – The Timeless Pillars Of Failure