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zombie-nightmareIn every horror movie, there’s a crescendo of terror as the monsters (zombies, giant spiders, birds, aliens, or anything else) are suddenly everywhere. No matter where you turn, they are coming for you.

A father’s rant about a pediatrician who sought to inculcate his nine- and seven-year-old sons with gender madness has gone viral for that reason. It shows that the gender monsters are everywhere.

However, in every horror movie, this crescendo is also the point at which the brave people still standing turn and fight…and in a good movie, they win. Let’s hope that, as parents start to realize that there’s a war for their children, they fight and win.

Sarah Fields, the President and Director of Advocacy for the Texas Freedom Coalition, posted this video of an outraged father in New York State explaining how his wife took his two young sons to their pediatrician to get cleared for sports activities. The moment the nine-year-old walked into the room, the pediatrician, a respected figure in every child’s life, started asking him about his “gender identity” (bad language warning is why the actual video is not posted, you need to click on the twitter link.):

“This is why I homeschool and why I make sacrifices to pay for a private family practitioner.
The world has lost its mind. I’m sharing his video here because I already know his video will be taken down on Tiktok.

— Sarah Fields (@SarahisCensored) July 8, 2023


There is no institution in America that is untouched by this madness, and the professional institutions, the ones that require academic credentials, are the worst. That’s because these practitioners (lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc.) have been exposed to academia for the longest time.

Because academia in America is Ground Zero for Leftism, those who spent the most time there—and who were the best students, meaning they had the most absorbent minds—are the ones most likely to have accepted the gospel of cultural leftism. I can tell you with great certainty that 90% of doctors who graduated within the last 20 years are leftists, with the percentage even higher for those doctors who gravitated to medical facilities in Democrat strongholds.

We are witnessing the horror movie crescendo. These gender monsters are everywhere: Schools, TV shows, movies, doctor’s offices, libraries, political meetings. And at this point, we’re still the ones screaming and running. But as I said, there’s a point where the strong survivors refuse to run and begin to fight.

Now is that time, especially because parents are beginning to realize that (a) they’re in the right and (b) they’re not alone.

Of course, the usual leftists denied that this ever happened, but Fields was immediately able to show that the Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) that are now a mandated part of every medical practice are pushing doctors to get “gender identity” information from patients:

”Sarah Fields (@SarahisCensored) July 10, 2023


This page is from “EPIC” software, which was recently updated. Epic, which has boasted on its new DEI program, is the leading software used in healthcare. When a patient is admitted to the hospital there are multiple questions to ask. Medical history, medications, etc. A provider will click through each tab and go over each question. All of the gender questions were added when they recently updated the software.”


EPIC, by the way, is the largest provider of EMR programs in America. Through technology, gender madness is quickly getting institutionalized in the medical profession.

Not quite three years ago, Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care provider in America, advocated for physicians to inquire about children’s “gender identity”:

In a study published Sept. 15 in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Kaiser Permanente researchers reported on a pilot study in which they added gender identity questions to an intake survey at two adolescent health clinics in Northern California. They also surveyed some of the participating teen patients, their parents, and their doctors about the experience. Two-thirds of adolescents, 75.5% of parents/guardians, and 92.5% of clinicians said it was important to screen for gender identity in primary care.

“Making gender identity screening a routine part of teen well care could help us do a better job of helping these kids,“ said lead author Josephine Lau, MD, an adolescent medicine specialist at The Permanente Medical Group. “Knowing a patient’s gender identity is relevant because it guides us to provide appropriate health care services that they need.”

The responses on Twitter reflect that fighting spirit. Most notably, Elon Musk, who has 147.5 million followers, and doesn’t get shadow-banned, has said that parents must fight back.

musk-wants-parents-rights-fightElon is right. Parents must push back hard. That does not mean violence, threats, or even anger. It means coolly and calmly

(a) informing teachers, pediatricians, etc., that they are not to discuss “gender identity” in your child’s presence,

(b) voting for genuine conservatives (not Vichy Republicans), and

(c) no longer being shy about your belief that the whole “gender identity” trend is false.


That last item may be the hardest of all for some people because it could mean losing old friends but, I can promise you this, it may mean gaining even better new friends.



Andrea Widburg is the deputy editor of American Thinker.