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SKYE’S LINKS 04/20/23

musk-aiThe A.I. Apocalypse

Authenticity Is rapidly becoming the most valuable attribute as the world spins into a whirlpool of computer-generated fake reality. Covid and the trillions spent on narrative control uncovered the vast potential to manipulate people to believe whatever authorities can imagine. The phrase “Fifth Generation Warfare” summarizes the situation where each person is delivered a customized narrative to overcome biases and values via the smartphone interface.

Just today, April 20, Acting CIA Director Michael Morell told Congress that he organized the 51-security professional letter that called the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation under the order of Anthony Blinken. The letter was not an intelligence service work product but a political move motivated by Xiden’s promise to make Blinken Secretary of State and Morell the National Security Advisor. The letter was the ultimate political dirty trick and the ultimate election interference. Morell testified to Jim Jordan that they knew the laptop was actual and that their political careers depended upon Xiden.

We will be looking at how A.I. is used to deflect the narrative away from looting Chicago Wal-Marts, manipulating American foreign policy, selling derivatives, or altering elections in today’s links.

Under the U.S. Constitution, voting assumes that individuals hold an understanding of truth that is geographically based. The voter can open the front door, walk outside and see reality. While pamphleteers two centuries ago, yellow journalism a century ago, and mass media altered perceptions during the most recent hundred years, A.I. is raising distortion to the stratosphere.

An example is the recently released collection of Pentagon Papers. While they contain some truth, gamers, and others changed statistics, altered paragraphs, inserted new text, and otherwise generated hundreds of falsified documents.

Why did they do it? For sport? Or to alert the world that everything is now fake. Official documents are no longer trustworthy. Even worse, videos and audio recordings can now be easily faked. This manipulation goes well beyond the Film, Wag the Dog, where a fake war was created to manipulate public opinion.

As TTP members, each of you is part of the OSINT movement, or open source intelligence, where you are encouraged to contribute your perspective on reality on the forum. The importance of this is hard to diminish, as the accumulated life experiences of our members add up to a powerful B.S. detection system.

As this Century unfolds, it will be increasingly important to look at narratives and question everything from a logically deductive perspective. That is, flowing from validated truths.


Fake Media Interviews

IMPORTANT! Here is an A.I. mind-blower. This link looks like an episode of the Joe Rogan show.  It is not at all what it seems. A.I. wrote the script. A.I. faked the voices. A.I. doctored the video. None of this is real. By the next election, no one will have any sure way of knowing who said or did what.  Did Trump say that? Did Xiden really do that? Are those documents actual?  Was that really a 3 AM van delivering ballots? Anybody can now frame anyone for any crime anywhere and at any time. Was that video from a security or cell phone camera, or was it A.I. generated?  Remember the parable of the mass confusion at the Tower Of Babel? The current situation is inconceivably worse. And the A.I. apocalypse is just getting started. We live in an exciting and both potentially dangerous and productive time. I expect that we will see more changes during the next 20 years than in the last Century:

A small part of the problem can be resolved with the cryptographic signing of documents and a hash to establish the sender’s identity. The hash would validate that not a single bit of the file has been altered, perhaps using blockchain-like technology. The 2020 election was confused by mail-in votes with no chain of custody. The 2024 election will still have that problem, plus much more extraordinary, massive chaos.


Fake Documents

fake-docsMaybe these kids were taking the national security state out for a joyride. Perhaps they are Russian information warfare agents telling Washington that Russia can inject itself into the American military chain of command. Many of the Pentagon Papers are A.I. chatbot-created fakes.

A.I. Chatbots can become Chaosbots by generating thousands of fake documents at a meager cost in minutes. Please look at the problems described in the link below, and multiply them by thousands. 2023 is about to become massively confusing. 2024 will be inconceivably worse:

Pentagon ‘Leaks,’ Spread by Gamers and Full of Edits, Cause Chaos


Isolated and Narrow Perspectives

Our elite and credentialed upper class increasingly only knows other members of the elite and credentialed class. The DumbBroadski that caused over $6 Billion in losses to Anheuser Bush did it to impress her social circle. She grew up in an upper-class home, attended an elite high school, Harvard and Wharton, and likely does not know anyone that manufactures, transports, or consumes Bud Light.

She argued for including the 1% at the cost of alienating the 99%. Whether this type of error should be called the Gillette Syndrome or the Bud Light Syndrome is a fun question. Marie Antoinette would be proud.

bud-light-syndromeThe Bud Light Syndrome: who did it and Why? Large Language Model Generative A.I. Chatbots will be used to distract, confuse, and disinform us about everything.  Most TTPers have the advantage of decades of experience living and working in the real world, so we are more challenging to fool than younger generations who glue themselves to their smartphones:

What The Bud Light Fiasco Reveals About The Ruling Class


woke-td-and-cap1Would you like to be a fly on the wall during a woke ruling class meeting where they decide to use your pension investment to be a trans ally?  Here you go:

Woke Capital: Corporate VPs Tout ‘White Privilege,’ Trans ‘Allyship’



Power and Influence

ai-electionBesides the distraction and disinformation, A.I. will play a significant role in the 2024 election. The central idea is to use automation to identify basic demographics and to persuade them:

How A.I. Can Track, Manipulate Voters

More here:


Authenticity as a Marketable Asset

elon-explainsElon Musk saw his native South Africa destroyed by global political narratives that set the country into a death spiral. His vision for Twitter appears to be the global source for accurate information, replacing the entire news industry and making the rest of social media as irrelevant as MySpace or CompuServe.

So here we have it, one of the most intelligent people on the planet is attempting to create a market for truthful news supported by truth detecting – or rather B.S. detecting – A.I.

How long can the Democrats and communists allow Elon to spoil their party? Let’s hope his security is top-notch.

Elon is riding to the rescue with his own A.I. – TruthGPT:

Musk says he is out to create ‘truth-seeking’ A.I. – Breitbart


Altering Reality

Samsung phones have altered the details of photographs since 2020 by adding or removing features inconsistent with its photo library.

The link describes how the phone automatically and without direction adds craters to blurry moon images and asks what features are added to people. Altering the pitch of an eyebrow can turn a person into a bad guy demonstrating ill intent.

altering-realityPhotos of Xiden and Putin are floating around with altered ear shapes, different eye colors, etc., leading to the question: Are the phones changing the images, or do body doubles exist? Samsung admits that their cameras will upload photos from a personal phone, tweak it to match policy, and return it to the user without the phone owner’s knowledge.

Anyone using Kindle has probably experienced the alteration of books to meet current correctness standards after these books have been on personal hard drives for years. The past and present are both being altered by A.I.

Security camera footage is indeed being altered too.

If you have a high-end smartphone, its “photographs: are often not what they appear to be due to hidden A.I. manipulation:

The camera never lied… until A.I. told it to – Breitbart

combatting-conspiracy-theories-flowchartAI chatbots should be great for fomenting conspiracy theories. Here is a report of a survey of scientific papers on combatting conspiracy theories. Most proposed methods were ineffective or marginally effective. The most effective way to separate truth from conspiracy theories was a three-month course in critical thinking and how to distinguish science from pseudoscience. Guess what our schools are not teaching nowadays:

Facts are largely ineffective in countering conspiracy theorists; research says – Breitbart.


The bottom line is that it’s all fake, and the only hope is to develop critical thinking skills to advanced levels. Universities used to do this, but it is outside their mandate as a utopian work environment for political activism.

Original scientific paper here:

The efficacy of interventions in reducing belief in conspiracy theories: A systematic review


It Looks Bad, Really Bad

kpatelKash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff and Deputy Director of National Intelligence, points out that many tradecraft responses, edits, interactions, and deletions are evident within the Pentagon Papers. Either they are grossly fake or grossly real, with intelligence agencies scrambling to alter their contents all over the internet.

If they are genuine or substantially authentic, then the ability to locate and alter copies on hard disks globally is being disclosed. Is this unthinkable? Maybe not, as the old music-sharing service called Kazaa could find music downloads on every computer online, even bypassing many security protocols.

It looks like companies now need to maintain quarantined computer systems that never touch the internet,

The former Deputy Director of National Intelligence smells a deep-state rat (which may be an A.I. deep fake rat) in the secret document disclosures:

Exclusive: Kash Patel Questions Emerging Narrative on Pentagon Leaks


Fauci Lied, People Died


Just two years ago, governments arrested and companies banned people for saying that Covid came from a lab leak. But it was true.

The former Director of National Intelligence knew that Fauci was lying under oath. The Deep State knew and approved.

He also says Fauci did it and lied to everyone, including Congress, about it:

Watch: Former Director Of National Intelligence Admits That Fauci Lied About Gain Of Function Research


Keep the Narrative Rolling

transbloodIt looks like the world has a psychopathic trans problem. Nearly every claim is now over the top, violent, and intended to secure power for the few for no other reason than the will to power.

If Moslems were following the trans playbook, you can bet money that the military would be droning somebody.

The trans agenda promotes the fear that American culture is being destroyed and that the enemy wears lipstick. However, this is working to the benefit of Democrat big-city mayors desperate to hide the carnage going on in the inner cities. One major retailer after another is leaving Portland, and Chicago is losing its share. It is getting dangerous to walk along Lake Shore Boulevard.

Look! Over there! It’s a squirrel! Trans violence threats are a terrific replacement for Jihadi terrorists:

Progressives Go Apocalyptic in Transgender Debate

The ‘Crats have to keep every story all Trump, or all trans, all the time. They need people to ignore authentic problems like this:

Walmart, Target, Other Retailers Shutter Stores Due to Thefts

The feds could read (can read) private direct messages on Twitter and other social media and maintain or still maintain the staff and technology to do so. A.I. technology probably reads every keystroke in real time on nearly every platform. If they can read it, they can change it.

Need to get rid of a political rival or score a real estate deal on the cheap? Change the emails from a targeted citizen into a thought crime.

Control over citizens might be the strategic motive behind creating the current batch of thought crimes – to allow anybody to be bumped off through false narratives.

Be very careful of sources, even direct messages.

Or this – Musk is reporting that the Federalies had direct access to all the private direct messages on Twitter:

Elon Musk Tells Tucker Carlson U.S. Government Had Access to Twitter Users’ Direct Messages



john-rubinoIt has been decades now. Interest kept artificially low allowed hundreds of thousands of projects to be pursued at 2% interest that are now profoundly unprofitable at 5% or 6%. Debt is rolling over to the new rates, and investors are rolling into a bloodbath as malinvestments turn south.

Commercial real estate, investments in downtowns large and small, malls, offices, and so on are all in serious trouble. Many investors will be ruined.

The global monetary experiment of the 21st Century has failed. Profoundly.

This is a warning for investors and everyone else about the multi-trillion-dollar commercial real estate debt-rollover timebomb that is counting down under our feet

“There Is No Fix” – Rubino Warns Global Monetary Experiment Ends In “Bloodbath”