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glass-houseCommie scumbag John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director who was in charge of the Deep State/Twitter/Facebook et al war on Trump, Russia Hoax, Hunter Laptop suppression, and Dem theft of the 2020 presidency, ticked off the wrong guy.

In response to Elon’s now-famous tweet that his “favorite pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci” (that got 1.2 million Likes), Brennan retorted with trademark pathological arrogance (that got 9 thousand Likes):


Big mistake, John.  Remember that old adage from the days of newsprint, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel?”  Especially when anyone with a 3-digit IQ can see you’re describing yourself as “attention-craving, emotionally immature, and highly devious.”

This is going to be so much fun to watch what boulders Musk hurls to shatter Commie John’s glass house.



On Monday (12/12), Elon declared:


This is deeply and profoundly true – which is why Skye yesterday (12/15) linked to Thomas DiLorenzo’s “Why the Left Must Destroy Free Speech – or Be Destroyed.” This is a must-read.


”Like all other totalitarians who came before them, the Woke Leftists of today fully understand that freedom of speech is to them what sunlight or a Christian cross is to Dracula. 


That is why they are all now hellbent on destroying Elon Musk, a man who is attempting to add a tiny smidgen of free speech to the stifling, statist political correctness of American society.  Their treatment of Musk will eventually make their treatment of Donald Trump seem like a love fest in comparison…


The Left considers the fight over free speech to be a political death struggle, and they are right about that.  If anything deserves to be strangled in its crib it is the Left’s current assault on the First Amendment.”


Musk knows he has a lever that can move the world – that’s why he spent $44 billion buying it – and he plans to use it to kill off the Woke Mind-Virus.  He knows the odds against him, and is betting his brains will keep him free and alive, avoiding what is happening to that toad-brained conman SBF:


Let us all pray that Elon Musk succeeds, that he and his family remain healthy in doing so.



Word now is that Musk is getting ready to drop a stack of files on federalie fabricating the covid narrative. This follows naturally from his attack on Fauci.  Then comes exposure of the ESG Scam and Climate Hoax.

With recession now baked into the cake, the number of big corporate guns are realizing the economic danger of ESG being pure woke virtue signaling.  Biggest of all at this moment is Vanguard, the second largest investment firm in the world with $8 trillion (yes, with a T) under management.

As Skye told you yesterday, Vanguard Quits Net-Zero Alliance in Blow to Climate Change Group, ESG.  This is part of something that has been growing for some time now.

Here’s the latest story today (12/16): The Backlash Builds Against ESG Investing.  It’s led by red state governors, treasurers and attorneys general who are kicking ESG firms like BlackRock out of their pension/retirement funds and encouraging other institutional investors like the big insurance companies to do the same.

After all, BlackRock and ilk charge a premium of 2 to 4% for their ESG management.  As Musk says, “ESG is a scam perpetrated by phony social justice warriors.” Like Larry Fink who runs BlackRock.  Dilbert sums it up:




One primary reason recession is baked in the US economy’s cake (and in those of some many other countries as well) is the explosion of money supply via near-zero interest rates for years, causing gigantic malinvestment.

Estimates are now that some 20% of companies in the S&P are Zombies that can only stay in business by continual borrowing. So with the end of zero-interest – the Fed just raised rates to 4.5% this week with more to come – so many Zombies are going to be flushed down the tubes recession can’t be avoided.

Worse, the bozos who run Washington are trying to increase deficit spending instead of reducing it, which will generate steadily more inflation. Inflation + Recession = Stagflation.  The only silver lining for the next couple of years (i.e., to the 2024 election) is that the Dems (plus a handful of House Rinos) get the blame by a public undistracted (thanks e.g. to Musk’s Twitter) by media finger-pointing.




Here are two silver linings right now. The first will make you smile, the second… a belly laugh.

*Mood Really Grim At Imploding Washington Post.

*Gov. Newsom Blames Biden for the “Burden” of Illegal Aliens Flooding California.




*Federal Judge Stops Joe Biden from Ending Trump-Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy.

*Federal Circuit Appeals Court Permanently Blocks Biden’s Gender Transition Mandate.


This ruling in the face of the Daily Mail’s headline: Biden Vows To Protect Trans Kids And Stop ‘Criminalizing’ Their Sex-Change Doctors In Front Of DRAG QUEENS At White House As He Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill : Tears Into ‘Extreme’ Supreme Court And ‘Callous’ Republican Laws

Callous like laws protecting religious freedom. Which is why Daniel Henniger’s They Want to Shut You (and 303 Creative) Up in the Wall Street Journal (12/15) is such an important must-read. Actually, the truth is, the fascist woke don’t just want you to shut up, they want to bankrupt you and put you in prison.



A Hurray! for two true American ladies you should know about this week.

*Mom Protesting Wokeness In Cat Costume At School Board Meeting Goes Viral: ‘Truth Prevails Over Imagination’.


She’s Lindsey Graham, a mother of a child being mis-educated by the local school board of the Liberty Elementary School District of Phoenix, Arizona,  with a tranny (a man, Paul Bixler, who pretends to be a woman) as a member. She spoke to a board meeting dressed in a cat costume and said:


“I’m a cat. Meow, meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. How many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? How many of you believe that your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one. You’re right.


Truth prevails over imagination. Reality exists. Discernment is innate and something that we’re wired to have. One look at me, and you know this to be true. I’m a woman posing as a cat. Obviously, you can’t just identify as whatever you want and demand that other people identify you as whatever you want.


This is elementary school. So these are young vulnerable minds. The teachers, the rest of the school board are identifying him as Ms. while he’s talking in just the deepest manly voice that he was born with and so to see these parents take no responsibility for the education of these kids and to teach them true right and wrong, and true biology, and true facts and science, is just so alarming that we have this in the school system.


We’re talking about a new type of indoctrination, and that’s what’s really terrifying, is seeing these people in charge of our kids’ education.”


Lindsey Graham is the HFR Hero of the Week.

*GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Rifle, Colorado Wins Reelection, Recount Confirms.


Lauren and her team made sure Dem cheat-to-win didn’t work in her district.  With that, the House vote for the 118th Congress (to be sworn in on Jan 3) is final: 222R/212D with 1 vacancy due to recent death of Donald McEachin (D-VA). A special election on Feb 21, 2023 in the solid D district will make it 222R/213D.

Good luck to Kevin McCarthy in holding his five-seat majority together.  He’s got to be as big a nad-crusher as Nancy.  What are the odds?



We turn now to another heroic woman.  She is Nobel Laureate Oleksandra Matviychuk, Director of the Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties. She has just been awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

Here in an interview with the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, she concisely explains why there cannot be lasting peace without justice.  Please watch as she does so in less than three minutes:

She speaks for the most heroic people on Earth today, her fellow Ukrainians.  Another lady who does is Kira Rudik, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Leader of political party Golos (Voice).  She succinctly explains the situation:


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are filled with heroic women fighting for their country’s freedom.  Another is a beauty queen who has become such an accomplished and feared sniper her fellow soldiers nickname her Ukraine’s Joan of Arc.  You’ll enjoy this – but, sorry, guys, she just got married…

So how’s Putin doing?  Spending 8% of Russia’s entire GDP to lose his war, or 30% of Russia’s entire 2023 budget.


Losing how badly? Fighting a war with World War II technology. Or is it World War I?


As of today (12/16), the Russian KIA (Killed In Action) body count in Ukraine since Feb 24 stands at 97,270.  It will hit over 100,000 before Christmas – Merry Christmas, Ukraine.  Note that the normal WIA (Wounded In Action) to KIA is normally 3 to 1, meaning as many as 300,000 casualties filling up Russian hospitals to total overflow.


Already, there are reports: Putin Is Preparing to Flee When Russia Implodes, Ex-Aide Says. Can’t happen soon enough.



Putin’s one and only real military ally in the world now is Mullah Iran.  And the terrorist Hate America Mullahs are in beaucoup deep kimchee.  As the Wall Street Journal reports (12/11): Iran’s Islamic Leaders Face a Crisis of Faith as Protests Swell.

Tonight (12/16), the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is lit up in solidarity with Iran protesters: ‘WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM’ in multiple languages.


Think of how vastly more peaceful, free, and better the world would be without a fascist Russia and a terrorist Iran.  It’s becoming more possible by the day.