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fraud-againThe polls all say the same thing: Republicans will reclaim the House and Senate.

The Republican know this.  The Democrats know this.  And most alarming, the political operatives know this.  They also know what the internal polls say, which are inevitably worse for Democrats because such things aren’t push polls done for public relations purposes.

What’s a Democrat to do?  We know that the Democrats are determined.  They are fighting.  They’ve got the big guns of their party, President Obama, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden, out there on the campaign trail, each unwittingly blundering it up in his own way.

Based on their common talking point about “saving democracy,” it’s pretty obvious they feel “entitled” to win, too.  By their argument, the opposition is evil.

With this the case, their political operatives have undoubtedly been told by their moneybags masters: “Well, we’ll just have to win, then,” to use the words of Bill Clinton to his Machiavellian operative at the time, Dick Morris.

This should be on the minds of all Republicans expecting an easy victory.

What should concern Republicans now, given that victory is within reach?

Cheating.  The Democrats cheated their way into power in 2020, so look for some of the same techniques employed to rear their ugly heads again.

At the zero hour, where the setup manipulations for the election have already been partially exposed, and to some extent nullified — note this article by Molly Ball of Time, gleefully writing about the elites’ maneuvers to rig the elections to “save democracy” in 2020 — and are too late to reestablish now — about the only thing the Democrats have left are cheatings within the counting of ballots.

That’s why delayed election counts ought to be looked at very, very closely by Republican observers.  That’s the last arrow in the Democrats’ quiver.

Delayed election counts have already been promised by whoever it is who gives orders to social media, with Twitter  foreshadowing the broader effort  to soften the public up to delayed counts by blandly stating that these delays in counting are all but certain.


The White House is already priming the pump:


“White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘We may not know all the winners of elections for a few days.’

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 7, 2022


What an odd thing to say over the more customary “we are confident we will win.”

The mainstream media have marched in lockstep to this talking point, too:


“Um what?

— Marina Medvin 🇺🇸 (@MarinaMedvin) November 8, 2022


Delaying vote counts allows Democrats to see how many ballots they need to place their candidates over the top, and then “find” them — in someone’s car trunk, in some bin or closet, which is what we have seen in the past.

It happens a great deal if we see stops in the vote-counting, as happened in 2020, when election officials falsely claimed a water main break, which never happened, and mysterious halts in the count happened around 2:00 A.M.  When the counting resumed, the direction of the count switched, and all of a sudden, all the voters were voting for Joe Biden.

That has yet to have produced a satisfactory explanation, which is why so many Americans are distrustful of the integrity of the elections.  Democrats who count ballots don’t even try to answer these kinds of questions.  Their answer to the public is “safest, securest election in history.”

And if you dare to question it, you’re an “election denier” on a moral par with denying the Holocaust.

If Democrats who count ballots (why the heck isn’t vote-counting a bipartisan affair?) get away with this, all will be lost at the last minute, and the gaslighting of what voters saw will begin.

But if they don’t, Republicans cannot take their wide margin of victory for granted.  They must immediately pass bills and use political leverage to force Joe Biden to sign them about election integrity, requiring all ballots to be counted by Election Night and elections to be held on just one day.

They must seriously consider use of paper-only ballots and bipartisan counting procedures.  They also must hold election officials accountable for failures to do that, with the consequence that they will be booted from office if they don’t and prosecuted if more than incompetence can be proven.

These procedures are normal procedures in any representative democracy — in places like France, where paper ballots are counted by hand and results are tallied on Election Night alone.  There is no third-world banana republic extended voting, mass mail ballots, and delayed tallying.

It’s one and done, and as a result, the public has confidence in the results of the voting.

The GOP may not get a chance like this again, given its likely wide margin of victory, which could all too easily be stolen by the party that considers “democracy” democracy only when the Democrat wins.  Republicans should be ready for it on Election Night tonight, and ready to make sure it won’t be so tenuous in future elections.

Democrats will have to win elections on their socialist ideas, not electoral rigging.  And if those ideas don’t sell with voters, then maybe they will have to moderate them.  The current extremism of the Democrats has a lot to do with not having to worry about election results.  That has got to stop.


Monica Showalter is a journalist whose analyses have appeared in Forbes, the Asia Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, and American Thinker.