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zelensky-timeOn Monday (5/23), TIME Magazine will publish its Time 100 issue, listing who its editors, past awardees and readers consider to be the 100 most influential people in the entire world for 2022.  Odds are very high that gracing its cover will be the single most influential of all – Volodymyr Zelensky.

Almost singlehandedly, he has rescued his nation of 44 million from obliteration by a foreign evil the like of which Europe has not seen since Nazi Germany, and is on his way to militarily defeating it.  He has welded his fractious people into a unified, patriotic whole, creating a fully sovereign Ukraine rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the horrors of Russian attempts to destroy it over the last three centuries until right now.

If Time had an award for Loser of the Year, no doubt it would be Vladimir Putin. Here’s his consolation prize:


On Wednesday (5/18), previously neutral Sweden and Finland formally and simultaneously requested to join NATO, given the egregious threats to them issuing from Putin’s Kremlin. They were warmly welcomed in doing so by General-Secretary Stoltenberg:


“I warmly welcome the requests by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.  You are our closest partners.  And your membership in NATO would increase our shared security.”


Finnish courage is bucking up Swedish caution.  All Finns know the famous story of their General Ehrnrooth visiting England after WWII.  British general asked him how many Russian troops were stationed in Finland.

“A few hundred thousand,” answered Ehrnrooth. “Where in Finland are they stationed?”the British general asked.

Ehrnrooth answered: “Two meters underground around the border.”

The Finns cleaned Stalin’s clock in his attempt to conquer Finland, and they have no fear of Putin’s threats today. One reason is “The Finnish way of being prepared”:

Another is the amazing strength of the Finnish military:

Which is why this Finnish tweet has gone globally viral:


And why WaPo can clearly explain why Russia Is Furious That Finland Is Joining NATO But Can’t Do Much About It. If anything at all.



The fly in NATO’s ointment is, of course, Turkey – and NATO’s self-sabotaging insistence that acceptance of new members requires unanimous approval of all existing members.

Turkey’s NATO membership should have been suspended once an Islamic Fascist seized power and turned the country from a democracy into a dictatorship – one imbued with a fanatical hatred of Western Civilization and Christianity.

So Erdogan’s blocking Finland and Sweden’s admittance may be the insufferable tipping point.  Bloomberg today (5/20), for example, called for Turkey’s being expelled or at least its suspension of voting rights.

And if you want a briefing on Erdogan, the Kurds, the PKK – the “terrorists” in bed with Erdogan’s military in heroin smuggling – read The Kurdish Card In Turkey (TTP, April 2007).



Meanwhile, here’s how badly Putin’s War on Ukraine is going.

Igor Girkin is a war criminal who committed numerous atrocities in Putin’s seizure of Ukraine’s Donbas and Crimea as a GRU (Russian military intelligence) officer.  He lives in Moscow, is a fierce Russian nationalist and no friend of Ukraine.

Yet in this morning’s Daily Mail (5/20), he bitterly condemns Putin’s war for being such an incompetent failure:

“Russia Has No Hope Of Winning Its War In Ukraine – ‘It’s Meaningless To Hope For Victory’: Top Russian Ex-Spy Turned Influencer Warns Putin’s Offensive In Eastern Ukraine Is Going ‘Very Bad’, Troops Will Suffer ‘Huge Losses’ While Their Leadership Leaves ‘Much To Be Desired’

Girkin is very bitter about his prediction that Putin’s war will be lost by September.  But given that wars are won or lost by will and logistics, with Ukraine having both and Russia having neither, such a loss is inevitable – especially given the continuing torrent of first-rate modern weaponry pouring into Ukraine now.

And because the cannon fodder untrained conscripts Putin is sending into Ukraine to be a body bag have little to no will to fight.  Cf: Putin’s Commanders Are Slaughtering Their Own Wounded Soldiers Rather Than Retrieving Them From The Battlefield For Medical Treatment, Captured Russian Soldiers Reveal.

We can predict, then, that while the Time 100 this year will include Putin for being influentially evil, he won’t be next year. He’ll be a nobody if he’s still alive.



Time for a moment of personal schadenfreude.  I was overjoyed to see Madison Cawthorn lose his reelection attempt on Tuesday (5/17).  Once he publicly called Zelensky a “fascist thug,” I concluded he’s either mentally/morally unhinged or on the Kremlin payroll.  Good riddance.

Speaking of being on an enemy payroll, I seriously wonder if Turkish citizen Dr. Oz is on Erdogan’s.  Cf: Enes Kanter Freedom: Dr. Oz Works for Turkish Dictator Erdogan.


Why Trump would support him is a mystery – but then so is his friendship with Erdogan.



Now it’s time to come to the defense of someone I’ve grown to seriously dislike, which is very unfortunate since I’ve known him since he was a young boy – Tucker Carlson, who went around the bend in his nutball pro-Putin anti-Ukraine theories.

One “theory” of his is no theory at all but hard cold fact – which he was ludicrously pilloried for by the Media Left this week. E.g., by the New York Times (5/15): A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Espoused By The Suspect In The Buffalo Massacre And Fostered Online, Is Refashioned By The GOP.

The main target here is Tucker.  Note the despicable attempt to tie him with the demented Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron

Here’s a condemnatory collage by the lefties at Media Matters of Tucker espousing  “The Great Replacement Theory” – defined by Wikipedia (see link) as a “white nationalist far right conspiracy theory” (no bias there!)

There’s no “theory” of Tucker’s here, it’s all fact as you can see/hear for yourself.  Further, it’s no “replacement,” it’s addition, for the purpose of outnumbering white normals in America just as its purpose in Europe is to outnumber ethnic Europeans with Middle East and African Moslems (note the Wikipedia article is listed under the category of Islamophobia).

And Tucker is also absolutely right that the Leftist policy’s purpose is the abolition of democracy and legitimate voting.  The consequence of that was the theft of enough House seats in 2018 to make Pelosi Speaker, the theft of the Presidency in 2020, and the theft of two Georgia Senate seats to make Schumer Majority Leader in January 2021.

We have to pray that there will be enough of an honest election this November for a Red Wave (even a Tsunami) to wash away Dem control of Capitol Hill, so we have a chance to rescue our country from Left-Dem-Woke culturecide lunacy.

Oh, Tucker – feel free to refute your woketard enemies with this one simple meme:




The only thing standing in the way of a Red Wave is Dem cheating as you well know.  Yet the Wave is building so high that no cheating effort can withstand it, especially when there are close to 470 separate House + Senate races throughout all 50 states.  Even though many are safe D or R, that’s on an order of magnitude or two more difficult for cheating than a presidential race in 5 swing states like in 2020.

One major reason the Wave is building so insuperably high is the unstoppability of Bidenflation.

Inflation is traditionally caused by too much money chasing too few goods that people want.  Bidenflation differs in that, while the government has indeed inflated the economy with ludicrous amounts of paper money, it has done everything it can to purposefully stop or curtail the production of what people want – and must have, like food and energy.

Take baby formula.  Why do supermercados in Mexico have shelves full of it while America’s supermarkets’ are bare?  Because Mexico allows the import of European baby formula as it trusts Europe regulatory controls.  FDA rules prevent this, while completely screwing up requalifying Abbott to restart production – because Abbott wouldn’t bribe the FDA to fast-track reapproval.

Most everyone in the US has no idea how impossibly onerous is the gigantic (and all unconstitutional) mass of bureaucratic regulations the FDA places on everything it controls.  And how impossibly corrupt it is – the most bribable agency in DC, albeit the bribes can only be paid by Big Pharma.  No wonder, then:


With energy, it’s the devil’s combo of the EPA – which constitutionally should not exist – and the Left’s religion of the Climate Change Hoax.  Skye ran this yesterday:


Funny and true, yes, but as Skye and I discussed this morning, the real problem with energy supply – like diesel fuel that truckers and farmers can’t afford – is not drilling production but lack of refineries due to EPA over-regulation.  Small refineries are closing all over and no new ones are being built.  As a result, US refinery production is now down 2mbd, million barrels a day, less than in Trump’s day.

Further, the EPA is relentlessly pressuring banks not to give loans to, and investment firms like Goldman and Blackrock not to invest in any form of fossil fuel development or production.  The Biden EPA is waging an outright war on the entire fossil fuel industry, and people wonder why the price of gas or energy is so high?

Wouldn’t just about everybody accept some mean tweets for $2 gas about now?



Speaking of 2024, here’s a charming and delightful interview on Sunday (5/15) of someone we also wish was back in the White House.  Note when asked about that possibility, she said with a smile, “Never say never!”



Absolute best news of the day, week, and month – just in this afternoon (5/20):

Louisiana Judge Blocks Biden From Lifting Title 42 At The Border: Rules White House Must Keep Restrictions In Place Following Plan Officials Feared Would Cause A Huge Migrant Surge And Chaos At The Border

This calls for two fingers (and no ice!) of Aultmor 12 year, a Speyside single malt that’s the best Scotch I know of.  I am now raising “a nip of the Buckie Road” in gratitude to Trump appointee Judge Robert Summerhays.



There’s more to celebrate this week – just look at today’s (5/20) front page headlines in the Wall Street Journal for example:

*The Baby Formula Shortage Was Made in Washington

*China Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate as Growth Crumbles

*Senior Executives, Board Members Leave Russian Oil Giant Rosneft

*European Union Sets Out Plan to End Russian Energy Imports

*Ukraine Will Fight Until All Russian Forces Expelled, Military Intelligence Chief Says

*As Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Stalls, Critical Voices Emerge in Moscow

*Russian Inflation Makes U.S. Price Rises Look Tame


But it’s getting late and it’s time to go.  So let’s close with the Tweet of the Week:


Branco characterizes the consequences:


The End of Democrat Woke Fascist Insanity is nigh.  The sun will rise of America once again.  We just need patience to ride the night out.