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SKYE’S LINKS 06/29/23

disappear-jean-pierre-actKarine Jean-Pierre Throws Smoke Bomb And Disappears When Asked About Hunter Biden Texts

Yes, it’s the Babylon Bee reporting Fake News You Can Trust! So we begin this edition of Skye’s Links with a Babylon Bee-worthy event that actually happened. On Monday (6/26), a Harvard University professor famous for scientific papers on honesty was suspended for her fraudulent paper on honesty.  I kid you not!

Harvard Scholar’s Study on Honesty Retracted After She Is Accused of Faking It


How about dishonest fact checking?  Snopes gets caught in a ridiculous lie about how Musk’s Starlink might be responsible for the loss of the Titan deep submersible:

Snopes Reverses Fact Check Blaming Elon Musk’s Starlink for Sub Tragedy


What really happened:

US Coast Guard Says ‘Presumed Human Remains’ Have Been Found In Wreckage Of Titan Sub Recovered From 12,500ft  Below The Atlantic Surface After ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ Killed Titanic Five


Enough with trivial distractions.  Remember the pandemic?  Remember the Twitter Files?  It is easy for important lessons from the past – even the near past – to get lost in the onrushing news torrent.  Read the reminder below.  It starts out with generalities, but becomes truly shocking when it gets to the Stanford Virality Project:

Taibbi: The Elite War On Free Thought


The chickens are coming home to roost on the virus origin coverup conspiracy:

Fauci’s Flip-Flopping Lab-Leak Denier Subpoenaed After Stonewalling Congress On ‘Proximal Origin’


Here is a brief summary of the current state of the union:

“Blatant Political Corruption”: The Rot In America’s Democracy Explained In Under 1000 Words


Here is important news about the Xidens and the Injustice Department that the MSM won’t whisper a word about:

Joe Biden, Merrick Garland Implicated in IRS Whistleblower Testimony: 5 Key Questions

AG Garland

AG Garland

More here:

Whistleblower: DOJ Twice Prevented U.S. Attorney from Charging Hunter Biden for Greater Crimes


And AG Garland is in beaucoup deep kimchee:

McCarthy Forecasts Garland Impeachment if Whistleblower Allegations True


Hunter’s lawyer admits that the shake-down message is real:

Biden Attorney Chris Clark Admits WhatsApp Text Is Hunter’s


Turley on the long delay before charging Hunter – and on what is missing from the charges:

FNC’s Turley: It ‘Doesn’t Fit’ Logically that It Took Five Years to Charge Hunter with Things You Could Prove in a Month


Turley savages Garland, and with very good reasons:

Turley: Who Is Lying – Merrick Garland Or The Whistleblowers?


Gaetz accuses Durham of being part of the Russia Russia Russia coverup:

“Part Of The Coverup”: Gaetz Rips Durham For Failing To Investigate “Core” Of Russiagate


The DC corruption is endless:

‘Calling DC A Swamp Is An Insult To Swamps’ – What Jim Kunstler Learned This Week From Durham & The DoJ


While all of the above is happening, many people have forgotten about very economically consequential issues such as student loan forgiveness;

The Stealth Student Loan Bailout


Ramaswamy makes some good comments on Woodrow Wilson’s 1917 Espionage Act, which is the basis for most of the indictment counts against Trump.  We should always remember that Woodrow Wilson was America’s first fascist president (as explained in Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism):

Vivek Ramaswamy Will Call on Congress to Eliminate Espionage Act if Elected


The Administrative State has long been a huge and growing problem, and conservative efforts to mitigate it have done little to correct its tyranny.  Here is a fine easy to read article on how the Administrative State has spread like a cancer, how attempts to excise it have failed and why they did so, and suggestions for a more effective path forward:

A Century Of Impotency: Conservative Failure And The Administrative State


Got food?  The price of meat is going higher due to continuing drought; this article doesn’t mention chickens, but they eat corn, so they are going higher, too:

Do I Sell My Corn And Just Forget About The Animal?


For investors; were we better off in 1985 than now?  That depends, but the answer is No for a lot of people:

The Great Debate: Are Americans Better Off Today Than in the 1980s?


Money supply metrics from the Mises Institute; with Rothbard Total Money Supply and M2 are dropping, but with nearly 2/3 of all US money having been created during the last 13 tears, unwinding this inflationary mess has a long way to go:

Money-Supply Growth Falls By Depression-Era Levels For Second Month In April


Mises Institute money supply updates here:


BlackRock’s Larry Fink moans that the term ESG has become toxic.  While he won’t change his goals, this is a step in the right direction:

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink No Longer Uses ‘ESG,’ Laments Term ‘Weaponized’


More here:

Fink: RIP for ESG for Now

Got InBev stock?  They didn’t seem to be capable of learning from their errors… The new Bud Light ad is suicidally bad; perhaps all of InBev’s ad department majored in DEI studies:

Twitterverse Roasts Bud Light Over New Ad Mocking Its Own Customers