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I am not a Mac user, although I have several friends who are.  I must admit the Mac interface is sleeker, the box more beautiful, and the software that comes with the Mac better integrated.

However third party software is in short supply, and Apple development environments are simply not up to Microsoft standards.

Mac's vaunted security, in my opinion, stems from its 4% of the market. Hackers don't get the ‘bang for the buck' in creating nasties for it as they do with Windows.  Furthermore, businesses rarely use Macs, and for professional identity thieves, Windows attacks are much more profitable.

For years, Mac users were the right-brainers, the creative types - as opposed to the left-brain, draw inside the line, corporate toady Windows users. Thus it was forever, it seems, until - in a Frankenstein-like mixing of body parts- Apple came up with the Intel processor-based Macintoshes described last week.



Next week Thursday, April 20, four days after what many Christians consider their holiest day, Easter, and celebrate the resurrection of Christ, President Bush will meet with Hu Jintao, President of Communist China, in the White House.

The purpose of the meeting is being billed as an attempt to settle "trade differences" between the US and China.  Bush may very well wheedle some minor trade concessions out of Hu, which will be piddling in terms of coming remotely close to correcting the gargantuan trade deficit we have with China.

Bush may also attempt to extract a concession from Hu regarding less Chinese oppression of Tibet - given that Hu was for some years the Chicom governor of Tibet and had a horrible record of tyranny over the Tibetan people. 

Bush will talk to Hu about nuclear proliferation, North Korea, Moslem terrorism, Iran, devaluing the Yuan, and other weighty matters.  Yet the topic Bush will be most interested in discussing with Hu is Christianity.



There's a cheap and easy way for anyone protecting the US-Mexico border from the alien invasion - such as the Minutemen - to spot an illegal a mile away.  So if you know any Minutemen, feel free to forward this to them.For here's how they can make their own Illegal Alien Detector.



If we had Ronald Reagan here with us today, he would be puzzled over the entire debate on "illegal immigration."  He would recognize that just like the Cold War, the liberals are arguing for appeasement and the conservatives for containment.  He would be asking conservatives, "Don't you fellows realize that just playing defense doesn't work?"

Of course, defense is critical.  You've got to prevent the other team from scoring touchdowns.  So you've got to build the fence authorized by the Sensenbrenner bill in the House.  You've got to shut the border down regarding the illegal flood.  You've got to disallow illegals (and, yes, their children) from access to government benefits.

There are many other things you can do to defend America from this invasion - but, the crucial but for Ronald Reagan, would be we can't just play defense. We've got to go on the offense.

Which means an offense against Mexico.  Not with guns and soldiers, but with ideas and information.  "To explain the truth and go on an ideological offensive against the Soviet Union," Reagan would say, "we had Radio Free Europe beamed to the Soviet colonies of Eastern Europe, and Radio Liberty beamed to people within the Soviet Union itself."

"So, obviously," Reagan would conclude, "now you need a Radio Free Mexico beamed to the people of Mexico for the purpose of liberating them from the socialism, poverty, and corruption in their country that drives them to leave it."



In Sunday's Washington Post Dafna Linzer and Barton Gellman provide their gullible readers with a reprise of one of the great myths of the runup to the Iraq war: that President Bush used blatantly false information to justify the war.

The story revolves around various claims by several intelligence services that Saddam's agents were trying to buy uranium in Africa. At least three European services - the French, the Italian, and the British - told Washington about the reported Iraqi efforts.

Linzer and Gellman are wrong, indeed so clearly wrong that it takes one's breath away. The British government did indeed have information about Iraqi efforts to purchase uranium in Africa.  The definitive British parliamentary inquiry - the Butler Commission Report of July, 2004 - totally endorsed the position of British intelligence.

Nonetheless, the conventional media spin is that "Bush lied."  How can that be?  Part of the answer - the other part being the malevolence of the press - is that the White House made a total hash of the whole thing, as is their wont.



Ronald Reagan won the Cold War against the Soviet Union by supporting anti-Soviet liberation freedom fighters in Nicaragua, Angola, and Afghanistan with arms and money, and in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union itself with money and communications technology. 

Ronald Reagan realized there was no need to militarily attack the Soviet Union to defeat it.  All he had to do was support people oppressed by Soviet tyranny who were willing to fight for their own freedom. 

George Bush needs to have the same realization with Iran.  The opportunity to give the Tehran regime more trouble than it can handle internally so it can no longer trouble its neighbors is being handed to him on a silver platter.  It is not Iraq that is about to split apart - it is Iran.



Want to turn your kids on to some great rock and roll?  To right rock and roll, pro-American rock and roll, not the left-wing anti-American trashy sleaze they've overloaded their iPod with because they never heard anything else?

Then turn them on to The Right Brothers.  They're a young, hip conservative trio out of Nashville whose hit song Bush Was Right is driving the left crazy.  The music is hard driving rock, the beat is foot stomping, and the lyrics... well, just imagine your kids singing along to them:

Bush Was Right by The Right Brothers Lyrics by Frank Highland

Freedom in Afghanistan, say goodbye Taliban Free elections in Iraq, Saddam Hussein locked up Osama's staying underground, Al Qaeda now is finding out America won't turn and run once the fighting has begun Libya turns over nukes, Lebanese want freedom, too Syria is forced to leave, don't you know that all this means

Bush was right! Bush was right! Bush was right!



Please sit down.  Pour yourself a stiff drink.  You're going to need it.

Something is being whispered on Capitol Hill that is so radioactive sweat breaks out on staffers' brows at its slightest mention.  Here's the context.

For a long time now, we've been telling you in To The Point that Dick Cheney will step down, Bush will appoint and the Senate will confirm Condi Rice as Vice President, that this will catapult her into being the Republican presidential nominee, and that she will be elected President of the United States in November 2008.

A Rice Presidency will destroy the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party depends on blacks living on the Victim Plantation.  A Rice Presidency obliterates the myth of Racist America, and it is upon this myth the modern Democrat Party is built.

Democrats cannot get elected without 90% of the black vote.  Rice would deny them this 90% and more.  At most they would get 50-60% if that.  Any and all chance of Democrats regaining substantial political power in America would be over.  The entire power structure of the Democrat Party would be in ruins.

Any chance of the Clintons being back in the White House would be over.  A Condi vs. Hillary presidential race in 2008 is a fantasy.  Hillary, the most hated woman in America, wouldn't stand a chance against Condimania.  If Rice runs, Hillary won't. 



Vista delay, schmista delay. You may not be able to upgrade to the official next version of Microsoft's Windows for months, but you don't have to wait a day to add many of the new OS's security, performance, and interface improvements to your current XP setup. And to top it off, many of these advances cost little or no money.

Vista will introduce new techniques to help speed Windows' startup and shutdown times, and to accelerate application launches.  But why wait?

SystemBoosterXP claims to use a technology similar to Vista's prefetching, which anticipates the files you're likely to request next and revs up your file loading and app starts. The program sits quietly in your system tray (the area near the clock) and needs little if any configuring. You can try it for 30 days before forking over the $20 registration fee.

On the other hand...



The "Protocols of the Elders of Harvard"  is what Roger Simon elegantly calls the now-infamous "Israel Lobby" screed written by a professor/administrator from Harvard's Kennedy School, and another academic who holds an endowed chair in the political-science department at the University of Chicago.

It might finally disabuse people of the conventional nonsense that professors at our "elite" schools are really smart.

"The Israel Lobby" is really dumb, both intellectually and politically. It should dissuade rational Harvard and Chicago donors from giving any further money to the Kennedy School (where one author, Steven Walt, was, incredibly, the academic dean until his abrupt resignation following the publication of the unfortunate screed) or to the Chicago political-science department (where John Mearsheimer holds an endowed chair).

It should also help bright high-school students and their parents realize that a lot of "top" universities are living on largely undeserved reputations.  If folks like Walt and Mearsheimer are the stars of that galaxy, it's best to send our children to a different solar system.