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winter-wildflowersWe’re in Portugal preparing for our WWX Portugal Exploration 2024 (May 3-12) where it’s sunny, clear, 64 degrees, and wildflowers are everywhere.  This as a huge Nor’easter is burying the whole northeast in snow today (2/13). Lisbon, by the way, is at the same latitude as Washington DC where it’s freezing tonight. (Not many know how far north Europe is – Rome, Italy for example, at 41°53’ North latitude, is north of New York City, at 40°44’N.)

The weather here is as benign as the culture.  Portugal is consistently in the top five of the safest, most peaceful and crime-free countries on the planet.  There is a total absence of divisiveness, anger, and woke insanity in this country. It is normal in the way America used to be but tragically is no more.

We all, of course, hope and pray that our country will be normal once again and in the not-distant future.  But if you’d like to experience normality right now, with extraordinary history, spectacular beauty, and fabulous food and wine thrown in, join Rebel and me on our WWX Portugal Exploration 2024.  You’ll have so much fun with your fellow TTPers!

(Glimpses of Our Breathtaking World #256 photo ©Jack Wheeler)