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Afghan Mujahaddin with destroyed Russian T-62 tank, 1983 ©Jack Wheeler

Afghan Mujahaddin with destroyed Russian T-62 tank, 1983 ©Jack Wheeler

This week, Joel and his family are on a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii.  So my turn today.

Every week on TTP Joel Wade gifts us with his wisdom on how to keep your sanity amidst the stresses of life we all experience.

Yet such is the bizarre moral inversion that has been occurring for over eight months now that it has caused some of us to lose their sanity.  You cannot keep what you have lost.  It must first be found, then you can keep it once more.  This is a discussion, then, on how to regain one’s sanity that has been lost.

When one has suddenly become morally demented, factually delusional, and spiritually grotesque; when one suddenly lives in an Orwellian world where slavery is freedom, lies are truth, and evil is good, then one’s sanity has been lost.

Now what if this happens regarding one issue, one set of circumstances in the world – and regarding everything else, one retains their normal moral, factual, and spiritual good sense?  What’s going on here?

And what if this happens to people in reverse?  To those who on so many issues are morally demented, factually delusional, and spiritually grotesque suddenly become paragons of sanity fully on the side of freedom, truth, and moral decency on one single issue and that alone?

This is the puzzle of moral inversion that needs to be recognized and dealt with, for the issue that is causing it happens to be one of the most dangerous and critically consequential the entire world faces at this very moment.  And what is that issue?

Putin’s War on Ukraine.

Starkly, those on the Right who are on Putin’s side have lost their moral, factual, and spiritual sanity.  Those on the Left who normally live in Orwellian unreality have suddenly embraced sanity in their support for Ukraine and moral contempt for Putin.

Look at It this way.  Anyone in their right mind knows that if Ronald Reagan were President today, he would be unreservedly on the side of Zelensky, and joining NATO in pouring weapons into Ukraine expressly in order to defeat Russian aggression.

And if Charlie Wilson were the Democrat Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he’s be making sure Congress was providing the money to do just that.  Exactly what he did for Reagan to enable the Afghan Mujahaddin to defeat Russian aggression in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

But no one in their right mind would have guessed that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi would do exactly what Ronald Reagan and Charlie Wilson would do when Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine last February.

Further, it would be incomprehensibly outrageous to Reagan and Wilson that the most influential conservative on television, Tucker Carlson, would start spouting Kremlin Agitprop on imaginary bioweapon labs in Ukraine and be on the side of the world’s #1 war criminal instead of the world’s most admired and inspirational freedom fighting people and their leader.

It’s moral inversion for left sites like Kos to be reporting real news and otherwise sane ZeroHedge paying mouthpieces for the Kremlin like Pablo Escobar to quote its Agitprop word for word as if it’s a honest report.

Kos (11/06): Ukraine Update: Russian Naval Infantry Decimated At Pavlivka In Stunning Defeat

ZeroHedge (11/06): Escobar: No Pain, No Grain… Putin’s Black Sea Comeback

There is no comeback – Putin threatened, Zelensky called his bluff, Erdogan backed Zelensky, and Putin backed down. Period.  So much so, a commentator on Russian television lost his temper about it:

The result: Ukraine Defies Russia And Sends 12 Ships Loaded With Grain From Its Ports

Normally sane sites like ZeroHedge and Breitbart are constantly fear-mongering about Putin’s nuclear saber rattling.  The truth is that Xi has told Putin, rattle all you want but you will not actually nuke anything – period.  We learned about this in Samarkand shortly after Xi and Putin met there in September.

Now Bloomberg reports the same (11/04): Xi Warns Putin Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine Is A Red Line. So Much For A ‘No Limits’ Friendship.

Putin is being ordered around by Erdogan and Xi because what had become obvious by last March is blindingly so now:


All Russian can do now is bomb apartment buildings, hospitals, school playgrounds, and destroy city (not military) electric power stations.  It has utterly failed to defeat the Ukraine military in any battle, or establish air superiority against the pint-sized Ukraine Air Force.


Russia can no longer replenish its war weaponry because the Western technology required is gone.  It has to beg for weapons from Iran and North Korea now.  Note Xi is not giving him anything – sorry, Pooty, we’re fresh out.

Having seen his best troops wiped out in Ukraine – as you read last week in David Axe’s 12,000 Russian Troops Defending Kaliningrad Went To Ukraine To Die – Putin is desperately “mobilizing” tens of thousands of untrained Russians send to fight as sheer cannon fodder and nothing more.

Daily Mail (10/31): Russia ‘Suffers Deadliest Day Of Invasion Yet With Nearly A THOUSAND Troops Killed’ As Video Shows Panic-Stricken Soldiers Fleeing On Armored Vehicle Which Flips As It Speeds Away From Ukrainian Attack.

This criminally insane waste of human life happens almost every day now.  Daily Mail this evening (11/07): Russians On The Run: Putin’s Men Are Seeing Fleeing Burning Tanks And Dodging Ukrainian Missiles During Doomed Assault On Town ‘That Saw 300 Kremlin Troops Killed’.

The result is growing mass desertion, with the Stalinist response:

As Putin’s failures mount, no one should be surprised that, as the Daily Mail reports (11/04): Putin Is Losing His Grip Over His Inner Circle And Facing A Collapse Of His Regime, With Power-Brokers At Each Others’ Throats.

With that collapse comes the collapse of Russia as presently constituted.  As the Soviet Union disintegrated not quite 31 years ago, so shall Russia today.  And Ukraine will be free and whole at last.

For anyone trapped in Orwellian moral inversion believing the irretrievable evil of Vladimir Putin is doing the right and good thing in Ukraine, now is the time to recognize the reality of that evil, and how badly he is losing.

Now is the time to face the reality of what such moral inversion does to one’s soul.  Now is the time to cast out such soul-poison and regain the sanity that was lost and now found.  Now is the time to exult in the coming triumph of heroic freedom. Now is the time to say: