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SKYE’S LINKS 10/13/22

The Truth is Emerging


They lied. Pfizer, Moderna, and Fauci dirty-dog lied to the world about the safety and effectiveness of the jabs. They did not even test the shots to determine whether virus transmissibility from person to person was affected. Well, dang, it turns out that the jabs are useless when protecting Grandma in the nursing home. Imagine how many healthcare workers were arm-twisted into taking the jabs for the safety of their patients, trusting the official narrative. The discovery that the jabs were not tested to determine whether their most crucial function even worked is one of the most shameful failures in history. They dirty dog lied.

bologna-fauc“Get vaccinated to protect other people” was another big lie.  I knew this in December 2020 when I read the Pfizer submission to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization.  Though it was over 100 pages long, lots of data were missing; Pfizer did not attempt to determine whether or not its vaccine prevented transmission.  It doesn’t. Earlier this year, Harvard epidemiologists and biostatisticians’ data from over 4,000 US counties and over 60 nations found that increasing vaccine uptake percentages did not reduce new cases.  Indeed, high vaccine uptake correlated with a slightly higher incidence of new cases:

Pfizer Exec Admits Under Oath: ‘We Never Tested COVID Vaccine Against Transmission’



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A third dose of the Moderna vaccine can make you more likely to become infected with the most common currently circulating variants of the virus after 3 to 5 months:

Preview of paper currently undergoing peer review:

Effectiveness of mRNA-1273 against infection and COVID-19 hospitalization with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants: BA.1, BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5


crazy-cranesWell, well. It looks as if China knew that the virus was in the open and things would go wrong back in 2019. Remember during the fall of 2019 when China hosted the Military Olympics and spread the virus to U.S. and NATO soldiers? Then they made sure to infect and fly thousands of super spreaders to Italy. They knew. They knew and were hoarding supplies and writing the script for American politicians such as Nancy Pelosi to ensure things went their way.

Remember all the videos of dead Chinese in the streets and instant “pop-up” hospitals in four days? Those were also dirty dog lies. The hospital was a pre-fabricated apartment building using time-lapse photography over an extended period.

China knew that the Fauci/CCP virus was loose in August 2019:

Experts: China Started Hoarding PPE in 2019, Long Before Reporting Coronavirus



It seems that Justin and his cabinet have a problem way up north.

royal-snobsFor the past few years, our Brilliant TTP members have been discussing the decentralization of power. The wheels are flying off the buggy here in the States, but the wagon itself is in trouble in Canada. Alberta is the freest province in Canada, and Albertans are fed up with Ottowa, but so too are Quebec, New Brunswick, and…

This story is important in its relationship to the trend. Power is decentralizing back to the provinces, and little Justin was a big problem on his hands.

Semi-secession is ongoing in oil and gas-rich Alberta, Canada:



‘Crats being ‘Crats:

propaganda-flyers-for-kidsThe Public Relations biz is different from the advertising or promotions biz. PR is more strategic, farther upstream, and works to alter the landscape rather than sell messaging into an established landscape. Yellow journalism and the loss of the Battleship Maine got us into the Spanish American War. FDR dominated radio and established the FCC to ensure that dems always dominated the airwaves. JFK married into the media and secured unquestioned loyalty. LBJ owned the biggest radio station in the South.

We all saw Obama define the media landscape as everybody against white men, and he got away with it because the dems own the J-schools.

The following is interesting because the dems are faking media outlets to create credibility. They never had to do this before, or at least not to this extent. This is fake until you make it culture showing signs of big trouble. They have no imagination. None.

Report: Democrats Use Fake Local News Sites Targeting Midterm Swing States



FBI being ‘Crats:

what-feds-didWe all know the truth. The FBI is part of the unelected deep state, and they spend the taxpayer’s money like water to maintain their hold on power. How long have they represented the interests of government employees first and the American Republic second? I don’t know, but it’s an excellent question for the forum.

So the dems gave this “former” British intelligence operative, Christopher Steele, a million buckeroos to invent the Trump-Russia story and facilitate his two impeachments. It turns out that the FBI was in on the racket from day one. Not as a law enforcement agency but as a willing participant.

But why? Why does the FBI fear Trump, and why all the super wussy behavior?

It is straightforward: Trump proposed turning these careerists, unaccountable to no one, into fire-at-will employees like the rest of us. To stop this, to protect all the wealth that comes from insider trading (FBI leadership knows which CEO is going down ahead of time), and to preserve PUBLIC CORRUPTION, the FBI facilitated the most significant RICO fraud in history. This won’t last. The damage these people are doing to our Constitution is beyond the pale, and the word is getting out.

FBI Offered Christopher Steele $1 Million To Prove Dossier Allegations Against Trump: FBI Analyst


More FBI being ‘Crats; lawsuit naming names in FBI’s initiation of the censorship of 2020 election Hunter Biden laptop story:



Interesting J6 news:

Capitol Police Officer Told Agents That Oath Keepers Shielded Him, Sealed FBI Record Shows


England has natural gas, and the USA has the technology to reach it. Finally, some sense is dawning in the UK. Stubborn bulldogs that they are must face the crisis of running out of fuel before standing up for rationalism. Let’s hope this starts a trend

Fracking is coming to Great Britain in a very sensible way:

Cash For Fracking: U.K. Households May Receive Payouts For Allowing Drilling



For investors – and everyone else; some inconvenient facts about “renewable” energy:


For investors; it is a plot – beware of the Fed’s ongoing rug pull:


fake-inflation-newsFor investors; if you haven’t read Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz’s: The Great Contraction” about the cause of America’s first great depression, I think that this would be a perfect time for you to do so:


More for investors; looking for a Fed interest rate pivot?  Don’t bet your savings on one:

Fed Pivot Is Not An Investment Thesis



The 75% collapse in trans-Pacific shipping rates is a red flag warning of near-term risks for investors:

Trans-Pacific Shipping Rates Plunge 75% As U.S. Retail Demand Falters


Times are changing. Each of the links above has the message that power in Washington (and Ottowa and London) is losing its grip. This link discusses what TTP has been calling a Megatrend for some time.

The Constitution enacted a federalist form of government, but as our deep state was never part of the plan, things have gone sideways.

The critical thing to remember is that the Declaration of Independence precedes the Constitution. We are on a rough ride, but in the end, freedom wins.

Some long-term optimism for investors from the Mises Institute:

Has The USA Reached Another Historical Inflection Point?