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SKYE’S LINKS 05/18/23

colorful-flowers-windmillGovernment Falsehoods and AI Malinvestments.

We Have Been Here Before.


solar-panel-fieldRenewables are not “dispatchable” power sources as they seldom reach 35% of nameplate capacity and do not generate electricity on demand. Serious material and physical properties block the road to the unicorn and glitter power.

Solar only generates meaningful power in most of the United States  for a few hours, up to eight hours per day. Three hours is more common. The electrical grid would need to expand three times to enable enough power to be transferred and stored in eight hours to cover the demand for twenty-four. With the world’s current and projected industrial capacity fully engaged, this will take 200 years. Of course, solar panels have a functional life of 15 years, so…

If batteries are used at the grid level to store and meter power over the existing grid, then the world has a material and money problem. The cheapest path will cost $23 trillion. That is before the government corruption markup.

But if there might be enough money generated by the 82% of migrants on welfare using some magic, then there is not enough copper—nor copper mines.

Enviro regulations are accelerating, and Macron of France calls for a pause. Globally, only countries with robust legal systems follow regulations. Societies such as China’s that are dominance driven instead of competency-driven have no reason to follow the rules. They don’t and won’t. So, in the end, China wins.

And about those legal systems, twenty-three attorneys general are giving notice to twenty-eight insurance companies that their membership in enviro groups with the intent of controlling prices and markets is uber-illegal antitrust territory.


Renewable energy isn’t the future:


And grid-scale batteries aren’t going to happen other than as virtue signaling projects:


The energy transition has a metal problem, and it is immense. Nite that this article touches on copper alone:

The Energy Transition Has A Metals Problem


Too much may finally be enough; France’s President Macron calls for a pause in EU environmental regulations!

Macron urges ‘pause’ in EU environment regulations – Breitbart.


Red state AGs warn insurance companies that their zero-emission combine pledges may pose antitrust violations:

AGs Raise Concerns over Insurance Companies in ‘Net Zero’ Alliances




immigrants-line-to-rideTexas Governor Abbot continues to send migrants to those big blue cities up north. Chicago and New York are losing their minds as the migrants, long intended to dilute red states but not blue cities, impact local politics.

It was not supposed to be this way. But while impacting the blue cities, the dispersion of migrants over the USA makes it harder for possible future mass deportation.

Homeless shelters and luxury hotels are filling up, denying space to the vagrant, drug-addicted, mentally ill, and generally homeless people. New York’s Mayor Adams demands Biden do something (send money). Yet NYC has only received 75K migrants, or about half a day’s count that is swarming into Texas.

Blacks in Chicago are suing the city over migrants flooding local schools. These schools are for blacks only, dontchaknow, and forced assimilation of non-blacks onto black turf means that blacks are losing their preferred minority status. There will be violence.

Governor Abbot uses the Cloward -Piven Strategy, where chaos and crises result from overwhelming local systems. The intent is to change government policy. It is just an extension of supporting the narco cartels in Honduras and Nicauauaga that make life so miserable there that much of their populations are migrating.


Texas Gov. Abbot is brilliantly Cloward-Pivening the ‘Crat power structure in Chicago, NYC, and other blue sanctuary cities:

Chicago Residents Throw Fit Over New Migrants As Dem Cities Clash With Biden Admin Over Finances


NYC is getting its fair share, and Mayor Adams doesn’t like it one bit:


Cloward-Piven strategy:


Wow! Chicago Blacks revolt against Xiden immigrant invasion – Abbot’s CP strategy for the win!



House Investigates Covid

covid-virus_strainHealth officials colluded to reject natural immunity data in favor of universal vaccination. They chose to push drugs first and worry about the dynamics of human immune systems as a distant second. Or maybe not at all.

Fauci and the CDC’s Rochelle Wallensky met in 2021 to plan how to squash any notions of natural immunity. Big Tech, the intelligence services, and nearly all media were charged with crushing dissent and scientific debate contrary to pushing their drugs.

Doing this required the CDC and NIH to fabricate-falsify-invent the necessary data. If a citizen falsifies information on a government document, it is off to prison. But when government agents do it, it is all for the greater good.

Our government lied, and millions died.

For reasons unknown, the feds have reinstated bat coronavirus research via Eco Health. New terms are in effect, but work is being performed in China to negate these terms. Here we go again.


The House investigations of the Federalie response to the pandemic are hitting pay dirt, and there is a lot more to come:

US Failure To Recognize Natural Immunity Negatively Affected Pandemic Response: NIH Scientist


More vaccine questions for the House to investigate:

Farewell Questions For Rochelle Walensky


NIH turns funding back on for EcoHealth Alliance to make more bat coronavirus gain of function experiments! Is the Big Guy getting 10%?

Why Was EcoHealth Alliance’s Grant Reinstated Despite Group’s Apparent Failure To Comply With NIH Conditions?




john-durhamThe MSM lying swine are working hard to keep the contents of the Durham report away from the public. The FBI is stonewalling as layers and layers of company men work to protect their paths to promotion.

But, after all, the media and FBI, the CDC, EPA, DOJ, and the DOE exist to spin and control narratives. The narrative is their Force and regarding the Ru sia!Russia!Russia! Crossfire Hurricane Sham, well, the Force is strong in that one.

The FBI was established by executive order, and every FBI agent and employee knows that an executive order can shut it down. Hence their fanatical obsession with placing socialists into political offices. Their boat payments and dental plans depend on this.

The 300-page Durham Report blasts the FBI and its leaders for outright falsifying information and dishonesty. Elitism breeds company men, and company men protect their employers. That is how their bread is buttered.

Durham clarifies that Obama, Xiden, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies, especially John Brennan, knew that the entire story and its details were a lie. Hillary Clinton collaborated with John Brennan and Barak Obama to put Hillary into the White House.

The prize was a massive expansion of the FBI, including a luxury office building more considerable than the Pentagon. The FBI was to be turned into the world’s largest international police force. And it was to be a secret police force in many ways.

Many J6 prisoners are being held without trial under constant harassment and torture in a vain attempt to protect the narrative. History will not forgive the government.


The House is hitting very close to home with its investigations of the Xiden family businesses:


And the MSM is doing an exemplary job of covering it up:


The Durham Report says that the FBI should never have started the Russia! Russia! Russia! Investigation of Trump and his campaign:

Durham Report: FBI Should Never Have Begun ‘Russia Collusion Investigation


The Durham Report proves that Obama, Xiden, and the FBI all knew that the CIA had found out about Hillary’s Russia Russia Russia hoax but spied on and investigated Trump and cooperated with Hillary to promote her scam:


More damning information from the Durham Report:

“Damn, That’s Thin,” “I Know”, “It Sucks”: The Untold Story Of The Trump-Russia Investigation


Here is what the Associated Press wire service says about the same Durham Report: notice several things missing?  The full Durham Report can be downloaded from the link “report” on this web page; see for yourself what it says:


The J6 persecutions are even more extreme than I thought – this Deep State terrorism is a LOT more extreme:

J6 Attorney Says Feds Using Military Counterterrorism Tactics Against Americans



This Time It is Different (lol)

sp500-vs-cape-valuations-chartElon Musk is publicly sparing with Linda Yaccarino, his new CEO, over freedom of speech, selling the narrative to advertisers, and aligning Musk’s narrative with the global elite. Musk is the boss.

AI Chatbots are very good with language. Not so much with accuracy, sound science, engineering, or math. The problem might be coming from an army of minimum-wage workers hired to train Chatbots who are using their minimum-wage education and perspectives. The systems are not trustworthy outside of word-selecting activities such as writing stories.

Human intuition seems more than pattern-seeking, and the software does not yet have the magic. AI is more of an echo chamber, and the potential to create speculative booms cannot be understated.

Everything AI depends on having a correct premise before asking it to perform a task. If the hypothesis is wrong, so too are the results.

Investors have a problem in that nothing is actual, and AI makes the false narrative an exponentially growing concern.

Today’s links point out, Time and again, that the narrative pushed by central authorities is prone to severe and malicious error. Even the Federal Reserve is in on the act as they claim that the future looks rosy. But Austrian Economics disagrees. Never in history have such broad and deep malinvestments been made across an economy. The big one is coming as the malinvestments must be cleared.


Some hints of potential new Twitter policies with the new Twitter CEO: – but Musk is still her boss:

Elon Musk sparred with new CEO Linda Yaccarino in the on-stage interview: 3 takeaways from the exchange – Breitbart


Have you wondered why Chatbots can’t do simple arithmetic correctly, become hostile when their errors are challenged, and makeup quotes, citations, newspaper articles, and legal cases?  Worse yet, why are they firmly left biased? Here is why; they are trained by intelligence and fact-deficient Millennials and Gen Zers who make $15 per hour:

AI Systems like ChatGPT Rely on an Army of ‘Trainers’ Making $15 an Hour


Here are some good articles on Large Language Models (such as Chatbots) and elections and making AI more trustworthy.  They are housed in an outstanding  digital security blog, which is free:


Investors – be very wary of the corporate rush to Large Language Model AI:

What If AI Is Only A Cost And Not A Profit Bonanza?


Comments from a physician on AI in diagnosis:


More words of caution for investors:

The AI Revolution – A Repeat Of History?


For investors, some realism from Rabobank:

“It’s Now Hard To See Any Accurate Information On Anything”


The real shape of things as they are and what that means for the shape of the economy to come: