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SKYE’S LINKS 07/13/23

Parliamentary Regions of Netherlands

Parliamentary Regions of Netherlands

Wonderful news!  A peaceful electoral revolution against EU tyranny is brewing in the Netherlands over massive EU mandated migration and environmental restrictions on farmers.  The Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) party was formed in 2019 after the Dutch government began destroying the livelihoods of farmers with lunatic “climate change” regulations.  In the March 2023 Dutch Provincial Elections, the BBB won the popular vote and the most seats in all twelve provinces (see map above).

The BBB is rational not radical, supporting Dutch membership in the EU and NATO (even voting for F-16s to Ukraine) – but that “each country and region within the EU should be allowed to maintain its identity and culture without interference.”  New national elections are now scheduled for November with BBB expected to dominate.

Dutch Government Collapses as Pro-Farmer Party Looks to Take Power



A fun, informative, and infuriating compendium on recent judicial decisions at the Institute for Justice:

Volatile Behavior, Boorish Flirtation, Insufficient Collegiality


Good news regarding “The Federal Government Commits Far More Crimes Than Criminals Department.”  The DOJ’s Civil Asset Forfeiture is Frankenstein Fascism: Local or federal police get to steal and keep property they say was involved in a crime without charging the suspect with that crime.  To get back their property (cash, boat, home, anything the cops want), the owner must prove their property was not involved in a crime.

What could be more clearly unconstitutional than that?  Yet there are hundreds of federal statutes that empower police to take assets from persons not charged with criminality, with none being tossed out by the Supreme Court.  Finally, Congress may act:

House Judiciary Committee Unanimously Moves Forfeiture Reform Forward – Institute for Justice

Full text of H.R. 1525, the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration (FAIR) Act

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

More on the LA/MO First Amendment case against Federalie censorship of social media websites by the man who is winning it:

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: An Historic Injunction as the Fight for Free Speech Continues


Would you believe this?  At elite Ivy League Brown University in Rhode Island, founded in 1764, 40% of the students “identify” themselves as acronymically laughable LGBTQQIAAP2S+.  One reason: while the First Amendment provides recourse against government censorship, it doesn’t provide such relief from academic censorship unless government participation can be proven. This is a real problem, especially in the sociology and psychology of gender:

University Reports: 40% of Brown University Students Identify as LGBTQQIAAP2S+


More on this problem.  A university psychology professor published in a prestigious academic journal an explanation of the new phenomenon of adolescents with no history of gender dysphoria suddenly declaring they want to transition to the opposite sex. Trans activists forced the journal to retract it:

Professor’s Academic Paper on ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ Censored by Activists

Woke Mathematician Kentanji

Woke Mathematician Kentanji

It sure looks like the newest SCOTUS Justice is innumerate, but thank Trump that the majority of Justices still realize that 2+2 does not = 5.  Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley’s observations are very much worth reading.  This is an example of what racial preferences and affirmative action in elite universities impose on us.

Incidentally, Justice Ketanji took far more time in oral arguments this term than any other Justice.  She is apparently so full of unjustified confidence that what she has to say is worth far more than that of any other Justice:

Crunching the Numbers: Does Justice Jackson’s Dissent on Affirmative Action, Black Doctors, and Infant Survival Add Up?


Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Snowden  on the continued rise of Big Brother since his whistleblowing in 2013:

Snowden: Today’s Surveillance Technology Makes 2013 Look Like “Child’s Play”


Important!  If you have a Google account, here is how you can reduce the amount of information that they are collecting on you:

Tech Explainer: How to Disable 3 of Google’s Main Ways of Tracking Your Every Move


Big Brother is running amuck in France. The French Parliament has voted for allowing police to remotely turn on cameras and microphones in a host of internet-connected devices for up to six months to surveil suspects:

French Police to Spy Through Phones Using Remote Camera Activation


Formula for fake news; remember the pandemic propaganda? By the physician author of The War on Ivermectin:

How To Create A Fake News Cycle

Selfie of Tranny Mass Murderer Kimbrady Carriker

Selfie of Tranny Mass Murderer Kimbrady Carriker

More fake news.  Here is an Associated Press article about the mental health problems of the Philadelphia mass shooter who killed 5 people and wounded 4 more.  Throughout the story the AP refers to the killer as “he” or “him”.  Nowhere do they disclose that this person was male-to-female transgendered and usually wore women’s clothes.  So far, I have not seen an MSM article disclose this:

Philadelphia Community Tries To Heal From Trauma As Shooter’s Mental Health Comes Into Focus


This is soooo obviously corrupt! But noooo surprise!

Hunter Biden’s Prosecutor Worked for His Former Business Partner


And this is even more corrupt!  The Department of Injustice indicts whistleblower:

Not Weaponized? Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Gal Luft Prepared To Testify Against Biden Family


More on the above rot:

DOJ Avoids Naming Biden-Linked Company Until Page 21 of Gal Luft’s Indictment


Recent Trend in Americans' Confidence in Institutions % Great deal/Fair amount of confidence in each institution

Recent Trend in Americans’ Confidence in Institutions
% Great deal/Fair amount of confidence in each institution


The Fourth Turning proceeds; confidence in most institutions is dropping rapidly, with the notable exception of small businesses:

Gallup: Historically Low Faith in U.S. Institutions Continues


More on the well-deserved drop in the confidence in higher education:

Confidence in Higher Education ‘Down Sharply’


On the origins of the fascist administrative state and the cult of the experts.  Remember the definition of a historian in the Soviet Union? “Someone who can accurately predict the past.” Still true in Communist China, true now in Woke America:

Governors Of The Mind: “We Must Remake History”


And here is how the Masters Of The Universe do it today. (Note: the above is a screenshot, not the 1-hour video – both Part One and Part Two videos are linked in this article).

Watch: Taibbi, Brand, & Shellenberger Expose The Censors As Malign Disinformation Superspreaders


We close with more good news — for investors if they pay attention, and for all of us too; worthwhile words about China:

China’s Economy Is In Big Trouble And Investors Should Get Out: Miles Yu