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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 10/19/23

Elon cheers for the Second Amendment. That is a semi-auto Barrett .50 BMG rifle that Musk is shooting.  Reach out and touch someone at a mile – if you really know what you are doing.  Note: the link has the video clip of Musk hip-firing multiple rounds.

Anti-Gunners About To Meltdown After Elon Musk Says ‘Armed Citizens Vital For Democracy’s Defense’


The First Amendment is poised for another win:

Christian Baker Who Refused To Make LGBT Cake Scores Legal Victory


Temperature adjustments justifying the climate change panic are taking a serious hit:

Era Of ‘Unquestioned And Unchallenged’ Climate Change Claims Is Over


Original scientific paper here; I have been griping about the problem of urban heat island temperature readings being used to adjust rural temperatures upwards for decades:

Evidence of Urban Blending in Homogenized Temperature Records in Japan and in the United States: Implications for the Reliability of Global Land Surface Air Temperature Data


The sun rules:

The Detection and Attribution of Northern Hemisphere Land Surface Warming (1850–2018) in Terms of Human and Natural Factors: Challenges of Inadequate Data


MORE GOOD NEWS!  Net zero support is dropping:

The Net Zero Ship Starting To Sink


More great news!  Whoops!  Elections were perfect?  There was no cheat by mail and drop box stiffing?  Then why is a ‘Crat candidate suing, and why is a ‘Crat election official taking the Fifth?  This lawsuit is opening a very big and consequential can of worms:

As accusations fly over ballot stuffing in mayoral primary, Connecticut Democrat takes the 5th – Breitbart


Attorney Jonathan Turley on the openly outrageous plot to deny Trump the right to run using a liberal judge shopping approach to redefine the Fourteenth Amendment:

Turley: Federal Court Asked To Address 14th Amendment Effort To Bar Trump

Crossing another Rubicon; AI guided autonomous wolf packs of hunter-killer drones are targeting

Russians and their equipment in the Ukraine:

Ukraine Is Using Ukraine-made Saker Scout Autonomous AI ‘Killer Drones’


For investors – and everyone.  The greatest threat to America, and to us personally, is not China, Russia, Hamas, or Iran; it is Washington DC:

Bidenomics: National Debt Increases By Another Half-Trillion In Just 20 Days


There are a multitude of distractions, but here is the bottom line:

“Pull It!!”


More for investors; the 2024 election is already underway, and it may become far more crazy than anyone can imagine.  Mega chaos ahead!

Rickards: The 2024 Election Is Being Decided Now


More for investors; Ray Dalio and John Mauldin on historical cycles and the rise and fall of great powers:

Part 1:

The Big Cycle


Part 2:

The Big Cycle Part 2

older-eyesSo, as your eyes have gotten worse and you’re older, how many thicknesses have you gone through?

Here are some worthwhile Austrian school musings:

Financial Free Speech


We close with breaking news on how El Donaldo has outfoxed corrupt leftist judges again!

Trump Skirts Gag Order With Mini-Trump Ventriloquist Doll