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[This Monday’s Archive was originally published on December 22, 2017. It so deeply resonates today as the Democrats were allowed to steal Trump’s reelection in 2020 – frankly inconceivable to me back in 2017 – and are doing everything they can to prevent his reelection once again in 2024. And will attempt to steal 2024 no matter who the GOP nominee is.  Thus the most important question of our time now is, “You’re Americans, ain’t ya?  Will you be or won’t ya?”]

This is an epic scene in the great western, Open Range (2003), starring Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall.  They are “free grazers,” hated by the crooked sheriff and kingpin land baron who tyrannize the town the grazers are passing through and have killed one of their cowboys.

At the bar, a townsman says, “Shame what this town’s come to.”  Costner responds, “You can do something about it.”

The townsman is frightened at the prospect, objecting, “We’re freighters, Ralph here’s a shopkeeper.”

Costner looks at him with disgust: “You’re men, ain’t ya?”

The townsman, defensively: “I didn’t raise my boys just to see ‘em killed.”

Costner: “Well, you may not know this, but there are things that gnaw on a man worse than dying.”

That’s certainly something the people of Venezuela don’t know.


On Sunday (12/17), the New York Times ran a heartbreaking front page story: As Venezuela Collapses, Children Are Dying of Hunger.

With every passing day for years now, the hideous misery of Venezuelans imposed by the Chavista fascism of their government increases.  Now their babies are starving and dehydrating to death.  What does it take for them to fight back – not with useless street protests but actually fight, killing Maduro and slitting the throat of every Cuban who runs his regime?

Note that on December 11, Maduro ended the last hope that any peaceful end to his Commie-Fascist tyranny is possible: by banning opposition parties from the election next year.  What other way is there to keep their children from dying except to blow Maduro away?

You’re men, aren’t ya?  Evidently, Venezuelans are not.

Nor are French, Swedes, and other Euroweenies willing to extinguish their culture and destroy their country in order not to offend  Moslem invaders.


Monday (12/18) was the UN-declared International Migrants Day.  In celebration, EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos wrote an ultimate capitulation to the invaders:  Europe’s Migrants Are Here to Stay.

He actually claims it is a “moral imperative” for Europe to accept mass migration from Moslem Africa.  That not to welcome this invasion is to embrace the evils of “nationalism, populism and xenophobia.”  That “it is naïve to think that our societies will remain homogenous and migration-free if one erects fences.”

Europe, you see, is far too white and too Christian – it must be forced to accept an invasion of millions of African Moslems to correct this moral imbalance.  Those objecting from France to Germany to Sweden and throughout Western Europe are few.

You’re men, aren’t ya?  Euroweenies are not.

Also in celebration of Migrants Day, the UN Director General for International Migration, William Lacy Swing, penned an official UN essay declaring Our Right of Passage Should be Safe Migration.  People have a moral right to migrate to wherever they want, borders be damned.

You might think “Director General” Swing is just another Euroweenie, but he’s not.  He’s an American, a life-long State Department diplomat.

Maybe we should call him an Ameroweenie. Whatever, he epitomizes the Self-Hating Christian-Hating America-Hating Auto-Racist White Left that wants to destroy their culture, their country, and their civilization in absolution for the sin of their personal existence.

You’re men, aren’t ya?  Swing and his ilk of the Ameroweenie Left are not.

Which is why they hate President Trump.


Trump of course is not the only Western leader they hate.  They, like their Euroweenie counterparts, hate the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and now Austria.

Men who have capitulated to the weakness in their souls always hate the most those who refuse to capitulate.  Yet those who refuse can inspire others to reject capitulation.

At the end of Open Range, Costner and Duvall alone face the kingpin and all his henchmen.  Their courage in the ensuing gunfight inspires the townspeople to join the two grazers in gunning down the evil that had plagued them.

That is what Trump is doing for America.


With Trump, America is choosing to reject capitulation.  He and we have spent this entire year refusing to capitulate to the Traitors of the Left – treasonous to themselves as Americans, those who demand we capitulate as they have.

Politics is downstream of culture, so they say.  Not for Trump.  As uniquely befits him, Trump is going in reverse – changing our politics will change our culture.

His historic combo of cutting taxes and regulations will cause the Boom of 2018, 6% GDP growth.  His historic combo of an America First foreign policy and protecting our borders will regenerate confidence in our people as Americans.

The Left’s War on Masculinity ends with Trump.  Turning Millennials into Snowflakes ends with Trump, as he gets them good jobs, teaches them responsibility, and tells them to grow up.  This is just the start: Thousands of Students Attend Conservative Boot Camp (12/20).

Trump says his focus is the economy with good paying jobs, and national security with building our military and protecting our borders.  As well he should.  Yet the most profound impact he is having is upon our culture.

For decades, America has been steadily sinking deeper into a swamp of cultural degradation.  That’s the real swamp – not just the political one in Washington – he’s going to drain.

The entire Left drowning in its Trump Hatred is doomed.  And any girlie men still holding back, we’ll be looking them in the eye and asking:

“You’re men, ain’t ya?