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SKYE’S LINKS 01/05/23

untrusted-govtThe Search for Integrity

vote-giving-houseMy opinion on the House Speaker vote: I wouldn’t vote for anyone who didn’t promise in writing – publicly – to never again vote for any omnibus appropriations bill.  That is a hill to fight for.  Senate RINOS threw away the Republican power of the purse until next September by not filibustering that horrific deficit Omnibus for fiscal 2023.  Will McCarthy do it again this fall?  It looks like that to me, although he has failed to gain the required votes six times as of today’s publishing time.

In the long run, deficits greater than 20% of the actual inflation (now about 14%) adjusted GDP increase are inherently unsustainable. Omnibus appropriations bills are destroying our future by spending it to buy “donations” and votes.  When we get to the future – which is physically inevitable – that future will already be consumed.  We massively have that problem right now, and it will get much worse before it gets better. Some say that deficits don’t matter because the Fed and the banking system can create unlimited money and credit. So could the Weimar Republic.  They can’t produce goods and services, and the government spends and consumes resources without a return. The politicians in Washington are a more existentially dangerous threat to America than Putin and Xi.




As of today, twenty Republicans are rejecting Kevin McCarthy with the same passion that they would use against Mitt Romney or Benedict Arnold.

McCarthy said he would not solicit democrats but has already gone back on his word by appealing to Maxime Watters (D) as a fellow Californian. The backroom chatter is thick as the WEF and BlackRock are in motion to get their guy elected.

A view from the swamp:

Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry Rejects Kevin McCarthy’s Bid for Speaker





Things are hurtling down the drain of tyranny in Canada, where the government is looking to pass Bill C36 in British Columbia.

This bill “redefines” what informed consent is and provides power to the government to force medicate citizens for any illness while allowing the censorship of anyone that dissents and, get this — to seize their property and imprison them.

The legislators will not disclose the bill’s content until it is ratified.

Further, they intend to approve euthanasia for mental illness, including minors. The next step is forced euthanasia, or as some call it, a legal eviction notice from this earth.

No wonder Alberta is opting out of Trudeau’s Canada:

Three Events: Connect The Dots If You Dare



jumping-left-right-on-mapThe implications are enormous. Many politically right and center-minded people are either moving away from leftist territory or plan to soon. Most American automobile manufacturing occurs along the I-75 and I-65 corridors while the manufacturing economy is shutting down elsewhere.

Try as they can, the left is attempting to turn the red areas into the identical third-world culture as has corrupted the blue, but it is not working. Two major Bible Belts are in play, the Appalachian Belt and the Southern Belt, which refuse to cede territory to the globalists. People want to live where they can trust their neighbors and the government is not an enemy.

In the U.S., people are voting with their feet at an unprecedented rate to seek more pleasant political pastures.  Note that far more Republicans and Independents are moving than ‘Crats and that poll numbers suggest that the degree of re-assortment is far greater than previously realized:

The Great Re-Sort: New, National Survey Indicates Political Migration Will Soar



vote-harderSome problems will not be solved by voting.

“Take them to the slaughterhouse.” Says the vice president of Kern Community College when talking about white kids complaining that the college has a hostile DEI policy towards them.

Just as in South Africa or Maoist China, the Postmodern worldview is about power. Who does what to Whom, and we know whom they intend to eradicate.

People want to escape from what is becoming truly extreme woke tribalism:


Our long-time friend, Victor David Hanson, wrote the following article. The WEF promotes diversity as a global race mixing and cross-breeding until everyone becomes uniform and without unique cultures. Well, all people except for the elites. They argue for hybrid vitality. You might notice the propaganda campaign for vitality, a neighborhood vitality, meaning an area cleared of white people and their property redistributed.

VDH on woke tribalism:

Victor Davis Hanson: The Baleful Cargo Of Woke Diversity Worship




totinggalWhat will the future bring as European and Anglospere governments lose credibility? At what point will people revolt, and what will the rebellion look like when it happens? Clearly, rebellion terrifies the American government, hence the over-the-top response to January 6. But Canada, France, the U.K., Australia, Holland, and New Zealand don’t share this worry.

The reality is apparent: Metro areas, full of vitality, now become raging cesspools of violence and looting when the power fails. Our governments have brought us to where we are, one transformer failure away from anarchy in much of the formerly peaceful west. In some places, we are one missed truck delivery away from food riots.

The cost of being green in the E.U.; will people revolt against their rulers if they get cold enough and hungry enough?

2022: The Year Food and Energy Security Fears Hit Europe



global-warm-measuringThe global warming narrative was not going well for the enviros until they decided to change the pigment in the paint used on continuous air monitoring stations or CAMS. The CAMS were relocated to heat islands in cities, along with other shenanigans such as adding internet-enabled “tuning” factors designed to exaggerate data. Weather sensors are polling stations, like voting machines, and are subject to fraud on demand in this digital age.

The computer models are unverifiable, the input data are corrupt, and the interpretations are designed to secure funding for the politically favored. We are watching the most significant march towards central planning in world history. The justification for all the falsehood comes from a terrible misuse of Plato’s concept of the Noble Lie. Whether you call them Neo-Platonists or Post-Modernists, the central planners believe that they lie for global unity under the direction of the new philosopher-kings.

Fake temperature measurements in the U.S.:

U.S. Warming Over Last 50 Years Exaggerated by Up to 50%, New Evidence Shows


96% of U.S. surface temperature stations are systemically biased in the upward direction:


Urbanization has changed over the past five decades, affecting the assumptions and measurements behind the global warming agenda. Whether man-made global warming is a Noble Lie or not, disregarding accurate data and solar effects means that the New World Order is built on a stack of lies. The new system cannot function by replacing reality with rhetoric. There will be hard times ahead.

More truth about the climate here:



wecandoitThe link includes the 84-page testimony of Anthony Fauci that broke the world. He lied, exaggerated, and manipulated the government into taking grossly unjustified action in response to Covid. Anthony Fauci is the best argument against central planning in American history.

Fauci lied, and freedom and the economy died:


TTP has been discussing Fifth Generation Warfare, or the battle to control the mind, for years. Propaganda and conditioning, information control, fear, and emotional manipulation mean that armies no longer need to conquer territory when they can conquer the emotions of millions. The methods are sophisticated and deeply funded. Dr. Malone explains Fifth Generation warfare and how it was used during Covid and today. Dr. Malone’s link is significant and worth following.

Dr. Malone on the covert centralizing battle for our minds:

In War For Control Of Humanity, Thoughts And Emotions Are The Battlefields: Dr. Robert Malone


More on word, concept, and influencer narrative clouds here.  This organization uses this technology for guiding investment advice, but these mass data methods are also being used for public opinion manipulation:

Epsilon Theory 2022 in Review – Foundation – Epsilon Theory



censoredIt is a house of lies enforced through technology. The following links discuss the root of the problem as the government and the vast sums and corporate resources deployed to violate the First Amendment.

Elon Musk’s revelations of government censorship of Twitter and other social media are horrifying. Without free debate, society can’t find optimal solutions to problems. Throughout Covid, the entire world was forced to comply with the whims and whimsy of irrational actors intent on advancing their careers and profiting from mass movements.

The following links discuss what the government did via social media and why.

Lots of liars in Washington who lie a lot:

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Permanent Washington Is Overrun with Liars and Opportunists Who Have No Problem Whatsoever Deceiving the American People


It isn’t just Twitter; AT&T and Verizon – common carriers – are censoring as a result of letters from Congressional ‘Crats, and the new House will be investigating:


Musk on the Corporate Journalism response to the Twitter Files:

Elon Musk Calls Out “Corporate Journalism” Over Twisted Coverage Of His ‘Twitter Files’


A brief overview of the Twitter Files to date – and the attempts of the MSM to minimize the damage to the Federalie censorship machine:


Twitter censorship killed people during the pandemic:

Twitter’s COVID-19 Censorship Led To Loss Of Life, Says Former White House Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas


First Amendment implications of the Twitter File reports of FBI censorship activities:

Turley: ‘Menacing’ for FBI to Label Free Speech Advocacy as Disinformation It Says It Fights, We Have ‘State Media’



vax-snowwhiteThese links discuss how they did it and the growing anger at the intelligence community, especially the FBI, which functions as the Praetorian Guard for global elites.

Rinos and Democrats fear the loss of the House Speaker position to Constitutionalists because they fear the potential defunding of their elite lifestyle, especially the muscle and thuggery used by the FBI to cover up their laptops, their sex orgies, and their ties to the drug trade.

Americans are grieving as the heroic FBI is exposed as schoolyard bullies on the make-for-the-little guy’s lunch money. Watch the FBI scramble to censor harder, sponsor more T.V. shows, and make more people disappear as they try to restore their power base.

Never forget that they killed people through their Covid information control, and they did it for the benefit of Pfizer; never forget this.

However, the dam is breaking; Rasmussen reports that 63% of likely voters think that the FBI conspired with Twitter, Facebook, and others to censor information, and they want Congress to investigate:


More here:

Poll: Vast Majority Say Congress Should Investigate FBI


FBI agent provocateur?  Epps J6 transcript released:




More good news!  MIT is now on the right track; a majority of MIT professors vote for a robust free speech policy.  Perhaps they might now even allow a scientific discussion of the role that the sun plays in climate change:

MIT Adopts Free Speech Resolution: “We Cannot Prohibit Speech As Offensive Or Injurious.”



cyclone-chartBig Finance does not like to lose money, and firms such as BlackRock face a profit squeeze. They thought that they could take a toll, a private tax, on energy and social control by manipulating corporate debt and asset prices. In short, a fee is to be charged to everyone for being alive. But reality sees things differently.

The good news keeps on coming; the end of ESG is already upon us:

2022: The Year ESG Fell To Earth


Economic paper on the end of ESG:

Nebraska state Treasurer on ESG:

Murante: ESG Policies a ‘Real Attack’ on Farmers and Ranchers in Nebraska

Texas is pushing back hard on ESG.  Note that the hearing is in Texas so that if the ESG fund managers lie to the legislators, they will face a Texas jury, not a Washington DC jury:

For investors, the pig in python 101:


The likely shapes of things to come in 2023:

11 Ominous Predictions For 2023