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Article Archives

SKYE’S LINKS 07/27/23

Another Second Amendment victory! The Fifth Circuit has refused to lift their nationwide injunction against the enforcement of Xiden’s anti-do-it-yourself Ghost Gun rule:

Biden’s Gun Control Backfires After Fifth Circuit Ruling: Ghost Guns Legal Once More

Woke Barbie

Woke Barbie

A sign of our Fourth Turning times?  One review: “The Barbie movie is worst bait-and-switch. Promoted as fun summer movie for kids, it’s actually a heavy movie w/ adult themes promoting radical wokeness, where men are awful unless they pretend to be women (Dr. Barbie is trans). Key scene: little girls bashing baby dolls heads in.” Another: “The lengths the studio went to hide how INSUFFERABLY WOKE this movie is are astounding.” How long until it crashes and burns at the box office?

Looks Like ‘Barbie’ Marketing Was a Bait-and-Switch for Preachy Woke Propaganda


Only the masochistic voters of Chicago could elect a mayor they knew was worse than Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot.  Just maybe reality is finally dawning on them.  For it’s not only Chicago. Big city ‘Crat mayors are feeling the heat from their black and other minority constituents about illegal aliens being moved into their neighborhoods and syphoning off taxpayer funds that would otherwise go to them:

Chicago Mayor to Put Migrants in Old Hospital Despite Residents’ Opposition


There’s more. Xiden’s open border policies are causing problems with the urban ‘Crat base that party leaders have been taking for granted. NYC Mayor cries uncle.  Note, however, that he fawningly calls illegals “Asylum Seekers” in his flier:

Mayor Eric Adams Giving Fliers to Illegal Aliens at Border Begging Them Not to Resettle in Sanctuary City NYC


How Big Tech messes with hundreds of million minds, and what is being done about it.  This is an illuminating must-read by a very serious professor of behavioral psychology:

‘The Perfect Crime’: Tech Companies Are Manipulating Our Elections And Indoctrinating Our Children — How We Can Stop Them

2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John Clauser

2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John Clauser

The most recent Nobel Prize winner in physics has developed a cloud-feedback climate model that existing models predicting apocalyptic “climate change” fail to recognize.  He concludes: “The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people.”  When one of the world’s most credible scientists says there is no climate crisis, he is of course instantly cancelled:

Cancellations Start for John Clauser After Nobel Physics Laureate Speaks Out About “Corruption” of Climate Science


Rand Paul files criminal referral against Fauci for lying to Congress:

Rand Paul: I’ve Referred Fauci to the Justice Dept. for Prosecution


Information on more Fauci/CCP virus vaccine side effects is starting to leak into the scientific literature, though the incidence is still being minimized:

After Long Silence On ‘Long Vax’, Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots



Here is a deep dive into recently disclosed data as to who was responsible for ordering the virus origin coverup – and it may have been someone above /Fauci:

Who Ordered The Lab-Leak Cover-Up?


The Xiden administration has, at long last, stopped funding the Wuhan laboratory whose incompetence resulted in the accidental release of the Fauci/CCP virus  – but they are still funding EcoHealth Alliance, the intermediately money laundry in this megadeath disaster:

GOP Sen. Marshall: Biden Took Years to Stop Funding Wuhan Lab, Still Funds EcoHealth


More here:

EXPOSED: How Peter Daszak Of EcoHealth Alliance Orchestrated The Natural Origin Of Covid-19 Myth


Electric cars – a realistic overview:

Electric Vehicles for Everyone? If the Dream Was Met, Would it Help the Environment?

Good comments & replies to the above



And where will the power come from?

EPA’s Power Grid Assumptions Are Disconnected From Reality


At the same time, the Xiden EPA proposes to ban nearly all small emergency generators:

Biden Admin Rule Would Ban Nearly All Portable Gas-Powered Generators


Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley explains how woke law professors are getting more straight-out fascist by the day now, proposing to dump the Constitution, disobey the Supreme Court, and having Xiden rule by decree:

The New Authoritarians: How Professors Are Now Calling For Biden To Simply Defy The Supreme Court


Which is why we need someone in the White House whom we can trust to do what this guy wants. Ramaswamy describes how he will disassemble the administrative state:

Ramaswamy Unveils Plans To Eradicate FBI, Department Of Education, Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Meanwhile, the White House gaslights are flickering. Jonathan Turley again:

The White House Suddenly Changes Long-Standing Position Of President On Hunter Biden’s Foreign Deals


For investors.  Nigel Farage got the bank boss who debanked him over his conservative views to resign!

Scalp! Bank Boss Resigns With Immediate Effect Over Leaking Nigel Farage’s Private Information to BBC


And Nigel isn’t stopping there:

Farage Ups the Ante: Bank Faces £17.5 Million Fine as ‘Mr Brexit’ Files Complaint over Passing Info to BBC


For investors.  Good advice on preparing for our looming economic troubles.  Example: “Preppers have a point!”

Lessons to Learn from the Great Depression


For investors from the Mises Institute; how there is much more to food inflation than the bureaucrats’ numbers:

Shrinkflation And Skimpflation Are Eating Our Lunch


Please put down your drink and swallow completely before proceeding. One of the researchers pictured.

Woke Researchers Spin Mockery Of STEM/Trans Survey Into Laughable ‘Online Fascism’ Paper