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SKYE’S LINKS 08/31/23

economy-stupidOversized Economic Failure Requires Oversized Distractions.


Which GOP presidential candidates support the Constitution’s limits on federal power? When it comes to abortion, only Ramaswamy, Bergum, and Christie. This observation is both sad and alarming:



Pay attention to the anti-federalist arguments behind the current abortion debate. The issue is in the hands of the states now, and some candidates want to return it to the federal level.



Transfers of federal funds to any group that can write a grant proposal have made the academic world dependent on keeping the scam alive.

The multi-terrabuck climate scam:



b-47crashThe left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing. National security laws prohibit noncitizens from working in the defense industry, yet some in the government want to sue SpaceX for not hiring illegals as rocket scientists.

Back in the day, Boeing hired an undercover  North Korean janitor who cut notches into the wingspars of B-47 bombers while sweeping up under the assembly line. Over 200 of the aircraft crashed, many due to unexplained wing failures. Does the USA need this kind of trouble?

Racist bureaucrat sues Musk and  SpaceX for not hiring enough refugees and asylum seekers:

Musk Slams’ Black Supremacist’ AG Going After SpaceX For Not Hiring Refugees


More here:



wolf-in-sheeps-clothingScientific and medical journals are yet another failed institution. They are failing in their primary business of delivering honest, scientifically scrutinized, leading-edge research results.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing; Journal of the American Medical Association busted for failing to disclose an article author’s relationship to a PR firm paid by Pfizer and Moderna:


We win! NIH pauses $154 megabuck program for “equitable health communication” (AKA Federalie/Pharma propaganda), likely due to LA/MO First Amendment lawsuit:

Legal Concerns Halt NIH $154 Million “False Information” Program



the-pledgeFifth-generation is warfare within the mind. It is no longer what one does that matters; it is what one thinks. Massive computers keep track of those contacted via social media for at least two and probably more hops as part of a person’s social profile and risk to the narrative.

Riding the road to the Fourth Reich:

The Road To Totalitarianism, Part 3: CJ Hopkins’ Trial (& Sentencing) For ‘Thoughtcrimes’


Justice depends on whether the state’s interests are advanced or degraded by crime or speech. The state’s interest always comes first. This is the crucial concept.

Right here at home, the Mises Institute on two-tiered justice: crimes against the state and their punishment versus crimes against people and their punishment:


More on the new normal two-tiered justice system:



weigh-money-lawBiden used many identities to promote his crime syndicate. Will the DOJ continue to cover up the Biden crimes? We can only say that big bucks stopped the federal government from scrutinizing the jabs. But what might be preventing the heads of the DOJ and FBI from investigating tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in Biden Family corruption? The world wonders.

The ‘Crats will need another Trump indictment pronto to cover up the existence of over 5,000 Xiden secret identity emails sent and received while he was VP.

GOP Lawmakers Rip Joe Biden for Using Email Alias to Conduct Business



Reality bites – hard!  NYC officials ask NY Supreme Court to modify its 42-year-old no longer affordable “right to shelter” consent decree:

NYC ‘Common Sense Caucus’ Urges Amendment to ‘Right to Shelter’ Rules



lawfareCan Trump be disqualified from running under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause?

First, J6 was not an insurrection by definition, which is an armed uprising.

Second, Trump was found not guilty of that charge in the Senate impeachment vote.

Third, the text of the 14th Amendment poses a significant problem to the would-be disqualifiers:

14th Amendment ‘Insurrection’ Section Faces Debate over ‘President’


Turley on Trump v. Fulton County Georgia:

Yes, Trump Was Seeking Another Recount Or Investigation In Georgia: Jonathan Turley Responds To The Washington Post



inflation-trendThe feds claim to have nipped inflation in the bud, but with so many dollars being printed at an accelerating rate, it seems they overstate their case.

The media are determined to bury economic data during the election to keep their team in the White House.

How dumb is Fox?  During the presidential debate, they ignored Americans’ number one concern – inflation:

Breitbart Business Digest: Why Did the GOP Debate Ignore Inflation?



chin-eco-collapseConditions worsen in China as they run out of things to build and workers to create them. Xi must keep many people happy or resort to force to maintain social control. Revolutions happen after long periods of improvement turn south, and people are squeezed to their breaking point.

China has had many dynasties. None have lasted. That is just the reality of their situation.

This is a short and to-the-point summary of China’s economic problems for investors.  Note especially point #5 – the Xiden administration is considerable on promoting this type of government-directed malinvestment:

7 Reasons Why ‘The China Crisis’ Has Finally Arrived


More on China:


How nuts is the green transition?

Two Elephants In The ‘Climate Change CO2 Production’ Room



4more-bidenomics-yearsBidenomics is defined as increased government expenditures on social welfare, the importation of poor people to finance, enormous spending on infrastructure (meaning universities and their administrations, with some road patching), defense contractor spending, and aggressive taxation. It is not working out as planned.

The Mises Institute on Bidenomics:

Bidenomics Is Working… Against The Interests Of Everyday Americans


For investors, more inflation and high-interest rates are ahead – for a long, long time – because Xiden and Congress are running astronomically high deficits:

Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole Speech Was Full Of Holes


jerome-powell-jackson-holeThe United States and its spheres of influence have a severe spending problem and an urgent need to re-arm and replace the industrial infrastructure. Supply lines have shortened and are trending back to existing systems before globalization.

Everyone knows the government is concerned that conditions will worsen enough that even they feel the pinch (for the first time). Jerome Powell is determined to maintain government spending and to contain inflation through higher interest rates. He is hawkish for much higher rates.

The feds will continue to keep the spigots open while suppressing prices via borrowing costs. Higher and higher taxes will further erode savings.

Missing from the picture is a psychological reason sufficient for the average American to accept their despair. Think tanks are probably working hard on the next Gulf of Tonkin or similar major narrative shift to change the national mood. You know it is coming.

More on the debt problem here:

The Western World Is About To Deliver Some Very Bad News To Its Young Adults


More for investors: Austrian School thoughts on money, credit, fiat, gold, and Bitcoin:

Hedging The End Of Fiat