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Early this morning (10/14), the lead headline story was: New Video Shows Pelosi Threatened To ‘Punch Out’ Trump On January 6.

Pelosi is a little old lady, 5’5″ in heels, 112 pounds, and 80 years old at the time. Trump is an imposing 6’3″ towering over her. In publishing this ridiculous threat she made now, Fox deftly deflects with ridicule CNN’s lead headline this morning (10/14) desperately trying to make the mid-term elections all about Trump and January 6: Being subpoenaed by January 6 committee wasn’t even the worst of Trump’s day.

That would be “he’s sliding into an ever-deeper legal hole.” Oh. “The walls are closing in” mantra the Lying Swine media have been repeating ad nauseam for years, which brings us to the dog that’s not barking 25 days before November 8.



October Surprise

That’s the Dems’ October Surprise dog remaining soundly soporific. Last week’s HFR was worried about what October Surprise catastrophe the Dems were going to pull off mendaciously. So far, it’s been crickets. Is all they’ve got to get the dog to bark ferociously enough to scare the electorate away from voting R a DOJ indictment of Donald Trump?

Well, as Arnold says to Stallone:

There’s got to be more than that on the way. But one reason for Dem hesitation could be that we no longer have an Election Day but Election Weeks up to a month. This change blunts the timing of an October Surprise as it has a limited short-term effect. It’s not long-lasting, so it has to be sprung within range of voting day – and how do you do that when there’s a voting season instead?

If there’s one thing you can absolutely count on, Dems will be perfidious. And the one thing the Dems can count on is believing what worked in 2020 will work in 2022. 2000 Mules all over again.

They will cheat hard because almost all polls in multitudes of House and Senate races show Rs ahead of their D opponent only by the margin of cheating: 2-3 points.

voterfraud_2020Just consider how many thousands of people who have died or moved out of their District/State are still on the voter rolls. What happens when someone gets a mail-in ballot to one of them at his address? They always throw it in the trash – living in an apartment building means it ends up in the building’s trash bin.

Then it’s easy to pay a mule to search for thrown-away ballots in those bins for several dollars each. Then Dem operatives open the envelope, fill it out straight-D, scribble a signature, and have the mule mail them in. EZPZ in states with no signature-matching or when ballot scanners are down.

Vast numbers of fake ballots were counted this way in 2020. In many tight races, they may provide the Dem margin of victory needed this year. The Dem October Surprise ace-in-the-hole: 2000 Mules all over again.

Note that all the Dems are terrified. Not so much of Trump himself but primarily the House Committees when run by guys like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. They will investigate the FBI, DOJ, Fauci, Hunter, the Big Guy’s 10%, and open up hearing for all impeachment proceedings like you’ve never seen before.

Either they prevent an R House Majority, or Trump will be seeing gaggles of them in prison. That meme you see above is no joke.



Chasing Windmills

biden-saudi-talk-over-oilIt’s also no joke because inflation is accelerated by Dem obsession with their Climate Change Hoax as their path to permanent power. Biden is now offering Venezuela and Iran to lift sanctions on them in return for their oil, which is virtual treason — and begging the Saudis to delay oil cuts until after the election, which is impeachable.

JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dillon has finally had enough of this. Yesterday (10/13): “This Is An Effing War,” Says Jaime Dillion.


“Dimon made some extremely outspoken comments which, however, you won’t hear on the mainstream media, telling a small group of listeners that was closed to the press that the ‘President of the United States needs to stand up and say we may not meet our 2050 climate objectives because this is a f***ing war.’


He also said, ‘time to stop going hat in hand to Venezuela and Saudi and start pumping more oil & gas in the USA.’


Echoing what he has said before, Jamie said this is the way the USA maintains its standing, as the future of the world is by pumping more oil and gas and using energy security to ensure Western unity.


And he did say when it comes to ESG’ investors don’t give a s**t’, warning not to “cede governance to do-gooder kids on a committee.'”


Chevron’s chairman/CEO Mike Wirth also lost his patience yesterday (10/13) with Biden and Climate Wokeness: Chevron CEO Blames Western Governments “Doubling-Down” On ‘Climate’ Policies For Global Energy Crisis.


The conversation [about energy] in the developed world for sure has skewed towards climate, taking affordability and security for granted. 


The reality is [fossil fuel] is what runs the world today. It’s going to run the world tomorrow, five years from now, 10 years from now, and 20 years from now.


[The problem is the administration entered office with a] “very clear agenda . . . to make it more difficult for our industry to deliver energy to our customers”.


The story concludes by observing that “The consequence of decarbonizing economies is energy hyperinflation.”  Which is precisely what we will continue to suffer.



Little Greta

little-greta-goblinBut will you look at this? The Little Green Goblin herself has started making sense. Ereyesterday (10/12): Greta Thunberg Reverses Course On Nuclear Power, Argues Germany Is Making A Mistake By Taking Plants Offline.

She’s right, of course – nuclear is much cleaner than coal… and cheaper in the long run, with coal at $200 a ton in Germany now. And both cheaper and eco-friendly than cutting down forests for wood pellets now cost $300 a ton with less than half the energy of coal.

Greta might even understand what Germany is desperately afraid of: massive deindustrialization of its economy unless natural gas energy prices are drastically reduced. So many industrial plants in Germany now – making steel, plastics, fertilizer, glass, chemicals on and on – are being or about to be mothballed as they require natgas for energy and production processes.

Further, restarting mothballed plants needs skilled employees who are not there anymore, gone elsewhere. Getting nuclear back on in Germany to replace natgas for energy in homes, offices, commercial buildings, etc., means there will now be enough natgas to keep manufacturing industries going. For once, Germans and their government better move fast on Greta’s advice.



Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Now for this:


Situation now: Explosion On Crimean Bridge: Over 1,000 Trucks Stuck In Traffic Jam At Crossing.

Reuters today (10/14): Crimea Bridge Repairs To Be Finished By July 2023 – Russian Government Document.

Meaning: Russia has no way to supply its thousands of soldiers trapped in Kherson. The only way to supply them with food, ammo, war materiel, and supplies is over the bridge.

The Ukrainians are on the attacking advance on both their southern and eastern fronts. The Russian conscripts are defecting and surrendering en masse: Russian Troops in Donetsk Ordered to Stop Fighting Amid Desertion: Ukraine (10/13).

Yesterday (10/13), the entire U.N. treated Putin’s Russia as a Pariah State: United Nations Votes 143-5 To Condemn Russia’s ‘Attempted Illegal Annexation’ Of Ukraine Provinces. All NATO members and allies (50 countries in all) are flooding Ukraine with additional air defense and advanced weaponry.

Putin’s impending defeat is accelerating with increasing velocity. The war is not over, but Ukraine’s victory looks more and more likely by the day.

When that day comes, Brandon and I will soon be in Kiev to celebrate. Perhaps you may want to be with me.



January 6 Committee

jan-6-committee-hearingThe White House has been celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis this week with dreams of past glories. Biden has been baiting Putin into threatening a nuclear launch before the midterms so that Biden and company can appear formidable. So far, no dice.

However, the January 6 committee is doing its best to gin up an October Surprise. Trump was subpoenaed yesterday to answer allegations that Zoe Lofgren (D) California sent a text to Tom Fitten of Freedom Works in which Lofgren had read Trump’s mind and declared that Trump was intent on declaring victory in front of the Capital building.

The committee further alleges that Trump was angry that the SCOTUS refused to hear the election cheating case and is therefore guilty of the treasonous crime of anger.

So this is where we are. The committee to reelect the Democrats, or the January 6 Committee, is reduced to hearsay about their operative’s attempts to read minds. They are simply trying to bait Trump into an emotional outburst that can be turned into a sound bite. They have nothing else.

With the millions and millions of dollars spent, the irreparable damage to the government’s credibility, and the destruction of so-called moderate democrats, the average person is scratching their head. What crime occurred that requires such an enormous coverup?

The FBI was caught falsifying FISA Court warrants, and they have been doing it for a long time. This level of corruption can bring down the government through wide-scale loss of faith. Or perhaps it is better to say it can bring down democrat control over the government.

Trump’s solution is to change the permanent, tenured, untouchable class of bureaucrat into a hire-at-will employee, subject to termination for malfeasance. The democrats cannot survive this.



Politics of Ukraine

The lefties don’t do anything without looking for the effect on their power and wealth. While people behind the scenes manage the Ukraine war, Biden is pacing back and forth, looking for his payday. His tough talk and bluster support his desire to escalate the war so that he too, can be a Jack Kennedy.

lone-apocalypse-horsemanIt’s well known that Russia bluffs and blusters over using nuclear weapons as part of its strategy of intimidation. They know the media loves an excellent nuclear scare with all the doomsday clocks and other propaganda tools already packaged and on the shelf.

On the other hand, the USA does not threaten to use nukes because it weakens the resolve of allies.

Curious things are happening with Russia as they have laid down several red lines that turned out to be pinko lines. Each of Putin’s red lines has been tested and failed to hold. Examples are long-range rockets and missiles on their borders, the admission of Finland and Sweden into NATO, attacks on Crimea and infrastructure, and attacks on Russian warships in international waters.

Biden’s attempts to provoke the nuclear card have failed so far, and Russia has been responding to events on the ground and not to Biden’s provocations. Energy curtailments to Europe and bombing civilians, as well as the annexation of the four Ukrainian territories, have been their geopolitical response to the red lines so far.

Both sides are attempting to create civil unrest and win the hearts of the opposing side. The funny thing is that the demonstrations on the European side of the war have been chiefly against leftwing government policies. Anti-Green mass protests are not what the Greens, Labour, or Pogressives anticipated as Putin’s geopolitical response to their strategies.

But Putin has painted himself into a box by seizing the four territories. He cannot back down now without losing what he claims is now his sphere of influence.

Further, Putin is very aware that Mummar Qadhafi accepted Western terms after Libya had a color revolution, and he was hunted down and beaten to death anyhow. Hillary made certain that former dictators could not trust the word of the U.S. State Department, which led directly to the war in Syria and the suffering of the Kurds.

After Qadhafi, dictators knew that they could not surrender and that there would not be any peace terms that left them alive and their families intact.

Libya, then Syria, and now Ukraine brings us back to Putin. He cannot surrender, and he cannot win. He knows that Biden gains politically through nuclear weapon bluff or use, and Russia’s options are slipping away.

It is not just political survival; Putin does not want to be pulled from a spider hole like Saddam and hanged or beaten by the mob. He must place blame to survive.

Western strategy is betting on Putin leaving office, to be replaced with a leader like Gorbachev. Gorbachev surrendered in Afghanistan and inadverteantly jabbed the final spear into Soviet credibility. Russia still conducts bombing missions in Syria and cannot disengage for fear of the Qadhafi effect.

Our lad Vlad needs to find a scapegoat if he is to survive the inevitable. Not just any scapegoat will do; he needs to find the one that stabbed Russia in the back. The Greens will do, as they are the fifth column everywhere.

Or perhaps he can blame the oligarchs as the ones that sold out Mother Russia. Show trials and public hangings would fit Putin’s narrative well. He could blame the WEF, Americans, the old companies, and even Trump.

Regardless of whether he pursues the back stabbers or the sellouts, Putin cannot survive the reversal of the land claims over the four territories. Peter the Great never lost territory, but it looks like this will happen under Putin. It’s the one thing that a strong man cannot survive.




asian-harvard-graduatePlease keep your eyes on the SCOTUS, as they have a case pending, Students for Fair Admission vs. Harvard, up before the bench is whether a university may discriminate based on race.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act says they cannot; the 1978 University of California vs. Bakka case found quotas unconstitutional, but the 2016 case, Fisher vs. University of Texas, did find racial discrimination acceptable to achieve the newly minted Constitutional purpose of diversity.

In the 2016 Texas case, race is acceptable as a screening tool if a second factor is used. The solution was to invent the psychological screening tool called the Big 5 Personality Traits, which is biased against studious Asians and favors hard-partying, boisterous blacks.

Racial discrimination against Whites and Asians is so significant to the American University system that they have defied an Act of Congress and two  SCOTUS decisions. So terrified are the universities of merit and work ethic as the gateways to success that they keep the diversity portal under tight control.

Why is this, and what is on the line with this SCOTUS case? It is the very existence of the university system and its diploma-granting ability that is, in effect, a work permit system in the United States.

Nowhere in the Constitution is diversity a government mandate, and nowhere is it written that though may not hold employment before thou pays an overpriced institution for at least four years.

This case is significant as it goes right to the heart of the liberal elite’s grip on the throat of American society.



National Security Strategy or NSS

The 2022 National Security Strategy Here was made public after considerable resistance from the democrats. In years past, such documents were in the public domain rather quickly. But not this time.

The NSS identifies two “challenges” or goals of the combined intelligence community and military.

The first is “managed competition” between democracies and autocracies.

The second is “addressing the challenge of climate change and domestic terrorism.”

Yes, you read that right. The federal government and all of its resources are being directed toward the woke agenda of climate change, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the prosecution of middle-class Americans that disagree.

This means the courts, the intelligence services, the IRS, the FBI, and all the various agencies that pass out licenses and regulations, such as EPA and OSHA. The Department of Transportation and the Department of Education is now looking internally, intending to use any means possible to eliminate political opposition.

One must wonder how long such an NSS has existed. Since Obama?

ns-strategy-docThe document also explains the hysteria behind the Department of Justice policies that criminalize their targeted communities. For instance, turning the borders over to the drug cartels ensures an ample and steady supply of addictive drugs are funneled into the cities and towns that still insist on the rule by written law. Examples of parents challenging school boards as challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion are included in the supporting documents.

As the first published NSS that is fundamentally a domestic policy, it redirects the military away from foreign conflict and toward future urban conflicts down on Maine Street. The goal is a new America dedicated to the virtues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And all of this is driven by renewable energy.

The NSS seeks to constrain Russia but does not explain how, while it seeks to manage the relationship

with China through cooperation and technology transfers. It further suggests that managed innovation is America’s strength and suggests nationalizing the technology industries to avoid wasteful competition.

China and the United States must be “Partners in the New World Order” according to this new American strategy. The triangular détente of Nixon between China, Russia, and the USA is no more. It’s all bilateral now.

How did we get here? The fall of the United States and the rise of the Asiatic powers are due to one faulty premise that free trade can make China democratic. In reality, China captured our regulatory system and made the United States and Canada more authoritarian. They have captured our military, and General Milley throws the armed forces all in.

The good news is that Biden allowed the quiet parts of the political agenda to be written down in the NSS.

In the end, markets are more robust than governments. The left has captured the government and is going full ahead. But the winds no longer blow in their favor. All across the country, workers, especially the young, are going on strike. The progressives’ agenda is facing the reality of stagflation.