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SKYE’S LINKS 09/22/22

 itstime2fightRussians Are Bugging Out…of Russia Putin Needs More Soldiers

Russia ordered the mobilization of 300,000 reservists this week. Russians remember their fathers returning home from Afghanistan in galvanized steel “zinc” boxes. Now they see their brothers shipped back in the same type of zinc box.

Russians react to Putin’s partial mobilization and conscription orders by bugging out; it has become apparent to them that Putin will kill as many Russians as necessary to keep himself in power:

Imagine being a young person in Russia today:

Frightened ‘Crat goes lethally psycho, murders “extremist” Republican teen:

Nolte: Man Admits to Killing Teen He Claimed Was ‘Republican Extremist’


Even after accounting for differences between the states, there are two different judicial systems. Murder a conservative youth? You are a hero. Use a rifle in self-defense? The press will convict you in a heartbeat.


bill-maher-calls-out-leftistsBill Maher has been off the plantation for some time now. Either he sees the writing on the wall, or he is selling to an underserved market. Whichever is true is not yet clear. He is making good points, and the lefties are turning on him.

In the sanity returns department, here is a delightful rant from Bill Maher:

Maher: ‘Plenty of Liberals’ ‘Want to Abuse History to Control the Present’


jan-6-protestFBI whistleblower on January 6 scam:


no-values-for-kidsCountries pass through their fourth turnings at different times. The United States is deeply into it now and falling deeper. We do not know what kind of world is on the other side, but we do know that deeply held values withstood the Civil War and the New Deal. They will undoubtedly survive again, but it is getting hard out there. It’s getting harder. In all you do, remember to pass your values to your children and grandchildren.


winter-funWe face a few more years of Fourth Turning societal winter:

Are You Ready For Societal Winter?


no-private-property-is-communismWe know why the dems encourage looting and theft, theft of contracts, theft of goods and services, theft of time, and theft of elections. We have known for a long time.

Does it seem as if civilization itself is crumbling?

Organized Retail Crime Reaching “Crisis Scale”

desantis_airlinesBut some people on our side know how to play this game, such as Ron DeSantis:

Martha’s Vineyard Is Just The Start: Ron DeSantis Has Big Plans On Immigration



This looks like good news regarding the Special Master for the Trump Mar-A-Largo documents:


death-doctorsThe US Centers For Disease Control are centers for promoting politically preferred narratives, not real science:


Fauci lied; millions died:


Here is a long worthwhile Austrian economics read on banking and business cycles and what likely lies ahead as a result of central banks’ fiat currency expansion and the people’s response to it:


hi-energy-bill-is-a-right-winFor investors; inflation expectations are very high, even among ‘Crats:



More for investors; Xiden administration about to boost attack on fossil fuels with CCP educated ESG climate extremist as Federalie banking risk regulator:

Biden Admin Climate Appointee Attended CCP-Controlled University