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ye-olde-inquisitionYou’ve seen this morning’s (7/28) headline: Special Counsel Jack Smith Adds New Charges Against Donald Trump, which includes indicting his Mar-a-Lago janitor with “destroying classified documents” – which PDJT had the fully legal right to do.

This is getting 100% lunatic ridiculous – obviously spun up as a Look, a squirrel! attention-diversion away from Hunter Plea Collapse-Biden Crime Family headlines.

It’s about time any presidential candidate of moral decency – not just of GOP but also RFK, Jr. — to promise on Day One of his/her presidency to issue a presidential pardon for any and all corrupt Biden DOJ charges against DJT, request a bill from Congress on the Resolute Desk to sign expunging his two impeachments, release all J6 political prisoners from jail (note they’re in cages above), and appoint a special prosecutor to examine the high crimes and treason of the Biden family.

First one out of the gate on this gets a huge bump in the polls.  A return to a one-tier system of judicial integrity starts here, and an end to the two-tier totally corrupt system the Dems enjoy now.



son-burn“Judge saved the day” is the understatement of modern times.  Maryellen Noreika is a Federal Judge for the judicial District of Delaware, the Biden’s home turf.  The amount of courage, unadulterated moxie, it took for her to blow up this whole corrupt deal is mind-boggling.  The next president has got to elevate her to a Circuit court with eyes on SCOTUS.

And she did it with one simple question, noting that the plea deal immunized Hunter from any further investigation or charges – so Noreika asked Justice Department prosecutor Leo Wise whether there is an ‘ongoing investigation here,’ to which he replied, ‘There is.’  And with those two words, the whole can of worms was exposed and died.

Watch constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley explain the Catch-22 Judge Noreika caught the DOJ in that they and their Hunter defense buddies thought they’d sneak by her: that they have to admit there is an investigation as the excuse not to turn evidence over to the GOP Congress.

Also, Turley reveals “the one charge the White House most fears”: exposure of Hunter violating the federal FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act).  “For who and for what purpose was Hunter a foreign agent? The President was that purpose,” Turley answers.

That was Wednesday (7/26).  This morning (7/28), Turley explains what happened further, then speculates on:

Biden’s Break-The-Glass Option: Pardon Hunter and Withdraw from the 2024 Election

But could or would China Joe pardon himself from raking in tens of millions paid to The Big Guy in treasonous bribes from foreign countries (especially from America’s #1 enemy, Red China), and paying no taxes on it to boot? No wonder, then:


“Jonathan Turley: ‘Panic Setting In’ For Democrats and Media About Hunter Biden Scandal



I hope you had a chance to read Jay Valentine’s The Achilles Heel of Main-In Ballot Fraud in TTP this week (7/25). If not, please consider doing so.  What Jay is doing is so critically important in preventing Dem cheat-by-mail that I’m going to ask you a favor:  please forward Jay’s article to anyone you personally know who could appraise a GOP politician or influencer of it.

For example, one TTPer is quite close to Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.  Another TTPer’s first cousin is RFK2, who needs to understand that he has no chance in any primary unless Jay is put into action. The fellow I’m trying to reach is Vivek, for he understands the technology involved far better than DJT or RDS.

Realize how mortally desperate so many of the Democrat Elite are to have a corrupt crook like Merrick Garland as AG, as an honest one will literally be their death knell. At their age, a long prison sentence means they will die in prison.  They’ve spent the last three years solidifying their cheat-by-mail methods to ensure what worked for them in 2020 and 2022 will be far more so in 2024.

Think of whom you might know who could be a major donor to Jay.  2024 is for all the marbles, the whole enchilada, i.e., our future, our children’s and grandchildren’s future, America’s very existence.  The Dems will cheat their way to victory next year unless Jay is given the resources and support to implement his fractal tech that can prevent it.  Please help him however you can. Jay can be reached at Omega4America.



whdrugsThis week we witnessed a heroic federal judge defy the Biden Injustice Department but she wasn’t the only one.  On Tuesday (7/25): Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden Administration Asylum Rule.

But far more spectacular was SCOTUS yesterday morning (7/27): Supreme Court Reinstates Major Gas Pipeline In Blow To Environmental Groups.  This is no vacatur decision remanded back to the lower court to fix things. No, the unsigned order vacated the ruling, meaning done and dusted, no recourse.

This is a big deal because the Court has clearly verified the Constitution’s Article III, Section 2, Clause 2:

“In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.”  


“Original jurisdiction” means a case goes directly to the Supreme Court. “Appellate jurisdiction” means a case must go through the hierarchy of lower courts first before reaching the Supremes. The key phrase is with such exceptions… as the Congress shall make.

This means Congress has the constitutional authority to withdraw appellate jurisdiction over any law – or actually any resolution without it being signed by the president into law – it decides. This is what Congress did regarding approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline that could supply 2 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from West Virginia to consumers in the Mid-Atlantic – now they have to buy imported gas from Qatar.

The 4th Circuit, known for kowtowing to eco-fascisti, disallowed the pipeline anyway – in gin-clear violation of Congress’ specific constitutional prohibition.   The Justices didn’t even bother to take a vote for a decision, they simply spanked the 4th Circuit for its effrontery.  This is a marvelous victory for constitutional law and order.



This will certainly energize the Congress GOP:  Republicans Unveil Sweeping Effort To Expand Pipeline, Energy Infrastructure.

In fact, this week they are working on a number of laws that we can all get behind.  Here’s one: Bill Introduced In Senate To Ban Sex-Change Surgeries, Hormone Treatments For Minors.  J. D. Vance’s Protect Children’s Innocence Act would ban gender-transition surgeries, puberty blockers, hormone treatments and other transgender-related medical care from being provided to minors.

People that administer gender-change treatments to children would be charged with a federal class C felony, which carries a sentence of 10 to 25 years in prison.  It’s about time.  We should want all of America to be like Florida: Leftist Parents “Flee” Florida Because Of New Laws Blocking Child Mutilation.

Here’s another: GOP Bill Lets Americans Sue ‘Malicious’ Federal Workers Who Conspire To Censor Social Media Posts. Dan Bishop’s Censorship Accountability Act would replace ”current law allowing government agents to censor and suppress free speech with allowing Americans to sue federal employees who violate their First Amendment rights,” says Bishop. “The Censorship Industrial Complex should no longer be allowed to operate with impunity.”

Another:  House GOP Prepares Legislation To Expand Child Tax Credit To Unborn Babies. Ashley Hinson’s (and Marco Rubio’s in the Senate) Providing For Life Act would “by expanding the child tax credit to include the unborn, providing additional support to working families, empowering women to care for their babies, will ensure we protect the most vulnerable and make critical investments in the long-term well-being of our families,” says Hinson.

By providing a $3,500 tax credit for the unborn and claimable after the child is born then yearly up to age five is a clever way to pay parents not to abort.  Wish Hinson & Rubio well on this.

And one more: House To Consider Bipartisan Bill To Crack Down On Chinese Opioid Manufacturers. Andy Barr’s Stop Chinese Fentanyl Act of 2023 would sanction the Chinese Communist Party’s “prominent role in every step of the fentanyl crisis from producing precursor chemicals to transferring expertise to laundering cartel profits who illegally traffic it into the United States,” says Barr.

Good intentions – but just how these “sanctions” will be effective is not at all clear.  I much prefer the solution proposed in the Cinco de Ridiculoso HFR of last May 5: Send in Delta Force teams to blow up the Sinaloa Cartel’s fentanyl labs in the remote Sinaloa mountains and liquidate all their personnel.

The Communist Government of China has partnered with the Government of Mexico in waging an outright war upon the United States of America, and has bribed its current President to allow it.  Good luck, Andy, but we need an astronomically lot more than your bill to solve the problem.

In any regard, all of the above was just this week’s GOP efforts.  Keep it up, guys and gals.




Remember this from Skye yesterday?   Well, how ‘bout this story in today’s (7/28) Daily Mail?

Sinking Cargo Ship Carrying More Than 3,700 Cars Is Still Burning At Sea Two Days After Fire ‘Caused By Electric Car’ Broke Out – Killing One Crew Member

One single Mercedes EV caused this. Skye recommends that if you have an EV, keep it in a steel garage separate from your home.  You don’t want what happened to this ship to happen to your home.



Time to say Thank you! for recognizing what I’ve been saying on TTP for years: that the #1 racial problem in America is anti-white racism:

Poll: Trump Voters Say Racism Against White Americans Is A Bigger Problem Than Racism Against Black Americans



Yesterday (7/27), Europe’s most dynamic woman leader, Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, met Biden in the Oval Office and addressed Congress on Capitol Hill – which she mentioned was named by Thomas Jefferson after the Capitoline Hill of Rome. She’s a Trumpian Italy First firebrand who also fully understands the enormous threat to Europe of a Putin victorious in Ukraine.

Her address was subdued but worth watching:

But here she is a few days ago speaking to her Italian Parliament in her own language about those who claim it is better to live under a dictatorship like Russia’s than to die, the “Better Red Than Dead” liberal cowardice.  Her she is on fire, here is why she is Europe’s leader for freedom. This is the real Giorgia Meloni… wow…

Meloni is bringing courage and sanity to Italy.  Take this for example: Miss Italy Beauty Pageant Bans Biological Males from Competition.

Just imagine what any of us, any normal America, would have reacted to such a headline of just five years ago much less ten or twenty.  That shows how much of our culture of Western Civilization, of plain normal moral rationality, we have to recover.

But recover it we can and we will, as quickly as we lost it.  Woke is dying.  Its cultural insanity is on its death bed.  After all, when the wokeist city in the country proposes this, you know it’s dying: San Francisco Mayor: We Should ‘Get Rid of Most Taxes’ to Attract Businesses

2024 will start a Renaissance of Freedom and Reason in America and in Europe as well.  Western Civilization will survive and thrive once more.



Okay, folks, that’s wrap.  Can’t resist closing with something you may not know about this week.  Did you know that…