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making-a-pointless-joeThe Biden hits just keep coming.  Trust in government is collapsing.  Americans are starting to wonder what passes for “normal” in Washington, if there is any such thing there now.  According to Pew Research, only about 20 percent of Americans trust the government to do what’s right.  That leaves 80 percent who expect government to do what is wrong — as in morally and ethically wrong.

Joe’s fundraising is also lackluster.  Politico reports that the Dems are concerned that Joe isn’t inspiring their donor class anymore.  If this keeps up, the party isn’t going to have the money it needs to steal the next election.

Democrats are finding out that donors don’t spend as much on influence when it looks as though influence is going to be in short supply.


That brings me to Joe’s polling.  The cost of living is up, wages are down, and personal savings are evaporating.  An NBC poll found that 71 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong path — and they know who the trail boss is.  So Joe’s numbers are down.  Pew Research reports that his approval has fallen to 37 percent.  Unless Joe finds a way to spend us out of economic collapse, or buys a Men in Black neuralyzer to wipe the last three years of our memory, public opinion is not likely to improve much.

Then there are the congressional investigations.  The Dems should have watched a few of those forensic crime shows.  Apparently, they didn’t know that moving money around leaves an audit trail.  But the Republicans knew it, and they’re using their shiny new subpoena powers to follow it.

And if bank records aren’t enough, it turns out there are still a few ethical people working in government.  The whistleblowers are coming forward.  They may have been able to stomach a bit of Washington’s shenanigans, but what they’re seeing now is causing too much nausea to bear.  They’re letting the House investigators know where to send the subpoenas.  The money for influence scandal is growing by the day.


As my grandmother would say, the Dems are in a pickle.  Panic is beginning to set in.  They’re looking forward to 2024 with no successes, inadequate money, voter pessimism, and a candidate who can’t walk across a stage without falling or shaking hands with Harvey the Invisible Rabbit.

Three years into the mess they created, the Dems are coming to the realization that they didn’t hitch their wagon to a weak horse; they hitched it to a dying horse.  They need to do something — fast.  They need Joe off the 2024 ticket.

For that reason, the Biden corruption news blackout has been lifted — but they forgot to copy Karine Jean-Pierre on the memo.  Last week, she entered the White House briefing room for her daily therapy session with her fawning propaganda ministry.  But she was shocked to be asked actual journalistic questions — proving that reporters know how to be journalists but mostly choose not to be.

They peppered the press secretary for four whole minutes with questions about her boss’s involvement in selling influence to the Chinese — otherwise known as soliciting bribes.  It would have lasted longer, but she left — presumably to check her inbox for that missing memo.

Jean-Pierre’s face said it all.  There’s Biden blood in the water, the sharks are circling, and whoever is calling the shots has cleared them for a meal.


The Nixon gambit is coming.  The Dems plan to tenderize Joe for a few months with the realization that his life’s dream, to be America’s first emperor, is over.  Then a somber contingent of party elders (which is all they’ve got) will make a trek to the White House to explain the political realities to Joe Biden.  They’ll help him see that it would be heroic and selfless for him to bow out of the 2024 race — for the good of his beloved Democrat party.

But they will have fundamentally misjudged the situation and the man.  Does beating the odds in the midterm election make Joe more or less likely to step down?  He thinks he’s a winner, because they’ve told him so.


Then there’s also the matter of Joe Biden’s character.  Joe Biden is no Richard Nixon — and I don’t mean that in the good way.  He isn’t going to do anything for the good of the party or the nation, because Joe doesn’t love anything but Joe.  He has never done anything to selflessly benefit anyone whose last name isn’t Biden.  He hasn’t even acknowledged his youngest granddaughter, because she’s not a Biden — at least not in name.

The monster that the Democrats created has a say in this matter of stepping down.  The way Biden snaps at reporters and citizens shows that he is emotionally stunted.  He never learned self-control.  Is calling a voter, whose vote he needs, a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” an act of maturity?

He’s a man-child who has been coddled by the sycophants who maintain a protective perimeter around him, for his entire 50-year career.

If you give a child unlimited power, no moral compass, and then tell him he has to share his toys, how would you expect him to react?  He’s not going to make a selfless act in service to others.  He’s going to throw a tantrum.


The Dems may be thinking they can use Joe’s son to ease him aside.  Use the same strategy that they used against Michael Flynn — threaten his son with more legal jeopardy if he doesn’t step aside.  But Joe Biden is no Michael Flynn, either — and I still don’t mean it in a good way.

This strategy depends on Joe actually caring about the welfare of his son, Hunter.  That would be the son whom Joe used to facilitate criminal activity for decades, because he loves him so much (snark intended).

Rather than stepping aside, it’s more likely that Joe Biden will give the party elders a good scolding, threaten them with a few F16s for “working against the government,” and send them back to Capitol hill with their tails tucked properly between their legs.

That’s when the Dems will realize that the only way to keep Joe off of the 2024 ticket is to get him out of office before their convention.  That would require them to do the unthinkable: work with Republicans to impeach Biden, clearing the field for “Cackles” Harris. And good luck to them with her.

Whatever they do, the Dems need to work fast.  We’re quickly moving back into the presidential campaign season — which starts earlier with every election.  The longer they let this drag out, the more of their precious donor money Joe will waste.  They are finding themselves between the rock of political reality and the hard place of a stubborn old fool who has never learned any limitations.

Their panic will turn into depression any minute now – for which all American patriots will have no sympathy.


John Green has written for American Thinker, American Free News Network, and other conservative outlets.