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SKYE’S LINKS 03/10/22

A Russian oligarch’s yacht is “klepto-captured”

A Russian oligarch’s yacht is “klepto-captured”

For investors; truly unprecedented economic changes have occurred in international economic relations during the past week, and we are now in unpredictable chaotic territory:

On The Cusp Of An Economic Singularity


More for investors; a great deal of persistent inflation has already been baked into the cake:

The Fed Did It! Inflationary Collapse Was Already Here


Even more for investors, this from Rabobank, a Dutch multinational bank of the Austrian school; they have a good prognostication record:

Rabobank: Escalation Upon Escalation


By 78% to 18% likely American voters favor more domestic oil, gas, and coal production – and it is 55% to 27% among ‘Crats:

70% Want Increased Domestic Oil Production, Only 18% Oppose


Very interesting and plausible comments by former Putin speechwriter and political consultant; he says that its not about Ukraine joining NATO,  He thinks that it’s about domestic popularity and support:

Ex-Kremlin Aide: Vladimir Putin ‘Is Ready to Stop the Invasion’

What a pretty chart – keep that slide going!

What a pretty chart – keep that slide going!

Yippee!! Green Is Dead!! Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine may have triggered a tipping point in Green versus Reality, at least in the EU:

Green Is Dead: EU Energy Roadmap Has Shifted From Decarbonization To Energy Security


This is Xiden’s new “science” advisor:

Audio Reveals Francis Collins Touting Vax Mandates, Threatening Jobs


Project Veritas outs a New York Times reporter on what he says really happened on January 6:

NYT Reporter Says ‘Ton Of FBI Informants’ Were At J6 – Calls Traumatized Fellow Journos ‘Bi*ches’


Very true; if Xiden allowed the almost finished Keystone XL pipeline to be completed, Canadian tar sands crude could replace all US imports of Russian crude within a few months:

Canada Says Its Oil Could Replace US Imports Of Russian Crude, All It Would Take Is Approval Of The Keystone XL Pipeline


How nuts is our government?  No, this isn’t a link to the Babylon Bee. It’s on the US government’s disaster preparation website,

Don’t Forget to Wear a Mask During a Nuclear Holocaust!


Modern life, and unfortunately definitely not from the Babylon Bee:

Thomas Schelling’s Mad MAD World


Original nuclear strategy memo; very short, and to the point:

Nuclear Power, Gold As Money, And The Forced Pragmatism Of Wartime’s Harsh Reality


The Democrats need an excuse for continuing roaring inflation and the oncoming recession and an inflationary bubble burst stock and bond market/bear market crash. So how about a global cybergeddon before next November as both a grand distraction and an excuse to steal more of our freedoms?

A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Now Imminent?


What can you do to protect yourself from this plausible though less than certain chaos?

Have a few months’ worth of cash on hand to cover routine expenses in case credit/debit card money transfer services are interrupted.

Make sure that everyone that you do business with has your phone number, your USPO snail mail address, and your UPS shipment address – slow communications are better than no communications if email fails.

Consider getting a basic landline telephone; that type of service is more resilient, though nothing is guaranteed.

Have 20 gallons of gas on hand in safe, preferably metal, containers, stored well away from ignition sources, and add fuel stabilizer to it.

Stock your pantry with a few months of shelf stable foods that you eat regularly, not expensive light weight freeze dried backpacker survival foods that you will likely never use.  For example, do you like tuna?  Buy a case or two of it instead of a couple of cans.  (And don’t mention your stash your neighbors.)  Don’t forget toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and detergent.  Twenty gallons of drinking water wouldn’t hurt.

Do you have a generator and fuel?  Guns and ammo?  Three months’ worth of your regularly used medicines?  A massive cyberattack won’t be the end of the world, but it will temporarily be the end of just-in-time everything.

You might be wise to prepare yourself to reduce the inconvenience if cyberworst does come to worst.  You will eventually use all this stuff anyway, and it will cost less today than a few months from now.

Even a generator?  Yes, you will need it even if there is no major cyberattack; solar and wind power are inherently intermittent, and we are going to be stuck with more and more of it – which will degrade grid reliability until enough Americans are killed by the consequences for green mandate politicians to become radioactively toxic – and that is all too likely to take several more years.