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Biden and Ayatollah Khamenei

Biden and Ayatollah Khamenei

Hamas terrorists in Gaza launched a massive and highly coordinated attack on Israel with incursions by land, air and sea. From a thousand miles away, Iran was funding and coordinating it. There had to be a lot of cyber chatter preceding the attack.

Yet Israel was apparently caught by complete surprise.

The question being rightly asked is, how could Israel’s intel operations – one of the most sophisticated in the world – have been caught so off-guard?

The answer may be in Washington. The Biden administration has never gotten along with the Israeli government, nor did the Obama administration where Biden was Vice President. Biden and Obama have both seemed determined to let Iran – a terrorist state that has vowed to destroy Israel – get a nuclear bomb, and experts think that at any given moment they could have one in a matter of months.

And as is well known, Biden just gave Iran six billion dollars in exchange for American hostages that Iran had taken.

The Biden administration distanced itself from the Abraham accords negotiated by the Trump administration which normalized relations between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors. Israel is currently negotiating with Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. is conspicuously not leading those negotiations.

Several prominent Democrats are unabashed antisemites, and are seldom called out for it by the other Democrats or their media allies.

All this is in the context of the catastrophic American surrender in Afghanistan where the Biden military was shown to be both incompetent and untrustworthy.

Given all this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided soon after Biden won the American presidency that he would stop sharing intel with the Americans. His forthright reason was that he didn’t trust the Biden administration. Sharing intel with an untrustworthy partner compromises the intel and compromises the sources.

So, the question now is this: Did the Americans have intel of their own about the impending Palestinian attack which, in a tit-for-tat, they failed to share with the Israelis?

If the Americans did not have such intel, then our intel operations in the Mideast are a joke. If we did have such intel but failed to share it with the Israelis, then the Biden administration has the blood of 800 Israeli men, women and children on its hands, soon to be mixed with the blood of thousands of Palestinians.


Glen K. Beaton has been a frequent contributor to conservative outlets, from the Walls Street Journal to Fox News to the Federalist, for many years.