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Most of you have noticed my adventure travel company of over 40 years, Wheeler Expeditions, is now Wheeler-Windsor Expeditions.

That’s because of my new partner, Edward Windsor – yes, as in the House of Windsor, the British Royal Family, cousin to King Charles, godson of Princess Diana, and the future Duke of Kent.

Everyone calls him Eddy as he’s such a pleasure to collaborate with and so much fun.  Quite an athlete too, with a passion for cold water swimming.  Here he is at the Seven Pearls of Shing lakes with me in Tajikistan –

edward-windsorRecently, as we’ve had so many requests for Scotland from TTPers, Rebel and I asked Eddy to design his “dream” Scotland trip – and did he ever!  He loves Scotland deeply, having lived in the Scottish Highlands and led several private expeditions there for friends.

This will be a truly extraordinary journey – indeed, just between us, we could call it “Royal Scotland,” as where we go, who we meet, and what we learn could only be done by someone of British Royalty, with personal friendships among the lairds of Scottish nobility. He’s even arranging a special visit for us at Balmoral Castle, the favorite home of Queen Elizabeth who was like a grandmother to Eddy.

While Rebel and I are going, of course, this is Eddy’s design and he will be leading. He’s known in England as Eddy Downpatrick after his current title, Lord Downpatrick, and uses the English spelling:

WWX The Splendours of Scotland

When I read what Eddy has planned for us, it simply blew me away – and I think it will do the same to you.  Better hurry, though. Click on the link, be mesmerized by all what we see and do, then tell me, “I’m in, Jack!”, before someone else beats you to it, which they will if you don’t. And FYI, we’ll give priority to couples.  See you in Edinburgh!